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Reviewed: 08/18/01 | Updated: 08/18/01

PSX v shrinks... with success!

When the GBA came out I decided to buy COTM, THPS2, and Rayman. When I played them all, Rayman was the most graphically stunning one. It is all 2D, like Rayman1 for Playstation, so there are almost no differences between the PSX and the GBA versions.
It is not such a good review coz I'm bad in this.

Story 6/10
Rayman is a weird creature (Goat? Monkey?) That tries to save all the electoons, and later Betilla, the fairy, out of the claws of Mr. Dark, that turned the 'pink-flower' world of Rayman into a hellish world. He gets help from a magician and a fairy, who gives him powers throughout the game. The story is a bit childish, but the game makes it good.

Graphics 9/10
The best I saw on GBA. Really. The background is very colorful and the characters are well-designed. The VERY colorful and bright world is very detailed, as for the enemies and bosses. Matches the PSX graphics.

Sound/Music 7/10
Like the whole game, the sound is not realistic. If rayman is hit, there is a 'plop'. The music is good, but not that good. The music is also the same in much worlds. An average score.

Gameplay 8/10
The controls are easy, there is no use of the L-button. Like most games, A is for jump, B is for attack, D-pad is for directions, and R is for special. The game is clear, but has a bad save system. You have to clear several levels and that can be hard. I also find Rayman is too big for the screen. They could have made Rayman and the enemies a bit smaller. Sometimes, the helicopter can be annoying when on a spring and you want to jump higher.

Challenge 9/10
Who never played the PSX rayman version will have a hard time with this game. It is hard, most bosses are hard, and the times you fall off the screen is numerous. This game is hard because you need to get 100% electoons and beat Mr.Dark to beat the game. This game is hard because you have only 4 HP or 6 HP. This game is hard because you can save only after a while. This game is hard on its own. Though, it is possible to play it out without cheats with a good FAQ.

Replay Value 6/10
Once you beat it, the only thing you can do is beating it on all three files. There are not many secrets to reveal and no secret stage.

Overall 7/10
This game uses the full power of the GBA, but the length of the game and the lack of specials and secrets take this game down. Though, it is still one of the best games for the GBA!

You can buy it if you have a GBA, and if you don't have the PSX or other version. You can buy it if you're a Rayman fanatic, love platform games...
You can rent this game if you have the PSX version, don't like hard platform games where you can't continue when your lives are up (buy a Warioland or something then). The game is short enough to play it out in a week, so who has the PSX version, rent it.

Score: 52/70 =7,4/10
reviewer's tilt: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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