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"If i had a dollar for every time i thought, "whoa, this game rocks," I'd be like... really rich"

If you're reading this, you have decided to read my review of Rayman Advance for the Gameboy Advance. However, I did not take part at all in the creation of this game. This game belongs to Ubi Soft and Nintendo, not me. Distribution of this review is illegal without my permission. Everything on this review is mostly my opinion, and was not meant to be offensive or vulgar to anyone. Now since you're done with that, read on!
GAMEPLAY- fun: 9- One of the most fun games on Game Boy Advance. A great launch title, Rayman Advance is great fun for all ages.
GAMEPLAY- control: 10- Very good control. You're able to perform your abilities without a hitch. The abilities are very well set to buttons, such as jump with A and punch with B. You can be sure that you won't press A and punch or B and jump. If that happens, there's a problem with your Game Boy Advance, because the controls on Rayman Advance are completely solid.
GAMEPLAY- difficulty: 10- It's not incredibly hard, but it does take time. You won't be able to beat this game in the first game in the first day- without codes, that is. It is a challenging game, but it's not impossible- so it's at the perfect difficulty.
STORY- 8- A nice storyline. Rayman lives in a peaceful world, and it's corrupted by Mr. Dark, who then fills the world with bad guys. Solid storyline, but it's a tiny bit predictable. If it was a little bit more original, it would be perfect. The names are totally original, but the story is not very original: Peaceful world + baddy = No peace. No peace= hero saves the day.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Graphics: 10- WONDERFUL graphics. Very nice indeed. No one has seen graphics like this on a handheld before- it's amazing.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Sound: 9- Great music. It may get annoying after a while, but it's still very good. The themes match the levels perfectly. The sound effects are nice too.
REPLAYABILITY- 10- The first time you play, you may miss tons of secrets. This game should be played at least three times- it's that good. Believe me, it stays fun. This game is loaded with secrets-- why not discover them all?
TO BUY OR TO RENT?- Definetely a buyer. Maybe you think $40 is a little pricey, but it's really worth it for this game. You will love the game, i guarantee it. The limbless hero known as Rayman should appear on everyone's Gameboy Advance screen- it's a shame it hasn't already.
LAST WORD- Apparently, Ubi Soft's bringing of Rayman to the Gameboy Advance was a great idea. so what if he has no arms or legs? Rayman can still kick butt.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/03/01, Updated 09/03/01

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