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"This is one "Golden" RPG"

A new company for the GBA, Camelot made a very great game. This game proves that the Game Boy Advance can have awesome graphics and game play. This is one of the best RPG games I have played for the Game Boy systems let alone all the other ones.

Graphics: 10/10
These are probably the best Game Boy Advance graphics of any game. The whole game is very detailed and really shows what the Game Boy Advance is capable of. They are AWESOME. Camelot did a very good job on making the characters look so realistic in battles. On the outer world they still look good but not as good. The people actually go up to the enemy and attack. I thought that made the game more fun and looks more realistic. The summons look pretty sweet too. When you use a summon, it goes into the air, has a cool little movie of what it does and then the attack happens. I really liked how that looked. The graphics all around were excellent. If you are buying a game for just sheer graphics then this is the one to get for the GBA. These are some of the best graphics I have seen. Overall the best Game Boy Advance graphics by far.

Game Play/Story: 9.5/10
If you like Role Playing Games (RPG games) you will LOVE this game. It starts off in a town called Vale with Isaac, a regular teenage guy. He is in bed and his mom wakes him up. You must get out of the way of boulders so you don’t lose your way to find the other people. Boulders are falling all over the place and you have to get through without getting stuck and losing your way. That’s the very beginning of the game where it first starts off. Then you meet up with Garret in the first town and Ivan and Mia are later in the game. You go on a quest to find the two bad guys. Known as Mystery Man and Mystery Woman (you will find out their real names later in the game). This game will probably take you 20-30 hours to beat. It took me about 21 hours to beat it. That’s one of the only downsides. It’s a little bit too short. People talk constantly through the game and it can get boring at times, I really wish there was some kind of fast button or something for those parts. I would still recommend getting it it’s a very good game if you like Role Playing Games. The menus are pretty good too. In the menu you can choose from Psy energy, items, Status, etc. They are very easy to use and not complicating at all. One thing that I liked is that you could check your experience. Some games do not have this, but this game did, which made it very good. Overall, pretty good game play and story for an RPG game. RPGers will LOVE this game play and story.

Music: 8/10
The music in this game is pretty good. One of the most annoying things in this game were when people talked. It goes rant rant squeak (I don’t know how to explain it) and its VERY annoying. There is good music when you are going into towns, in battles, in the world, and dungeons. The only thing is it’s almost the same all the time. Sometimes the music is awesome like in boss battles, and the enemy battles had some pretty good sound too. If you like repetitive music then you will love this games music, but I thought it brought the game down a little bit. I hummed along with the music a lot, its pretty addicting. Overall, the music was ok but nothing fantastic.

Controls: 10/10
This game has very basic controls. You can use the D-pad to go up, down, right, left, A to talk and pull up the menu with items weapons etc., the B button is basically to use so you can run, and the start button is to save or put the game in sleep mode. The other buttons are rarely used. More buttons would have made it a little confusing so that was good. Overall, very simple controls.

Challenge 7/10
This game was a pretty challenging game. The puzzles and mazes were kind of hard to complete. The bosses were a little too easy though. The summons did too much damage and it took some fun out of the game. Other than that it was great though. The game has a lot to do. The most difficult thing to accomplish is to get all of The Dijins. This game had somewhat of a challenge, just not too much. Overall, not too much of a challenge but can be challenging at times.

Replay Value: 5/10
I don’t really think this game has very good replay value. Once you beat it its kind of boring to try and beat it all over again, even though it’s a kind of short game. Its not very fun once you beat just about any Role Playing game. In my opinion this game has barely any replay value. Overall, not really any replay value once again in my opinion, you might like this games replay.

Overall: 9.5/10
This game is very good as you can see above. It is very addicting. I played it for hours and hours and couldn’t put it down. I would recommend buying it. This game is very much worth $30-$40. All the RPG lovers should definitely buy it. But don’t buy it if you don’t like RPGs. You will be very disappointed then. It’s about twenty to thirty hours of game play and very fun and addicting game! It’s a must have for the Game Boy Advance. All people who like RPG games should get this.I mean this game isn’t spectacular like a Final Fantasy or something but still it’s a great game. Good for the GBA and even if it was for another system.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/28/02, Updated 10/28/02

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