Review by Joel

Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

Rayman is back, but on GBA!

Graphics 10/10 - When I first played this game I couldn't believe how good the graphics were. They were stunning! If you're a person who enjoys graphical games then this is the game for you. They are by far the best graphics I have seen on a GBA. The colors are wonderful and each level amazes you every time you play. Although the photographers look like they have been zoomed in really close.

Gameplay 8/10 - Rayman Advance involves the usual jumping, punching, swinging and flying. There are also many mini games. The only complaint I have is that you sometimes have to make a blind jump. This became very frustrating as it cost me many lives. Aside from that. The game is very fun to play and you often can't put it down. Each level is different than the last and you are always faced with new challenges and bosses. The only problem is that alot of the cages are very, very hard to find.

Life span 9/10 - This game will keep you busy for quite a while. If you're looking for a challenge then this game is definitely a challenge. You must go through each level freeing these creatures from cages, there are 102 in total. This is where you will spend most of your time as they are extremely hard to find, and you need them all to get to the last level. There is not much replay value and no multiplayer which is the only real draw back so that's why it dropped a point.

Sound 8/10 - You won't be dancing over the music but then again you wouldn't turn it off. The music is very happy and upbeat and it also varies from level to level so at least you get a change. The sound effects work really well, when you get hit or when an enemy gets hit.

Overall 9/10 - Overall this is a must have game. The combination of brilliant graphics and wonderful gameplay makes this one of the best side scrollers on GBA. Even if you're not a Rayman fan you should still check this one out as it is very challenging and rewarding. If you're not sure, just rent it. But I would buy it as it takes ages to finish. I hope you have enjoyed my review and that I have helped your decision to buy the game or not.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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