Review by SS Trunks

"An awesome game"

Story 9/10 The story great! Two mysterious evil beings are trying to break into the Sol Sanctum and release the powers of alchemy to take over the world. Four young adepts must stop them from getting a special stone, or the fate of the world will rest in the hands of evil.

Graphics 10/10 The graphics in this game are awesome. I haven't ever seen graphics this good on a handheld. Everything is very detailed, and you never have trouble figuring out what something is. Whether you are walking around or battling enemies, everything is very detailed. The battle scenes are the best. All of the spells are amazingly detailed and 3-D. The spell Ragnarok is my personal favorite. It is an attack where a huge sword slices into the ground and creates a massive explosion, resulting in a huge amount of damage dealt. The camera even rotates on some attacks, giving it even more of a 3-D feel.

Gameplay 9/10 I have only one complaint about gameplay. If an enemy is defeated, any other characters set to fight that enemy will just defend, instead of attack another enemy. This can cause some battles to be lost, but it's not a major problem and should not stop anyone from buying this game. The rest is pretty easy to pick up. The battles have the basic choose a command menu. You can either attack, use psynergy, use Djinn, use an item, or defend. The on-field gameplay is also great. You can use psynergy outside of battle to do all kinds of things to objects. You can't really do anything that you're not supposed to though, but that isn't really a problem.

Sound 10/10 This game has excellent sound. It sounds like a real orchestra. It is best heard through headphones though, the tiny speaker on the GBA just doesn't give it the respect it deserves.

Replay Value 7/10 As with many RPG's, this game isn't made to be played over and over. You may want to play it again though, if you didn't get all of the Djinn, or if you're like me, you will want to play it again because it was such a great game.

Buy/Rent If you are an RPG fan, buy it. You will not be sorry you did. This is a great game and should not be overlooked.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/16/01, Updated 12/16/01

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