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"Quest through a limbless world"

Sup chief! So you want to know if it's worth getting Rayman or not. Well, first of all, don't judge the game by the name. I know some people who judge games by names. If you read this review than are not sure if you want to get the game or not, rent the game. Some friggin morons don't even own the game and say bad things about it. Anyways, to the review.

Graphics 8.8/10: Awesome graphics. If you haven't seen pictures of the game yet, i'm sure there's some pictures somewhere on the internet. Check out Gamespot, i'm sure they have some. I'm sure you would agree with me on the score. Unless your anti-rayman. Bastards...

Replay Value 5.6/10: I really like Rayman, truly, but I have to tell the truth. I don't think the Replay Value isn't all that well. Getting the Electoons is a very hard challenge, so the game will take a long time to beat. Than you will lie down on your bed huffing and puffing. Okay, not that kind of huffing and puffing, but the ''other'' kind of huffing and puffing. Okay just making sure.

Difficulty 9.2/10: The Electoons make the difficulty blast through the roof. Going through the game at first without the electoons is not very hard, but fun. Some of the bosses are tight. Have fun on the last level.

Sound 9.6/10: At least it isn't the same sound for every single stage like a game I know *coughSUPERMARIOADVANCEcough*. The sound effects are also great.

Story 8.5/10: Some games go like ''johnny kidnapped blabla and he's going to rule the world''. This is a new story, a Great Protoon etc... if you want to see the story, check out my walkthrough.

Controls 9.8/10: The controls are extremely comfortable. You won't have any trouble. I lowered this .2 because I thought they could have added more controls like in Castlevania. At first you only have 3 controls, move, jump, and make a funny face (don't ask) but you get more and more moves along the way to make the game more exciting.

Overall Score: Darn i'm always too lazy to do the math. Well the majority of the scores are in the 9's so i'll just say nine.

Well there's your review chief. I would recommend buying this game. I know this isn't some peeps type of games, but maybe renting this game first if your not sure to see if you should buy it. LATER CHIEF!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/11/01, Updated 07/11/01

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