Review by bambi300

"A pretty good game, I guess."

First off, I'd like to start off with that I haven't beaten the game yet, mostly because of the fact that collecting all the Electoons in every level is hard. :|

Gameplay - 8/10

I don't really see any flaws in controlling Rayman. You use the arrow pad to move, and the A button to jump. You can get special abilities later on in the game, like hovering for a around three seconds and running, what's there to get?

Difficulty - 9/10

It's either me, or I just suck at finding hidden things in the levels. The levels are decently designed, increasing in difficulty for each level. I wouldn't call them easy, I often die at certain levels. The bosses are kind of hard, even though they have a pattern.

Ah, but the hardest thing to do in the game is to collect the things you're supposed to do to unlock the last boss. See, in order to beat the game, you have to collect six (or five? I think it's six, I haven't played it in in a while...) thingamajiggers called Electoons all cleverly hidden, and there are around fifteen levels to beat. That's pretty hard. >:[

Graphics - 8/10

I don't know what console this game started on, but for a GBA game, it has pretty good graphics. The background is detailed to let you know what kind of environment you're in, and Rayman himself and monsters are detailed enough to see their not-so-obvious features.

Sound / music - 6/10

The sound isn't the greatest. When you're charging up a punch, it makes some kind of... clicking noise? I can't describe it. The music isn't very good (I guess they're sort of hum-able...), but it fits the mood and environment right.

Story - 7/10

Um, I think it's where the antagonist steals the great fairy's power and stole the Electoons which supposedly supplied power, or something... o-O I forgot! >.< It's kind of cliche, you're the person that's supposed to find all the Electoons to restore peace to the land of...someplace. It's kind of cliche, I guess, but that's it.

Replayability - 3/10

What's there to replay? :|

Overall - 8/10

Overall, I think Rayman's a pretty good game. I don't see any major flaws in it other than collecting all the Electoons (which isn't very much of a "flaw", but whatever. :| ), so it shouldn't be any worse.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/03/09

Game Release: Rayman Advance (US, 06/11/01)

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