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"The best side-scroller ever hits the GBA"

I remember rushing out to buy this game as soon as it hit the PlayStation. It had previously been released for the Sega Saturn and the Atari Jaguar before that. Oh, the hours of fun I had with this game. The sheer beauty of this game was unsurpassed and very well still is in some aspects. This game was and still is the ultimate side-scroller.

Graphics - 7
Man, the graphics here are as beautiful as ever. This game has the right combination of bright, bold colors and astounding visual effects. So why the low score? Well, as good as the graphics are, the Game Boy Advances screen is simply too small to see anything in this game, even when properly lit. If the GBA had an audio/video out on it, that would change everything. I mean, seriously, you can not even see the enemies coming. But, I'm just used to playing all my games on the TV set. If you are used to the size of the GBA screen, I say, just ignore me and borrow, rent or buy this game and see what you think.

Sound - 10
Sound is almost just like I remember it for the PS version. Alright, not exactly. The sound could never be as good, they had to cut out some music. But still, I think it's pretty well done. The sound effects are ultra cool, I especially like it when you knock the stuffing out of the fish and you hear this crack like you just knocked all there teeth out. And the music is sweet though on the console versions, it's much better. But, due to the limited amount of space on a GBA cartridge, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Characters - 10
Rayman and all his little buds are too cool not to be ignored. Of course you got Rayman, the guy with no limbs. You also got the electoons which you have to save (hay, you gotta save someone). The are small round guys the can really annoy the crap out of you. And then you got your ''pet'' misquito. That bears repeating, a PET misquito. I don't know anyone who'd like on of these pests as a pet. Anyway, the misquito helps you on some of your quest. And always you have an enemy. Mr. Dark is this shadow that came to take over your land and it's your job to stop him. There are other characters you meet along the way, like you're a fairy the gives you more and more abilities throughout the game.

Control - 10
In general, pretty much all side-scrollers have good control and Rayman is no exception. With only the four buttons on the GBA, this game is extremely easy to control and fun at that.

Replay - 7
Rayman is fun, but the problem still exists that the screen is too small the see anything.

Overall - 8
Good, fun game. But if you have a PS, Saturn or a Jaguar; I suggest looking into buying Rayman for that before spending your 40 hard earned bucks here.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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