Review by Light Arrow

Reviewed: 07/26/04

One of the best games on the GBA

Rayman Advance is actually a re-release (AKA re-hash) of the original PC/Playstation game "Rayman". Yes sir, another re-hash for you to love and enjoy along with the 99 others! But wait a second...this re-hash is actually worth buying. Alright, I guess you want to know why this game's worth buying...Well then, read on!

STORY: (8/10)
The story is fairly simple. All the people in Rayman's strange world are happy, yadda-yadda-yadda...Then one day Mr.Dark shows up and kidnaps the little magic ball thingy. Miss Brentilda (or something like that) tries to stop him, but she is too weak. Because the magic ball balanced the good and evil-ness of the land, all kinds of freaks and bad-guys-in-general show up, and kidnap the Electoons in little cages and scatter them across the world!

Rayman to the rescue! The thing that separates Rayman from any other hero (besides having no limbs) is his "Telescopic Fist", which really packs a punch. So Rayman must go through the cliche worlds, saving Electoons as he goes, to ultimately face off with Mr. Dark himself! Sounds good to me.

GRAPHICS: (10/10)
The second you begin the first world you immediately notice that the graphics push the GBA's limit. Lush and vibrant backgrounds are everywhere, even with parralax! Rayman and other creatures are very cartoon-ish. Never once do the levels feel empty. Heck, there's even jumping mushrooms in the first level! A screenshot alone can make you want to buy this game.

MUSIC and SOUND: (6/10)
This is where Rayman Advance falls short. The music in this game was made for the GBA's (quite awful) speakers, which results in annoying and very forgettable music. The original Rayman had much better music than this! As for the sound effects, they are the same as the previous Raymans, and that's a good thing. Still, the sound effects are a little low quality and have a little echo to them, but it's hardly noticeable.

GAMEPLAY: (9/10)
Classic Rayman gameplay is back, and it still works great. Rayman is what every platformer should be like. You got the average "jump from platform to platform to get to the end" thing going on, plus the whole rings/coins/tings collecting biz.
So what's to love? The excellent design of the levels, creative enemies, and neat powers that Rayman gains every-so-often. The bosses are also very tough, even though they made it easier this time around.

Many games go like this: you play it, you beat it, you don't have any more items to collect or anything. That's the end of that game.
Rayman is no different. Once you've beat it, that's it. But UbiSoft did the smart thing and made the game really hard to beat in the first place. I mean, you have to collect all of the little Electoons in order to continue. That's some replay value right there...4 hours of it! Yet, after those 4 hours there's not much more to do with the game, other than try to get 99 lives or something. It happens to us all games, sadly...

If you like platformers at all, I recommend a buy. But if you hate any platformer, rent this. It might just change your mind.

OVERALL: (9/10)
+Sweet graphics make you drool on sight
+Gameplay is one of the best
+A few jokes are included
-Music is awful
-There isn't much story included
-Replay value? What replay value?
-Nearly no changes from the original

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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