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"Short and sweet, just how RPGs should be, sometimes"

When I got Golden Sun for Christmas, I thought to myself. ''yippy, a RPG for a handheld that will just make me laugh''. Well, I didn't really think that, since I knew someone who already had it. But when I did get it, I read the Instruction booklet, as we dorks do first, and played the game. That's when my batteries died. I only played for five minutes, give or take. And that's when I ''borrowed'' the batteries of my dad's disk man. Well, I got to say: I love this game!

Graphics- 10/10
The graphics are just stunning and great. I would have never guessed the GBA's power until I saw this game. The graphics are better than SNES, but that's not saying much. Also, sometimes, when you look at certain things from a short, and I mean short, distance, you can have Playstation graphics! This game can pull out some pretty slick polygons. Impressive.

Audio- 10/10
Well, since this is a handheld, the music will get just annoying sooner or later, but Golden Sun's music is so good. The starting tittle screen is filled with music, that sounds familiar to some other games...

Gameplay- 9/10
It would have gotten a ten , but the game is too short. Good thing is that the Golden Sun: The Lost Time, will be longer. The game is puzzling and some of the bosses are just near impossible. As short as the game is, the player will enjoy it. And sometimes be baffled on what to do.

Replay ability- 10/10
I beat the game and I'm already starting all over. The game is too good to be beaten and put away. If someone beats the game, they will surely play it over. If they don't, they better have a good excuse.

Story- 10/10
The story is just like most other RPG's. A group of bad guys discover a hidden science of power and riches and will stop at nothing to get it. Then, a hero will rise (this time there is more than one hero) and save the world. The game is played by the hero(es) walking and talking. And lets not forget fighting. But, Golden Sun's plot is just written much better. And, un this game, you will have too follow the bad guys, not fight your way to them.

All in All- 10/10
The game is really good. The only problem is the fact that it is too short. That's okay, since the replay ability makes up for that. So, all in all, I give it a perfect score.

Rent or buy- Buy
Ah, that immortal question that fills the minds of all gamers. The answer is simple, buy. Haven't you read the review? Look at the scores, 10, 10, 10, 10. well, maybe a nine tried to sneak in there and ended up in there, so what? The game is really good, so go buy it. Now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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