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Reviewed: 04/26/02 | Updated: 04/26/02

You think you've seen it all? Take a look at this awesome GBA RPG!

Golden Sun is a Diamond among rock piles. There have been lots of mediocre crap games for Game Boy and its kin, (not the least of which is Mortal Kombat Advance) but this game truly shines. Everything about this game is near perfect, save for one big gripe that ticks the rating down a point. Feast your eyes on this data...

Graphics: 10/10

If this were a Playstation RPG, I'd admire it for it's lack of glitches. If it were a Playstation 2 RPG, I'd puke in disgust. But it's a Game Boy Advance RPG, and the graphics are awesome. The spells and Djinn really make this game look pretty. Pretty fly for a GBA game.

Sound: 10/10

Again, the sound is spectacular! Well, for a GBA game at least. Very hummable tunes, and none of those annoying sounds that really bug you. Just fine, fine music.

Story: 9/10

Cliche. But it's cool none the less. A group of four kids setting off to save the world from evil doers. But there's some interesting plot twist that keep it fresh, and the gameplay is really the meat and potatoes of this game anyway.

Gameplay: 10/10

Ah, here we go. Gameplay is superb in Golden Sun. I've NEVER, in any RPG I've played, (that I can remember) has a game offered so much challenge. The bosses are actually (gasp) HARD and pose a threat to you. You have to use Djinn (cute lil' creatures that you can attach to yourself, unleash, and summon) wisely, and use stat-boosting spells as well as heal wisely to come out victorious. The final battle was anticlimactic though, but it's up to you to find out who it is. Oh, and, of course, the most important thing. It was FUN. It provided a lot of entertainment. I really had a blast playing it.

The Ending: An Unspecified Amount Below Zero/10

The big gripe. The ending, without spoiling anything, blows. It really does. I honestly thought that when my party was going along at the end, that the story line would sweep my group into a cool new city or dungeon. Wrong. Instead of a cool new place to hang out in...the game flashes a lame ''To Be Continued...'' and stops the game. The sequel will continue the game. I don't like that a lot, and that hurt the score. But, it was a great game even so, and I won't hesitate a second to snatch the sequel out of the jaws of my video game store's shelf.

Buy, Rent, or Ignore?: Buy

A masterpiece of a game deserves to be bought. The price hovers somewhere near $40, if I'm not mistaken, and it's worth every penny.

In Conclusion...

Get Golden Sun, then get the sequel when it comes out. Unless Camelot really screws something up, the Sun will keep shining on this Golden franchise.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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