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Reviewed: 12/17/01 | Updated: 12/17/01


Incredible beginning for the Gameboy Advance to have RPGs on their systems, however I have an idea that would have made alot for popularity for this game occur.

First of all, Dragon Warrior III, where you could make your own characters, and their own classes etc ... if Nintendo allowed you to have your own characters with their own classes, that would have made this game earn a 10 for me. The fact is, still a great game with ultimate graphics, great music, and etc ... but I think if Dragon Warrior III's gameplay system would have been combined with Golden Sun... it would have been ALOT, ALOT, ALOT BETTER.

Graphics: 85%
Words: Look at the people, the incredible Anime Faces and people drawings, and the houses, villages, castles, palaces, roads, forests, dungeons, caves, they were all drawn great and incredibly done well.

Sound: 80%
Words: Very good tunes and music, and very nice sound effects such as the monsters screaming to their deaths, and hearing the people's dialogue, it sounds like they are talking, unbelieveible!

Replay: 0%
Words: After you beat this game, you will never want to play it again though. The reason for that is because after you finish with the deadly training, the weapon buying, the ENORMUS long game and the dialogue that lasts too long, and due to you not being able to pick your own character's classes like Dragon Warrior III, like I had said earlier, then the fact is you REALLY won't CARE much for this game to continue or etc ... and you won't want to start a new game, thats for SURE, unless you got too addicted, which I do not see happening, no disrespect, this game was one of the best rpgs, really, however Dragon Warrior III for Gameboy Color just had more of a creativity level. Seriously, imagine instead of having the idiot Ivan and Mia, having FOUR Garret Guards!! Or 3 Squires and 1 Guard! Do not talk about the Djinns that they change your classes, that is not how I mean it. That does not change Ivan into a Guard or Mia into a Knight. And Djinns only add on to help you.

Gameplay: 70%
Words: Good Gameplay, how you can walk all around the map, fight monsters, etc ... with no replay value but with quite some Gameplay value.

Story: 30%
Words: I did not find the story very interesting, the dialogue scenes were too long and dull, and some things were annoyingly foolish.

Characters: 60%
Words: The main characters, Isaac and Garret were the only two I found the important people. Ivan and Mia are not useless, and they help but they are not needed to me. Another Knight or Guard would have been nice. I would have rather Jenna stayed than Mia or Ivan.

Violence: 5%
Words: Ah, just some blade swinging, staff clutching, spell casting fun. No real violence.

Final Words: Buy it, its fun, really and if you are a diehard fan of rpgs like me you will play until the end. Just I know it could have been more fun with the Dragon Wariror III gameplay with their own classes and fun. SIGH.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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