Review by slimjim25c

"Rayman advance totaly rocks"

this is one of my favorite games to play out of all of my other ones. I just wanna say if you don't have the game right now... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Get game now game good anyways here is my review for the game. Hope you like it:)

Graphics 9.3/10
The graphics are one of the best things about this game. It's very colorful. This is one of the best 2d game graphics ever. So this is once of the things what makes this game rock.

Music 4.7/10
sorry, but the music is soooooo annyoing! I can't stand listening to it. Some of the songs are good but most of the songs are just really bad. I had to play this game with the music off. I would of given this game a 10 but the music just had to be so um... gloopy.

Sound 7.6/10
Unlike the music, the sound is great.

difficulty 10/10
This game is very hard. Collecting all of the cages is probably the hardest part. You can run out of continues and only start off with 4 health boxes( you can get a powerup though that will make it 6 health boxes) If your looking foward to getting this game let me just warn you it is very hard! It took me a long time to beat it because of those darn cages.

Gameplay 8.8/10
rayman is a wonderful, difficult, and really fun game. The game play for this game is good. After you beat the game you can play stages over again and you can play minigames too. So I would say this game is not a go buy, beat it, sell it, get another game. I would keep this game if I were you.

play control 9.3/10
The play control is very easy to learn. You get new power-ups which is very cool about this game. The play control makes rayman advance grat too.

Overral 8.0/10
Wonderful graphics, smooth play control, great gameplay, bad music, and good sounds. Ubi soft made another good game:) I only gave it a 8 because of the music, but the music really doesn't make the game good. Just makes it sound cool.

Buy or rent
Well if you rent this, your not gonna beat the game unless you play it 24 hours a day. So I suggest you buy this. This is a great side scroller game with lots of beuatiful graphics in it and lots of more

Well thats my review. Hope you liked it and wanna get the game now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/17/01, Updated 08/17/01

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