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    Vehicle FAQ by Mr. Blarney

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
          Vehicle Comparison Guide
    Version 1.1, created June 26, 2001 and updated June 27, 2001
    (c) 2001 Mike Yi (Mr. Blarney) yism@purdue.edu
    You may use this for personal means, but please don't post it on your own 
    site without permission, OK? Don't use this to make money, but do use it to 
    enhance your gaming experience!
          1. Introduction and Version History
          2. Table Listings
          3. Individual Listings
          4. Unlocking Vehicles
          5. Miscellaneous Junk
    1. Introduction and Version History
          Although this guide may appear at face value to be just a copy of the 
    game's Vehicle Stats from the game in table form, I have also included, for 
    your enjoyment, extra stats I have observed from the game. If you have any 
    qualms or notice any mistakes, contact me at yism@purdue.edu, OK? I'll be 
    happy to change any mistakes, if given any to check.
          *Version History
          1.0: First Edition, included sections 1-3 and 5. (June 26, 2001)
          1.1: Most Recent Edition, added section 4. (June 27, 2001)
    2. Table Listings
          I hope that this isn't too complicated, but I will explain my 
    abbreviations and extra stats...
          Machine Name - Self-Explanatory, I hope?
          Normal Speed - Nrml Spd - High speed under normal conditions, in km/h.
          Boost Speed - Bst Sped - High speed under boosting, in km/h.
          Boost Time - Bst Time - The amount of time the boost will last, in 
          Body Armor - Armor - The ability a machine can take damage, out of 100.
          Turn Performance - Trn Prf - The ability of a machine to turn, 
    basically its turning quickness.
          Turn Balance - Trn Bln - The ability of a machine to "grip" the track 
    in turning, basically how well it keeps from sliding in turns.
          Acceleration - Accel - An estimate of how well a car accelerates. I'm 
    thinking of separating this into two sections, low-speed and high-speed. Give 
    me feedback!
          Flying Ability - Flying - How well a machine takes jump plates.
          Boost Maintenance - Bst Mnt - How well a machine maintains boost 
    speeds, either after moving over a dash plate or after exhausting a boost.
    Machine Name   | Nrml Spd | Bst Sped | Bst Time | Armor | Trn Prf |
                   |          |          |          |       |         |
    Hot Violet     | 422 km/h | 579 km/h |  6.0 sec |   69  |    B    |
    Fire Ball      | 440 km/h | 565 km/h |  6.5 sec |   82  |    C    |
    J. B. Crystal  | 418 km/h | 560 km/h |  9.0 sec |   63  |    C    |
    Wind Walker    | 428 km/h | 585 km/h |  5.3 sec |   50  |    A    |
    Sly Joker      | 436 km/h | 591 km/h |  3.0 sec |   75  |    C    |
    The Stingray   | 460 km/h | 525 km/h | 12.0 sec |   85  |    C    |
    Silver Thunder | 464 km/h | 589 km/h |  4.7 sec |   90  |    D    |
    Falcon Mk-II   | 448 km/h | 573 km/h |  7.2 sec |   66  |    C    |
    Fighting Comet | 412 km/h | 593 km/h |  9.0 sec |   56  |    D    |
    Jet Vermilion  | 456 km/h | 602 km/h |  4.2 sec |  100  |    E    |
    Machine Name   | Trn Bln | Accel | Flying | Bst Mnt |
                   |         |       |        |         |
    Hot Violet     |    C    |   A   |    C   |    D    |
    Fire Ball      |    B    |   C   |    B   |    C    |
    J. B. Crystal  |    A    |   B   |    C   |    C    |
    Wind Walker    |    D    |   A   |    B   |    B    |
    Sly Joker      |    A    |   B   |    C   |    A    |
    The Stingray   |    C    |   D   |    B   |    C    |
    Silver Thunder |    B    |   E   |    D   |    C    |
    Falcon Mk-II   |    B    |   A   |    B   |    D    |
    Fighting Comet |    B    |   B   |    A   |    A    |
    Jet Vermilion  |    B    |   E   |    D   |    B    |
          I'm also thinking of adding a cornering speed category, showing how 
    well the cars maintain speed in Blast Turns. Give me feedback!
          Boost Maintenance stats estimated from Bianca City's Stretch Circuit.
          Flying Ability stats estimated from Cloud Carpet's Long Jump Circuit.
    3. Individual Listings
          No, I'm not going to put all the stats down here again. I'm just going 
    to concisely describe the machines and their abilities.
          Hot Violet - Starter - The Hot Violet is one of the beginner's 
    favorites. It has middle-of-the road stats, and while the player may have to 
    get used to Blast Turns, they will have to master that skill anyway! This 
    machine has great acceleration to overcome any mistakes, but it's flying 
    skills and boost speed maintenance leave something to be desired.
          Fire Ball - Starter - Not for beginners, this is for more intermediate 
    drivers. The Fire Ball has a nice normal top speed, and has good body armor. 
    It is harder to get a Rocket Start with this car than others though, and its 
    turning takes time to get used to.
          J. B. Crystal - Starter - Most beginners will use the J. B. Crystal. 
    Even though it has a low max speed under normal conditions, the easy turning 
    ability is very attractive to starters. In addition, it has a good boost and 
    time combination. Unfortunately, the J.B. Crystal has somewhat light armor, 
    and only average flying ability and boost maintenance. This is still a solid 
    machine, though.
          Wind Walker - Starter - Although the Wind Walker has the best turn 
    performance in the game, its worst turn balance makes it hard to steer until 
    Blast Turn mastery is achieved. The low body armor also turns off many people 
    who wish to drive it. To make up for these flaws, the Wind Walker has a high 
    Boost Speed and good boost speed maintenance. This is a machine left for more 
    advanced drivers.
          Sly Joker - 1st Unlockable - Fans of the J. B. Crystal will like the 
    Sly Joker. Its turning is great, although I have noticed personally that it 
    loses some speed in corners. The Sly Joker has a high boost speed, but a 
    short boost time. What it has to make up for it is a high boost speed 
    maintenance. In easy turning courses, the Sly Joker can come up with the best 
    times. In addition, it has good armor and a good normal speed!
          The Stingray - 2nd Unlockable - The Stingray (or is that The The 
    Stingray?) has a very high normal speed and the longest boost speed of all 
    the machines. It also has high body armor, and can practically fly off jump 
    plates. Unfortunately, it has a poor high-speed acceleration and very strange 
    turning characteristics. Still, it is a very popular car.
          Silver Thunder - 3rd Unlockable - Only experts handle the unpopular 
    Silver Thunder. Although it has the highest normal speed, its poor 
    acceleration takes a long time to get there! This machine has poor jumping 
    skills and poor handling. But, in the hands of an expert, this machine can do 
    well. With its high armor and boost aspects, the Silver Thunder can take on 
    any obstacle.
          Falcon Mk-II - 4th Unlockable - Hot Violet fans also like the Falcon 
    Mk-II. It has a high normal speed and a long boost. Although its armor may be 
    a little below average and its ability to maintain boost speeds is low, this 
    is still a popular machine. With a high acceleration and its familiar 
    handling, people who have unlocked this car can obtain great times with it.
          Fighting Comet - 5th Unlockable - This hard-to get machine is worth the 
    effort. Although it has poor handling and poor armor, the Fighting Comet is 
    still a good car in the hands of an expert driver. To make up for its poor 
    normal speed, the Fighting Comet has a very high boost speed and long boost 
    time. This machine also boasts one of the best boost speed maintenances in 
    the game, allowing it to keep its high speed. The Fighting Comet also has the 
    best flying abilities in the game. But, if the player cannot handle the car 
    and find a good place to boost, then there will be trouble.
          Jet Vermilion - Almost Secret - The Jet Vermilion is loved by experts, 
    hated by those not experienced enough. The main problem with it is its poor 
    acceleration and poor handling abilities, which are worst in the game. The 
    experts who can overcome these difficulties have a machine that nobody can 
    defeat. Its high normal speed and its blazing boost speed allow it to make 
    record times in all but the twistiest of tracks. In addition, its armor 
    allows it take advantage of the course obstacles to increase its speed. The 
    only thing for experts to be wary about is its poor flying abilities.
    4. Unlocking Vehicles
          Although there are countless other FAQs explaining this system, it's 
    probably going to be more convenient for me to write up the conditions here, 
          The cars are unlocked in the same order, always: Sly Joker, The 
    Stingray, Silver Thunder, Falcon Mk-II, and Fighting Comet.
          One car is unlocked whenever one of the following conditions is met:
          -Beat Pawn, Knight, and Bishop on Standard difficulty
          -Beat Pawn, Knight, and Bishop on Expert difficulty
          -Beat Queen on Expert difficulty
          -Beat any class on Master difficulty
          -Beat all four classes on Master difficulty
          What about that special Jet Vermilion? There's three ways to obtain it, 
    and one of them is very easy to do!
          1. The most difficult, but most prestigious method. Beat all four 
    classes on Master difficulty using all nine previous vehicles to obtain the 
    Jet Vermilion. Very few have done it, and the ones who have definitely 
    deserve the round of applause!
          2. Not as difficult, just as time consuming. Complete the Championship 
    Circuit 255 times. It takes a lot of time, but it's still a very valid way of 
    obtaining the Jet Vermilion.
          3. Looked down upon by most experts, this is the way most people will 
    be able to get their hands on the Jet Vermilion. At Nintendo of Japan's 
    website, there is a page to obtain a code to unlock the Jet Vermilion 
    (http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/afzj/vermil/index.html). Input your file name 
    using the buttons at the bottom, and press the lowest right key when 
    complete. You will get a code on the next screen. In your game, go to the 
    Grand Prix Car Selection screen and input L R Start R L Select. A code screen 
    will come up where you can punch in your custom code. Back on the select 
    screen, the Jet Vermilion will appear wedged between the Fighting Comet and 
    the Hot Violet.
          To those who will choose to go to the dark side and cheat with method 
    3... be warned that the car is unstable as I say it is. I haven't come to 
    grips with it, and many experts will still have troubles with it. At the 
    least, obtain the Fighting Comet first before cheating, will ya? Not only 
    will you develop the skill to eventually handle the Jet Vermilion, you'll 
    also have a nice vehicle cycle when you do get it.
    5. Miscellaneous Junk
          * Make Comments!
          Please send feedback. Whether you want to say I'm all good or all bad, 
    tell me. Want to see something added to the FAQ? Tell me. I want to make this 
    FAQ as good as possible, and seeing as it's my only FAQ so far, I'll have 
    enough time to diligently make corrections. E-Mail me at yism@purdue.edu, OK? 
    No Snail mail, sorry.
          * Things I'm thinking of adding
          As I get better, I'll be able to make more comments on this FAQ. Maybe 
    I'll add a reader comments section. Maybe I'll add an unlocking system 
    section. Again, we'll wait and see
          * What I like to use
          Well, I started out with the J.B. Crystal, and then used the Sly Joker 
    when I unlocked it. I could not handle the Silver Thunder, so I used the 
    Falcon Mk-II next. Currently, I'm trying to get the hang of the Fighting 
    Comet. I'm staying away from the Jet Vermilion for now.
          *Where credit is due...
          I suppose I'll have to give thanks to the people who influenced me to 
    make this.
          GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com : This place and the community has helped me 
    gather information on the machines and how to get the machines. Thanks to all 
    the community.
          Nintendo: www.nintendo.com : I suppose I have to say thanks for making 
    another great game and a great system to go with it. I've been a Nintendo 
    person all my life, and without Nintendo, I'd be very different right now.
          *End of the FAQ.
          Have fun, stay out of trouble. Don't steal this, OK? Nothing else to 
    say, send me stuff!     
    Mike Yi (Mr. Blarney) yism@purdue.edu

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