Review by Sooley

"Best RPG ever."

Story ~ 10/10

The story is great. They have the little surprising elements within it that truly makes the game a good buy. From the elements to the Djinn, it looks like everything in this game has been well planned. If you're a RPG fan or just a fan of good stories, please, please, check this game out. I enjoyed many of the little plot twists and the basic plot itself.

Graphics ~ 10/10

I have to admit this surprised me to no extent. I was not sure of how well Gameboy Advance could do with graphics, but this proved that GBA is a system to keep watch over. The characters are well done, the World Map is well done, and amongst all, the weapons are well done. Every tiny detail as far as I can see, is crafted well.

Sound ~ 7/10

Like all games, the music does get annoying. The music in this game is much the same as any other for handheld, in my opinion, but you may find it enjoyable. Now the sound effects were pretty good, but could have been better. Overall I'm not overly disappointed with the sound, but as I said, it could certainly be improved upon.

Reply Value ~ 10/10

I am very happy with the reply value of this game. I have beaten the game myself, yet, but the replay value so far has been astounding. I have all three of the saved files used up with different games. If it continues, this should be a very good game for future uses.

The ancient question; rent or buy?

If I were you, I would run to the nearest game store or wherever you buy games, and pick up a copy right now. If you're an RPG fan you should automatically be happy with the purchase. However, if you're not really a big RPG fan, but enjoy some games, try renting it first. I bought it because there aren't any places to rent GBA games around here, but I can see it was a very good addition to my collection of RPGs.

Final Evaluation

This game is a masterpiece in my honest opinion. There is rarely anything that pleases me more than an RPG, but I can very well say this has set a step for future RPGs to climb. The GBA has certainly been rocked hard with this game, and I am very much awaiting Golden Sun 2, and may this game live forever more in the history books as ''Greatest RPG Ever,'' unless Golden Sun 2 is far better. Only time will tell us.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/21/01, Updated 12/21/01

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