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"Before Globox and The Teensies"

Never before did I think a game could be so good besides the original arcade version of House of the Dead (see my review). This is also another game I remember from my childhood on the Sega Saturn, so naturally I had to pick it up for GBA, along with F-Zero. Although this version is noticably tuned down, it makes a great addition to game collections anywhere. Lets begin with the review:

Wow, Ubi Soft really set the graphical benchmark for the Advance here. Colorful backgrounds, beautifully designed enemies, fluid movements, and a great looking main character all add up to a visual feast. I wasn\'t expecting the Saturn game to port over so well. The only complaint I have here is some things (Mr. Dark, those green flying balloons in Band Land, and the checkpoint photographer) look a tad too pixilated. Fortunately, these are easy to overlook, and dont deter the overall experience.

Not enough can be said about this beautiful music. Let me put it this way, I whistle the theme to the first level more than any other tune I know. Some of the most memorable music I have ever heard in my life. Also, not a bad job of transferring it from the Saturn and PS1 to GBA. Does sound a bit staticy but who cares. Sound Effects are top notch. No complaints in this department. Rayman\'s fist winding up adds a nice cartoony sounding touch to it. Also that annoying theme it plays when you die in the Saturn and Playstation versions has been removed.

You would think this was a typical platformer but you couldnt be more wrong. Rayman is a very unique character with his lack of limbs and cartoony approach. I love some of his powers too. Run?? Hang from ledges?? Man, if he can do that then I must be Superman. Although I can\'t shoot my fist but that would be cool. Replayability probably should be in its own catagory, but there isnt much to say about it besides that there is very little. I like to just go back to various levels and listen to their music. For others of you, there probably isnt much, sadly.

Man, this is one tough game. Whoever thinks this is only for kids should give it a try. You wont get very far. Thankfully you would think this game was made originally for GBA. The controls are mapped out perfectly and this will become important later on in the more difficult levels (Space Momma\'s Crater anyone?) THe most frustrating part is when you beat the blisteringly difficult Space Momma\'s Crater, and Mr. Dark kidnaps Bertila the Fairy. To continue on to save her, you must collect EVERY protoon cage in EVERY level and then the next stage will open up. Boy Howdy, that was tough. Use one of the guides so generously provided on GameFAQS, and this wont seem so tedious of a chore.

Overall 9/10 (Not an Average)
On a closing note about the controls, I played this game on a regular advance, not an SP. I am not sure how more difficult it is to control using a smaller shoulder button and the SP D-pad. I imagine it would be mostly the same, but MAN this game is hard. If you want more Rayman reviews, check mine out for Rayman 2 (DC) and Rayman 3 and Rayman Arena (GCN). Later

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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