I have 5 questions?

  1. here are my questions.
    1.how can I find Ivan's rod?
    2.how can I fix the bridge near vault?
    3.how can I enter Lunpa?
    4.wheres Jenna,Kraden and the others?
    5.how can find the hidden thing that the guests hide in the Vault's inn?
    I am in begginer level. please help.

    User Info: Billy_123cute

    Billy_123cute - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. Use Mind Read on anyone who looks suspicious. Try the Inn.

    2. The bridge near Vault can only be fixed after you complete several other things in the game. Don't worry about it for now, it will be fixed and useable after a while.

    3. Again, this isn't accessible until you complete several other things in the game. You can enter Lunpa once the bridge is fixed.

    4. Jenna, Kraden, and the others are on their way to light the beacons of the lighthouses. The whole reason why you're on this mission is to prevent that from happening. Jenna and Kraden were simply kidnapped because you have what Saturos and co. need: the Mars star.

    5. Right along with #1, you need to try to catch the two guys at the inn and a cut-scene will take place of Ivan Mind Reading them. From there (spoilers) go into the roof on the outside of the inn. The rod is in the attic of the inn.

    This part of the game is kind of confusing, especially for the first time. Talk to the people of towns to find information. They seem to have a lot of it.

    User Info: tackletoffee

    tackletoffee (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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