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"A good game that only misses the genre in a few areas"

Ah, Golden Sun, possibly the best (and only, really) RPG out for GBA. It was hyped up a little bit and most gamers were not disappointed, I wasn't. The game was better than I expected to be. I was thinking of it to be watered down like most RPGs today but I found out it was very good. But it does miss a few key elements that make an RPG.

The graphics in Golden Sun are nothing short of amazing. The rotating, the lighting, the sprites. All fantastic. The battles are especially amazing. The way everything rotates and the spells lightings are wonderful. The character sprites are also realistic and non-laughable (MMBN). The environments, overworld and dungeons are also large enough to keep RPGers happy. The only flaw is that sometimes, some characters are a bit...messed up

The gameplay is also in tune and in quality. Moving around in the overworld is easy and the battles are quick and easy to use. It's all turned-based, the way I like RPGs. You, of course, choose your attacks to fight against enemies. You can also use Psyenergy, the ''magic system'' in Golden Sun. Each party member has their own unique Psyenergy, tending with their elemental power (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire). You can also use Djinn, small creatures that can be battled against monsters, using their own element. And the random battles don't come as often which is a nice gesture for some people.

Even the sound and music is adventurous! It goes greatly with the adventure and the towns and environments. Sometimes the sound and music can be tedious but I like it.

The story, although, is basically ripped out of other RPGs. Your village has been threatened by a volcano. Of course, the plot grows more and better but sometimes very annoying. Especially the dialogue scenes. Do we really need to read these !s and repeated phrases? No!

Replayability is down factor for this game. It's a pretty lengthy adventure but it won't last a long time, especially for hardcore RPG gamers. And, like most RPGs, you probably won't play it again. There is a battle arena but that gets kinda boring. Why are RPGs cursed with this?

Overall, it's a nice RPG and only misses a few areas, especially a story. But it's a nice relief from all the eye-candy RPGs you find on those 3D systems. To the point, it's good.

SOUND- 8/10
STORY- 7/10

Buy/Rent? Buy defenintely. You might not get a lot out of it at first but it'll profress more as you proceed through your adventure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/11/02, Updated 02/11/02

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