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"look ma, no arms....or legs...yet still great fun"

Since the release of the first Rayman back on the PSX, our limbless hero has been remembered for his quirkiness, as well as for being insanely difficult. With all 60 levels recreated for the GBA, Ubi Soft now gift us with the chance to be frustrated on the go.


Controls are excellent, fluid and responsive. The pun on 'throwing' a punch still remains rayman's main draw. Attacking enemies is intuitive, and the A.I isnt too shabby either. Be prepared for a whole lot of jumping, and here is the main complaint: Too many blind jumps. The action feels a little too 'zoomed in' and as a result often you cannot see where you're gonna land next. Of course, this adds ten-fold to the difficulty, so you feel rewarded just passing a level.


Q: Why is Rayman crossing the game?
A: To get to the other side.

Seriously, I still havent a clue why im going around hunting for cages and setting the trapped little critters free. Since i snagged the game off my girlfriend, i cant read the blurb on the back of the box either. But honestly, this doesnt detract from the game play one bit. I feel compelled to complete a level just because its there, not for an elaborate story sequence. The levels are gorgeously designed and well linked, so even though i really couldnt care less what was going on i do appreciate the themed worlds and matching levels.


Now i'm no graphics glutton, but Rayman Advance practically screams for you to play it with its gorgeous looks. rayman is animated solidly, and the lush backgrounds set the intricately designed levels apart from Gameboy Colour games. If you're sold on looks alone ,this is the game to make you buy a GBA, even if you've got a GBC. Sure, we've had all this 6 years ago, but now we can enjoy it on the go, which is a huge achievement in itself.
Sound isnt too shabby either, though the main tune is recurring in my head as i turn the lights off to sleep. No as good as say, F-Zero or Castlevania's assorted audio selection, but good enough to make you want to leave the sound on.


This game is huge, and its bloody tough to beat. i doubt i'll be wanting to play this again in the near future, so i suppose once is enough. Still, that first time will take you ages........

-To buy or to rent-

Do you like platformers? Do you enjoy challenges in jumping and crawling and floating about with helicopter hair type thingys??Riding a mosquito?

If you've played this before, then i doubt you'll want to try this again. If you havent, and are generally not into platforming, then maybe you should rent it first, to try and see if you enjoy it. If platforming is your forte, then this is the game to tide you by after you've finished Mario and are waiting for Sonic, or even if you wish not to purchase any of the above. A good good for any systems, Rayman Advance is right at home for the GBA for your enjoyment, on the go.

8 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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