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"I bought it off a blind random choice, and wow..."

Okay, let's get started. Golden Sun was a long-anticipated RPG game, and Game Boy Advance toters everywhere looked forward. When the game came out, it wasn't a big disappointment, like most highly-hyped games. It was highly-acclaimed. Now that we've settled some background info here, let's get to the rating.

Graphics: 10

Incredible, considering the game is for a handheld device. I've seen worse, much worse. The spell animations for high summons are extremely AWESOME. I was expecting really awful, because, y'know, all the handheld games typically had mediocre graphics.

Music/Sounds: 9

There's a few cheesy sound effects here. This is probably the one area where the producers failed out. The music is great, especially with headphones.... WHAT?! You aren't using headphones for this game?! You're SO missing out.

Gameplay/Menus: 9

My one vibe: Characters can't carry unlimited items, and the items aren't pooled! Each character has his own individual pack which carries twenty items each, NO EXCEPTIONS. Now for the battle system... We've got your basic turn-based battle system, your party attacks first, then the enemy attacks. Add a speed factor to that, so slower characters attack after the enemy. Give it 3-D animations. Add the option of using Djinni (cute Pokemon-type thingies that each have a unique power, sorta like spirits from Secret Of Mana 2, for the SNES), give it a random choice of it being a straight battle, the enemy attacking first, or your party attacking first, and you've got Golden Sun's battle system, I've seen better.

Story: 10

''Isaac, wake up!''
This line begins the plot of most incredible GBA RPG. Meet Isaac, an average kid in a not-so-average town called Vale. The boulder on Mount Alept is falling, and they need to evacuate. A neat start to a game, don't you think? As he tries to escape, he teams up with a red-haired kid named Garet. They try and get help for another kid called Felix, who's fallen into a river, but fail. Isaac goes alone to the plaza, and Garet follows shortly after. As Isaac approaches the plaza, he hears a mysterious voice, and then another. It's two strange figures, and they had something to do with the falling boulder! Garet then shows up, stupidly alerting the two mystery figures to their presence. After disposing of Isaac and Garet, the figures leap off.... The plot has many unique twists and turns, and makes you keep playing... Wanna know what happens next? BUY THE GAME. IT'S WORTH IT.

Character Development/Personalities: 10

This is a perfect example of a game where the bad guys aren't being bad for the sake of taking over the world. They have actual motive behind them, unlike many other bad guys...


The good guys (namely, Isaac and Garet) also have wonderful development of character. I love it, as there is no such thing in many RPG games.

Good Points: Storyline, Music, Character Development.
Bad Points: Limited Item Storage.

What does the Sorcerer say for this game? Here it comes.....

Our official rating is: 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/15/02

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