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Reviewed: 06/08/02 | Updated: 06/08/02

Sets the standard for how NOT to make a good Power Rangers game (or any other game for that matter)

Alright! Another Power Rangers game! Whoo-hoo! How... pathetic. I've said this in my review for Power Rangers The Movie Sega game; the early Power Ranger games released during the height of the series' popularity were crap. This latest offering to a series of sub-par Power Rangers games is the equivalent of a typical MMPR game of that era. In fact, this ''Time Force'' game seems to be the worst one that I played yet.

STORY: Based on the ''Power Rangers Time Force'' show, the Rangers have to go to different time periods and fight off the enemy before they mess with the past... If you've seen Power Rangers, then you know the drill: bad guy terrorises city, Rangers fight monster, monster dies in big robot fight, repeat the process for the next few levels. The only thing that was taken from the series was the introductory level (which was taken from a scene of the Time Force opening episode), but this is no big deal. 3/10

GRAPHICS: Nicely digitized sprites... can be found in some other game. Actually, the graphics are not bad. A little on the bland side, but not the absolute worst thing. The intermission scenes consist of crude illustrations; a surprise to me since you could have had pictures from the show... then again, it IS a Power Rangers game. 6/10

SOUND: They manage to port the theme song over in its original format instead of some MIDI-based concoction. The music tracks aren't memorable and the sounds aren't great. I suggest turning the sound down. 2/10

GAMEPLAY: Here's where I start picking the game apart. First off, the control is somewhat badly organized. One button to punch, one button to jump, and the shoulder buttons to use your weapons, once you get them. It shouldn't be like that. Also, sometimes hit detection is off. I ''miss'' the guy, although it clearly looks as though my fist hit him! The ability to switch between Power Rangers on the fly is a nifty idea, but the Rangers play exactly the same other than different stats. They aren't even armed with different weapons. As for level design, one word: repetitive. Move some platforms around if you must, but it's still the same thing. 2/10

CHALLENGE: The game is pathetic as far as challenge goes. You can either kill bad guys or simple run and jump over them. And when you actually do fight, it is nothing more than a test of who can outlast the other (most of the time it will be you). There is a skill select, but all it does is alter the damage you get from each enemy hit. Despite this, there isn't much balance in the game difficulty. 2/10

REPLAY VALUE: I could say that you can attempt each skill level as each Ranger, but then I'd be lying. There's no point to playing a second game of this, nor is there any reason or encouragement for you to try and finish the game. Truly sad. 1/10

OVERALL: The GBA offering of Power Rangers Time Force shows how NOT to make a Power Rangers game (or any other game, for that matter). You might think that I'm being brutal about this game because it's a Power Rangers game... not really, there are at least a couple of good Power Rangers games that I have played. Clearly, this is not one of them. If anything, it is worst than the GB Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game. Only the most hardcore fan will get a kick out of this atrocity; everyone else should stay away from this thing and find something else. 2/10

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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