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Reviewed: 11/14/01 | Updated: 11/14/01

A must have RPG!!

I'm a really happy person because ebworld called me on November 13 and said ''Golden Sun has just arrived for GBA''
and i just went to the store and purchased it. Once i played it, i was like ''Wow i can't believe a really really amzing rpg would come out for GameBoy Advance''.

Story 8/10
Just like any other rpg game were some evil forces are trying to take over the world using the four elemnts or fire, wind, water and earth (djinn elements). And your quest is the get the rest of the elements from the evil forces and save the hostages. I can tell you more but i dont want to spoil the story to the people that are reading this review.

Graphics 11/10
Now this is what really amazes me in this game which uses the power of the GameBoy Advance and it acctuly has the best graphics that i have. The Battles are soo amazing that I can't even wait too fight and evil bad guy. This game also has special effects if you use magic or even attack the enemy, Now this is the future of handheld rpg games.

Sound 9/10
Sound is like playing a game on a system but this is for a handheld system so its almost breath-taking as you listen to the music. Its even better if you plug in headphones and listen to the music it's soo awesome. You can even use magic on people like read thier minds or move heavy objects and it shows the FX of each magic.

Replay 0/0
Just because i put 0 does not mean i hate this game. Like i said i just got the game on November 13 and im not far in this game so im not counting the replay score. I heard in the Golden Sun message board that there is tons and tons of sidequest to do so i hope there is sidequest to do cause i would play this game all over again if i pass the game.

Rent or Buy
If i were you and you enjoy RPG games than i would ran to the store and get this game before there is no more copies of this game. It's truly a masterpiece game. Not even my words can't discribe the game becuase there is tons and tons of stuff to say. So if you get it than you would agree with me and how this game is A must have RPG Game

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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