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Reviewed: 07/09/02 | Updated: 07/09/02

This little guy packs a lot of punch!

Hmm…Rayman is back at it again is he!? You looking to me for help are you? You wanna see if Rayman has passed my test do you? No? Well I’ll give you my opinion anyway!

Gameplay(9/10): The gameplay for this game is awesome! You are Rayman, a limbless hero, and you go around trying to rescue all the electoons! Your favorite weapon (pulls out the heavy artillery) is your fist! That’s right! Using your fist you must defeat all that stands in your way from saving the world, even if its Mr. Dark!

Graphics(9/10): The graphics in this game are amazing! They are easily the best graphics ever for a gameboy advance game! Even though it is a 2d platform game, the graphics suck you in! The backgrounds are gorgeous! And the color, I can’t say enough about the color! Just see for yourself!

Story (8/10): Mr. Dark has captured the electoons and put them into cages! He has taken the Great Protoon and now is trying to rule the world! You, as rayman, will go around to every stage, earning new powers and unlocking the electoons on the way! Once all the electoons are unlocked, you will be able to go face to face with the evil Mr. Dark!

Sound(8/10): The sound for this game is great! The music is solid, not some shaky, boring kind of music. It actually sounds good! There are different sounds for different actions. When you punch, you can hear yourself winding up and getting ready to strike! When you run, it sounds like horses galloping! Everything in this game has a different sound!

Difficulty(10/10): This game was the hardest game for gameboy advance I ever played! Can you believe its harder then collecting all 251 pokemon *shivers*! In this game it’s more like collect the damn electoon cages! Boy is it hard! That’s why this game catches peoples eye, the length!

Controls(10/10): Basic simple one button commands almost all throughout the game. The controls are easy to grasp and it’s actually more fun this way. You don’t have to worry about doing combos now. If you think that your punch is too weak, just find an upgrade! Just as good as doing a 50 hit combo!

To Buy or To Rent: I would have to say BUY! It took me a little under a month to beat, and I was dedicated to it! If you play like 1 hour a day, you could probably beat it in…hmm lets see…4 months! This game takes long and you will not want to keep on renting it over and over again, addicted to it and trying to beat it! Just buy this game! Its worth the $20-$25!

Overall (9/10): I really love this game! Its my favorite game made for gameboy advance! It has only one flaw. Its replay value. After you beat it, you probably wouldn’t want to try again because it will take you another few months to beat it. Once you beat it, just relax and be proud of your achievement. You will probably not want to go through the pain and agony and try to beat it again!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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