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    Translation Guide by AstroBlue

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    F I L E  M E N U
    After pressing START on the title screen a menu with three file slots
    will come up. There are two options in the corners of this screen,
    they are Entry (エントリ) which is used to input your name on a file
    so you can begin playing & Clear (クリア) which is used to erase a
    file. Once Clear is selected two options will come up, OK which of
    course erases the game & Cancel (キャンセル) which of course cancels
    the option.
    M A I N  M E N U
    After a file has been selected you will be taken to the Main Menu
    with the following options:
    Game Start (ゲーム スタート)
    This option houses the different modes of play. What they are is self
     グランプリ       - Grand Prix
     トレーニング      - Training
     マルチカートリッジVS - Multi Cartridge VS
     1カートリッジVS   - Single Cartridge VS
    Ranking (ランキング)
    This option lets you view the best times ever recorded on your
    Game Pak. First you choose the division then you have a choice
    between viewing your best times or Mixed Rankings (MIXランキング)
    which is everybody's best times.
    Options (オプション)
    The Options Menu lets you select how many Cars you get, which
    Control Type (コントローラ TYPE) you want. The three
    controls are Accelerate (アクセル), Brake (ブレーキ) &
    Boost (ブースト). And whether or not you want Background Music.
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