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"This game could of used a little more work before it was released."

This game is fun and addicting, but I don't think it's quite worthy to be an RPG. It's missing a few PRG elements.

STORY 5/10: There are two parts to a story. The main plot, and the story line. (series of events) The main story is pretty good. "Saturos and Menardi have broken into Sol Sanctum and have stolen the elemental stars. The elemental stars will be used to light the beacons of the four elemental light houses and release Alchemy upon the world of Weyard. Once it is released, man will harness it's power and unleash evil on the World. And your job is to prevent that from happening." The story is pretty good. Unfortunately, you never really focus on it. You always end up getting stuck with some random side-quest or random task that you end up having to do. I'm surprised that your characters even remember that they're actually on the main quest. It's in fact surprising that you always end up just a tad behind your foes even though you constantly get stuck with all this random stuff that takes up time. About 20% of the time, your characters bother to mention your main quest. The main quest really only comes into play when you're on one of the light houses. The reason this category got a 5 out of 10 is because the main plot gets an eight, and the story line gets a two. I believe that should even out to be a five.

CHARACTERS 2/10: This REALLY ticks me off. What's really wrong with this game that your characters don't even deserve to be characters. This is another reason other than the story line that makes this game fail as an RPG. YOUR CHARACTERS HAVE NO PERSONALITY!!!!!! They're really just there. They say stuff that really doesn't help. Thank God that their pictures are above their text or you probably wouldn't have a clue who was talking.
I think that this is the main reason why this category gets a two. You MAIN character doesn't even talk. He isn't even involved with the story. He's just the guy that lead your party. His only line is "!!!." Oh yeah, and there's a few times he gets to say "yes" or "no" and it doesn't matter which ever one you pick.

GRAPHICS 10/10: WOW!!! I'm impressed Camelot. These are amazing. For a Gameboy game, I never thought this was possible. Everything looks pretty smooth. The visual affects are awesome. Visual affects like this in game for a hand-held system made my jaw drop. I don't think any game on any hand held system, or any game on SNES has graphics as good as these.
Of course there is one problem. An RPG does not need good graphics to be good. It needs a good story, perhaps even good enough to become a movie, like Final Fantasy X's, and this game lacks that quality. Camelot worked a little too hard in this category than the ones they really should have worked hard on.

SOUND 8/10: Like the graphics, for a Gameboy game, this game has pretty good sound affects too. Of course a lot of the stuff sounds exactly the same. Every different explosion sounds the same and everybody's attack sounds the same. There isn't a very big variety of sound affects but they do go with their visuals. All in all, it sounds pretty good to be coming out of one little speaker.

MUSIC 8/10: The songs in this game are pretty catchy. They get a little annoying after a while but they are good enough to be video game songs. They all happen as frequently as they should. Some songs are kind of dumb like the evil song or the main theme. They're no movie soundtrack sounding songs like Halo's tunes. I would say they are just about average.

GAMEPLAY 8/10: As dumb and pointless as this game may get, it's really addicting. In fact the most addicting game I've ever played. Usually, most old or old looking games are. When I first got it, I had played for over 10 HOURS STRAIT. That's a record for me. Of course like after the first time I played Halo, I had a severe headache, but I don't regret it. What I like about the quest part of this game is that it's pretty challenging. Some of the puzzles you have to work through are pretty tough to figure out. You get to use some of your powers outside of battle which I think is pretty cool. Even though this game's missing the key elements of an RPG, good gameplay is really all any game needs for me to like it.

BATTLE 5/10: Uh Oh!!! Another down fall. The battles in this game are way too easy and not to mention, they are way too simple. You really don't need strategy. Not like it's possible to use strategy at all. All there really is, is attack, magic (psynergy), item, and flee. All you really have to do is repetitively press the "A" button and you eventually win. Really, the only way to lose is if you actually try to. You only really need to use special moves on bosses. WOW! The bosses in this game aren't even worthy enough to be bosses. They are WAY to easy. They should just be regular old random battle monsters if you ask me. If you have each character use their character summon their best summon on the first move, before all your characters are threw attacking, the boss dies. Whats up with that?
There is the confusing Djinn thing. Djinn are little creatures that you find along your quest that can change your class when equiped. They usually make you stronger and sometimes give you different powers. When they are used they go on standby and can be used to summon. It takes a certain amount of a certain kind of Djinn to summon each summon. Like, it takes 3 Earth Djinn to summon this guy, or it takes 2 wind Djinn to summon that guy. This is why this category doesn't get a 0.

LENGTH 6/10: I think this game is a little too short. The usual RPG is around 50 hours long. This game is around 25. Plus, if you replay it, it takes about 15 hours because you know how to do everything. If it weren't for the insane amount of dialogue, it would probably be 5 hours long. Camelot used about um.... I'd say uh.... 5 TIMES AS MUCH AS THEY SHOULD HAVE. Most of it doesn't even help you. Anyways, the quest should have been longer.

MULTI-PLAYER 7/10: The multi-player in this game, doesn't really involve who has the best skill in battle, but who has the best stats. Besides, not many people (or at least not many I know) have this game. So, if you trained up your guys to be really strong and worked extra hard to achieve awesome stats, then you wasted your time. However, if you do end up playing the multi-player, you'll find it isn't that bad. It's the same old battle tactics but this time, you can only put three characters into play and if you do not finish selecting your attacks in 15 seconds, your guys automatically defend. At least this time, there's a better chance of you and your foe being equally matched.

REPLAY 5/10: There isn't much of a reason to replay this game. Once you have already beaten it, it becomes really easy. The only obstacle that never goes away is trying to not get bored during the over load of dialogue. Well, if you feel you didn't do as good as you wanted to and there were some opportunities you missed, than you can replay it for that, but I highly doubt you have to replay the game to get anything you missed because all you have to do is trail backwards and look for it. Or if you want to replay the game to achieve better stats, just train your guys. Anyways, if you are completely bored with the game, there's always the multi-player or if you do not have an opponent to battle, you can go to the battle arena and see how many monsters you can fight before you are downed.

OVERALL 7/10: Even though I wrote a lot of negative things about this game, which ever category it was in, I don't care about it. As long as the games fun and addicting than it's good enough for me. But, as a review contributer I must correct the flaws any game I review has. One more thing I must say, this game may dissapoint many RPG players.

BUY, RENT, OR NEITHER: I would really rent this game. Unlike Halo, where everybody would like it, there is pretty much an equal amount of people who like and don't like this game. So, if you have a feeling that you're not going to like this game, then take my advice and rent it first, just so you don't waste any money.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/11/04

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