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"This Game is in a World of it’s Own."

Story 10/10:
I can’t tell you much about the story of this or any other game because than it’d just be a spoiler and the game would be ruined. What I can tell you is what the game is about and what you’ll hear from a lot of people. The game is actually based on about 7 different main characters. Your party, and your rivals and enemies. You’ll face baddies to save the world of destruction. Now don’t take this game as one of those games where you try to save the world from destruction because of one main boss that tries to take over it. It’s actually way more complicated. If you don’t listen to the story, you’ll never understand. It’s about Alchemy and saving your friends. You walk around the world, visit towns, buy armour, go to dungeons and try to find some animals called Dijini that can help you on your adventure. You walk around the world, and every few steps you face an enemy, You can’t avoid them but you can run away. You fight them with you weapons and you defeat them with your weapons and magic. That’s mostly the game other than the spoilers and I won’t tell you about that ;)

Graphics 9/10:
Golden Sun is an awesome game with awesome graphics. I just loved the graphics when you used your magic and when you fought enemies. It just looked fantastic. The graphics when you’re walking around were fantastic. It was just amazing at how they made the game so good for the GBA. For me, it was the best of it’s system. When you used your Special Summon on a monster it was fantastic. If you’re just starting the game you’ll find out later as you progress further into the game. Each town has great detail in it. All the cliffs had really neat cracks and ledges on them. The graphics is really fantastic. It just really implies how good the game is. I know I’m one of those people that just have to have good graphics in the game to truly love it. Maybe you’re one of those people =). But the one bad thing about it was when you were traveling outside. It wasn’t that great. But it didn’t have to be. It was sort of like Super Nintendo or NES.

Music and Sound 10/10:
The music is fantastic. Just great. Words can’t explain how good it is. It should really have a soundtrack. It has over 100 tracks. Every different enemy you face you hear different tunes. When you face big bosses you hear the same tune but its really fantastic. After you beat the game if you go to the Battle mode you can hear the tunes again. It’s really cool how the music fits with the scene and just goes right along with it. I’m not really sure if they made a sound track for the game but I attempted to record it onto a CD. It sort of worked until the CD got messed up a little. All I did was get a mic and record it onto a CD. It was really low the volume, but take what you get =D. Well, overall the sound and music is just awesome. It truly is.

Gameplay 10/10:
It pretty simple really. You face enemies like in other games but its a little more complicated with the Dijini’s. You have weapons that you buy and armour, and items. You can only have one weapon equipped so when you press the attack button it just automatically attacks. You can sometimes get critical hits, but that doesn’t change if you press something. Its all automatic. But the battles require a lot of skill. You need to heal when you need to and you should defend sometimes too. You can use magic to attack or heal or even defend. You can run away from all battles other than boss and important battles. And last but not least the Dijini. The Dijini is really important to the battle. Without them It’s going to be a helluva hard time beating the final boss. Dijini’s are different from other enemies, you can see them. The Dijini are always in the same place for everyone. When you’re in the specific place you’ll see them standing. Whether it’s the Mars Dijini, Mercury Dijini, Earth Dijini, or the Jupiter Dijini. They all look different and have different colors. When you enter the battle you have to defeat it in order to catch it. They will run away sometimes, all you have to do is re-enter the spot. After you catch them you’re allowed to use them in battle. When you use them they attack your enemy for an amount of damage. When you use 2, 3, or 4 of them, they fuse together to create bigger spirit. For 2 you get a powerful spirit, for 3 you get an even more powerful spirit, and for 4 you get the most powerful one of all. To use them you click the Summon button. They inflict a lot of damage on your opponent. That’s about all the gameplay offers the players, but its really a good battling game.

Other Comments
This game is probably an all time favourite for a lot of players. The game has a sequel so don’t sell you game yet. You can transfer data to the second game Golden Sun: The Lost Age, which I am about to do a review on as well. You can get you party members and transfer them to the other game letting them keep their magic, level, weapons, money. You can only get a certain Dijini with a magic power you learn in this game so get all the magic, you’ll need it. You’re going to regret if you don’t get all the magic. I know I did. I never knew about the Dijini you can only get with the magic and I had to play the whole game over again just to get it =P, I had to even beat the second game again. Well, you’ll see, you’ll see…

Rent or Buy?:
This is a buy. You have to buy the game to find out how truly amazing the game is. I think it’s pretty much impossible to truly beat the game in the limited time of renting it. Unless you keep renting it again and again. If you rent it for 7 days you’ll probably get to 1/3 of the game. But that’s if you don’t try to get everything and explore. If you don’t talk to all of the villagers and train your party members to their full potential. Another 7 days and it’ll get you maybe to half of the game, another 7 and you got yourself a 3rd of the way through. And the last 7 days and whala. You’re finished. But, are you really proud of what you accomplished? Did you REALLY beat the game? ;) Getting to level 100 for all your party members, transferring data, getting all the weapons etc. You’ll find something to do. Even battle your friends with the multiplayer mode. There’s tons of stuff to do after you beat the game =)
It actually depends on who plays it for its difficulty. I have to say for me it was an ok difficulty. I got stuck sometimes and had to use a guide or ask someone but I’d say it’s far from easy. All those people that say its soooo easy and they could beat it easily, and its not worth it are lying in my opinion. It’s not that hard. If you want to actually enjoy the game to its full capacity its not going to be that easy. You’re going to try to find all the killer weapons, and the ultimate magic attacks. You’re going to buy weapons and sell them You’re going to make you party strong. You’re not just going to go to the final boss and defeat it with full Dijini and that’s it. You use tactics and its really really fun. I’d say for a new player to RPG its going to be extremely difficult. For those who starting playing RPG for a while and are ok at it its going to be in between For people that play RPG a lot, its going to be pretty normal.

Final Statement:
All I’ve got to say now is that you should really buy this game. It’s truly amazing and you’ll really like it. I actually never knew about this game until someone told me. I bought it, played it and I loved it. It turned out to by my favourite game of all time =D It also has a sequel like I mentioned earlier, so if you loved this game you’ll probably love the other one. It’s just about the same thing. You’re going to really enjoy it. I know I did =D So just give it a try, I guarantee you’ll love it. Get it, and try it. You gotta try it to love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/26/04

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