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"A no-nonsense down to earth review of Golden Sun"

First off, let me state that I was one of the ones who got caught up in the hype of Golden Sun when it first came out. I've always loved RPGs and Golden Sun was one of my favorites. However, I found the game in a used game store a few days back and decided to pick it up and try it again. Here's what the conclusions I've drawn:

Graphics: 10/10
Simply amazing, no game (besides TLA) has better graphics on the GBA even today. However, this IS the most un-important thing when it comes to how good the actual game is.

Music: 10/10
I love this game's soundtrack, I mean, it's just amazing. It has music that fights every mood, the battle music is well done, and it makes the game much more enjoyable.

Story: 3/10
Now, here is where Golden Sun starts to fall short. First off, this game is very short for a standard RPG (20 or so hours first time through), and the story is rather cliche. On top of that, the story progresses very slowly, because it is so drug out over time. There are probably 3-5 things that happen in this game that actually affect the second one. (I won't list them for spoiler reasons). However, the story is redeemed in TLA, so at least it isn't totally lost.

Gameplay: 5/10
This is where I'm torn. For starters, the gameplay is boringly simple. Attack/Psyenergy/Summon/Djinni/Run/Item/Defend are your choices, and it really doesn't vary that much. However, although the system is simple, it is very well done. The Djinni system works well and gives plenty of choices for class (especially in TLA), but it does get boring after a while. Just set all Djinni for normal battles, standby them for bosses, then just summon everything and in 1-2 turns victory is yours. It also gets really repetitive after a while.

Replay Value: 4/10
Only reason to replay is for a better Isaac team in TLA, not much else (although the game is very fun).

Overall: 6/10
I love Golden Sun, and I always have. The thing is, is that this game has very little going for it except for graphics. The characters are incredibly under-developed, the story is too dragged out and way too cliche, and there is just too much useless dialouge. If you can find this game in a used game store for under $10 then pick it up and give it a try, just make sure you get the sequel (TLA), because this game isn't complete without it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/28/08

Game Release: Golden Sun (US, 11/11/01)

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