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"Please, just five more minutes, I've almost got this emblem!"05/15/02Aethereal
This Game is the Reason I Got a GBA08/18/02bbobjsaol
"Hold on mom, just let me finish this battle!"07/11/02BlueWizard13
The latest installment in the Ogre Battle series, and one of the best.04/10/05canas123
Another great addition to the family06/06/02Colonel Penguin
It's as addictive as GameFAQs06/12/02DarkKnightCecil
Better than Golden Sun?05/18/02Excailber737
An absolute MUST for strategy enthusiasts!05/27/02Falion
A must have strategy/RPG game!!05/15/02im superior
The Orge Battle saga continues... With the 2nd tactics orge game!05/03/02Lord Charmander45
Really fun strategy game with a few problems05/28/02ManeMane
A small version of Final Fantasy Tactics, but Deep Underneath08/12/02mastershay
An Exceptional Game but by no Means Perfect07/07/02maximus2242
Need 40+ hours to waste? Look no further!05/31/02MidnightDragon
Quite Fun. Hard as hell, but quite fun.10/04/11MisterMarioMan
One of the best Strategy games ever in gaming history.02/15/02Paulos
Tactics Ogre has got to be one of the greatest Rpg's released for a portable system in a long time.07/17/02q1imitator
Worth wasting 50 hours on.05/19/02Questionable_
The saga continues...05/30/02RayKnight
Tactics Ogre continues, but is it good?05/06/02SilverUnknown
Wow! This is amazing!07/29/02SilverWizard
A great strategy game that is easy to pick up and play, but will keep you entertained for a long time.07/01/02ssjtrunks1986
W00t!!! Who needs a life, anyway?05/27/02Waspinator9063

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