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"Although Rayman is a no-limbed freaky idiot, he can show you a good time"

Rayman is back, looking weird as before, though enhanced by great graphics. The game is extremely similar to the GBC version, but the GBC version was also very fun so no worries. The game is similar to Mario/Wario and DK games so if you're into those, this is the game for you.

Story: 7/10
This is your average story. Rayman has been summoned by Betilla the Fairy on a mission to defeat Mr. Dark and save the Electoons who have been captured. Not very complex, but it suits its purpose, keeping you with goals in mind to keep you busy.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are great and visually bright and exciting. The background is extremely detailed, especially in Eraser Plains, with pencils, bouncy erasers, spilled ink bottles lying around, everything in great detail. Also in Band Land while Rayman is dodging some 3D spiky notes, you can spot endless rows of notes and instruments in the background. I was impressed.

Sound: 8/10
The music is a giddy, happy tune that changes between stages. It's not amazing, but it's not terrible either. Its catchy and you may start hearing it in your head after hours of play.

Controls: 10/10
The controls are easy to learn, but Rayman's powers take a little longer to master. IMO, that is the best because its fairly easy to play, but there is still a tiny challenge factor which creates great fun. Rayman gains temporary powers in some levels, and some of those took me a few tries before I got them.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is where Rayman really shines. Punching and helicoptering your way through the worlds, solving puzzles, and searching for the Electoon cages will keep you occupied with this game for a while. If you are experienced with games like this, the stages and worlds will not pose much of a challenge, but even the most expert at this game will be obsessively searching for hidden Electoon cages that you have to find in order to complete the game. Like I said before, great great fun.

Replay Value: 6/10
Rayman does not have good replay value; after you finish the game, there really isn't anything else to do. I give Rayman a 6 because maybe in like six months after you finish the game you might try Rayman again and experience the thrill that you had forgotten. Finding the Electoon cages (there are 102 of them) scattered around the worlds is a large part of this game, so if you remember where they are, then you should wait a couple months before playing again.

Bottom Line:
Rayman is an extremely entertaining game that you can pass the time wth.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/28/02, Updated 01/28/02

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