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"See what the GBA can do - Rayman style!"

I must admit I had never played a Rayman game before this and I am impressed with it. Although I did find a few problems with Rayman Advance it is overall a fantastic game and a great item for any Gameboy Advance owner!

Gameplay - 10/10
To start off, let's talk about controls. And what great controls Rayman has. They are easy to learn, responsive, and in a comfertable configuration (In my opinion). The framerate is stunning and all the levels are layed out very well. Perhaps my only gif is that it can be a little too hard to figure out a simple thing sometimes (i.e. when you get your first move from the fairy it takes ages to figure out how to leave the screen!).

Visuals - 9/10
Yow! These are some of the best graphics I've seen on the Gameboy Advance to date! It's very impressive. Rayman has loads of animations and characters are all very detailed. The backgrounds are all colorful and comic looking yet the blend in perfectly. I did notice one thing though, certain things, like the photo save points in levels look like they have been magnified so much so that you can't see what it's supposed to be right away. They have this large pixel look to them. Otherwise, good job on Graphics!

Audio - 7/10
The sound is pretty good too although Rayman uses the same ''ow'' and ''ouch'' sounds for everything and it can get annoying (Thank goodness for the sound off option!). The enemies all have some sound but not very much. The music is the saviour. There are long tunes which rids the game of much repatition and the songs are catchy which is important!

Story - 4/10
Here's the crunch in the game. The story is pretty bad. Mr. Dark came and kidnapped all the little orb guys and only Rayman can save them. I mean, we've heard it all before. This is programmers excuse for an easy way out of making a story. Not much else to say on that point.

Replay Value - 6/10
You will find yourself playing through Rayman a few times but then you'll lose interest in the lack of freedom. The levels are fun but after a few times beating each of them it gets rather boring.

Multiplayer - 0/10
There is no multiplayer in Rayman Advance but I have my review thing set out blank on my computer so taking it out would take to long.

Overall - 8/10
The game is good and shows off the Gameboy Advance's ability but there's justy something missing. Probably another gamer hazard is the codes I submitted to GameFAQs which will spoil your gaming experience. So, steer clear of the codes section!

Rent or Buy?
Well I think this time I'd have to say Rent first and buy it if you like it. This game will not appeal to everyone. I would say the target audience (obviously) is Rayman fans and Platform fans but even they may find it lacking. I'm not trying to be too harsh though.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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