Review by Jake Edwards

Reviewed: 06/29/01 | Updated: 06/29/01

One of the most disappointing GBA launch games....

No matter what system appears Rayman must be on that system and Gameboy Advance is no exception. Unfortunately, this game is nothing to get excited about. The game is almost an exact duplication of the 1996 Playstation and 1995 PC game. Except the music has gotten a lot worse and its not as hard although this game is still VERY tough.

GRAPHICS: 9/10 Simply put this is the best looking GBA game out there. I have played Tony Hawk 2, Castlevania, F-zero and this is the best looking. Vivid colors, bright action, everything looks just like the PSX game. Multi-moving background as well. My only grip is there are some blind jumps which result in many deaths. But man those graphics.....

MUSIC: 4/10 What happened here? Although the music is a little like the original's it has a horrible tinny sound to it and its not nearly as good. Its not as bad as Gt Advance or anything but after hearing Castlevania's tunes this game needs a sound remixer. Sound effects though are good and no complaints here.

CONTROL: 5/10 Rayman controls well but the game contains too many blind jumps. Unlike the mario games this game is more of a hop and jump game. You do more jumping platforms hoping from ledge to ledge than anything else.

ORIGINALITY: 1/10 Sorry no points here. With Rayman 2 on every system know to man UBI should have made this game original buy instead the rehash the 6 year old Rayman one. Nothing new, no new bosses, nothing. So if you already played the original there is no reason not one to play this again unless you loved, and I mean loved that game. And since the game isn't that old like Mario 2 I figure most people out there have already played this game on one of the other systems.

REPLAY: 5/10 Will you want to play this game again again you beat it? Well considering how hard it is give yourself a pat on the back if you actually do beat it!! Well probably not except to see the great graphics again. The game doesn't have the fun level of the mario games and gets frustrating even for expert gamers.

Buy or Rent: Rental all the way. Why would you want to spend $40 for a 6 year old average game? You can get the PSX or PC version for $10 and you also get better sound and not as many blind jumps. So buy something else and leave this game for a good nights rental.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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