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"I see a Golden Sun arising.....wait.... just read the review!"

Before i start let me say that i am a devout RPG fan. Especially Squaresoft, the makers of the Final Fantasy series. So when i got this game i was a bit skeptical because i had heard that it was alot like FF, but can anything really stand up to FF? However, when i got home i found myself tearing away the shrinkwrap like a starving hyena on a water buffalo carcass.


Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like this before! When i popped it into my GBA and i started playing i was amazed to see that it was.... well you could go anywhere! What i mean is that it wasn't like Zelda for GB or GBC where you moved in blocks, you can move anywhere! In my opinion the battles are the best part. When you first get into a battle you see your team and the bad guys. When you start battling the camera rotates to give you a feeling of 3-Dness(not a technical term but...). Also when you cast spells you see lots of excellent animation, like thunder, fire, water, etc.

SOUND: 10/10

The sound on Golden Sun is exceptional. The music always fits the setting, in the battles the music is up-beat and fast tempoed to get your adrenaline pumping, and the sound effects are very good. There was one bad part and that was that when your talking to people they have a bleeping noise when the text is coming up. It is supposed to be there voice, like a man will have a slow, deep bleeping while a child will have a high, fast bleeping. At first they get on your nerves(the point i didn't like) BUT you can toggle them off, and when you get 1/2 hour in the game you don't even notice them. So sound gets a perfect rating.


Whenever i get an RPG game i'm nervous about how hard it is to learn the commands. This fear was alleviated about ten minutes into the game. The controls are easy, not simple, but easy to learn. When you get into tougher areas of the game they will give you very informative tutorials that go at your own pace and are very well written.

STORY: 10/10

This story is strangely better than FF9(Final Fantasy 9, on PLAYSTATION) and right from the beginning it grabs you. At the start it sticks you in the middle of an action scene with people trying to stop a crushing boulder from destroying a town and others frantically trying to save a drowning person. Very good story line. The story itself is another : main hero, get allies, save world, kill baddies, etc., but this game puts a refreshing twist on that.


I know your sick of seeing that in the reviews, but unfortunately, i, like my RPG loving brethern[and sisteren(me and words, go figure)] have not completed the game. Unfortunately, i can predict a slightly above mediocre score. The reason is that(this applies to all RPG's with little to no exceptions) RPG's are not made for replay. Racing games have two player capabilities to eight player capabilities(PS2's GT3), that's replay value. Fighting games have secret characters to unlock, and two player modes, that's replay value. Shoot-em-up games have secret levels, guns, and characters, that's replay value. Golden Sun has an arena where you can fight you parties against others, that's replay value, but very sad replay value. Now i'm not picking on Golden Sun, because when the replay value of any RPG it put to the test against these if fall shorter than a dwarf(no offense intended). For that reason i can tell you up-front Golden Sun will have a, as stated before, slightly above mediocre replay value.


This game is defenitly worth the 30 bucks you'll spend on it. So go out buy the game and see the Golden Sun arising! Oh shutup, i know is red moon arising. Anyways have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/04/01, Updated 12/04/01

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