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    Game Dialogue by Tiamat

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    Final Fight One Dialogue FAQ
    Hiya^^  Just a quickie transcription of all of the dialogue from Capcom's
    Gameboy Advance game, Final Fight One.  Admittingly, this is mostly to go
    along with my Street Fighter Plot Guide.  Since this is just a transcription
    of dialogue you can find in game, anyway, there really isn't much more
    for me to say.  Enjoy^^
    Contents of Transcriptions
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Haggar's Boss Dialogues
    3.  Guy's Boss Dialogues
    4.  Cody's Boss Dialogues
    5.  Ending (for all characters including Alpha Guy and Alpha Cody)
    6.  Alpha Guy's Boss Dialogues
    7.  Alpha Cody's Boss Dialogues
    1.  Introduction
    (Map of Metro City)
    Metro City, a well known Crime Capital, has been ruled by violence and death 
    for many years.
    A fact which the newly elected mayor and former Street Fighter, Mike Haggar, 
    plans to change.
    At the center of the problem is the huge gang known as Mad Gear.  Mad Gear 
    controls all of
    the major criminal activity in the city.
    When they learned of Haggar's plans, they took immediate action to bring 
    this new mayor
    under their control.
    In 1989.
    (Haggar in his office on the phone)
    Haggar:  Hello?  Mike Haggar here.
    Phone:  Hee hee hee, Mr. Haggar.  So pleased to make your acquaintance.  I 
    believe you
    know who I am!  Don't hang up!  We have a little business proposition for 
    you...  Your
    daughter for your cooperation.  And we'll throw in the regular monthly bonus 
    to your
    salary we offered before.
    Haggar?  What?!  What happened to Jessica?  Who is this?!
    Phone:  Not so fast, Mike.  Turn on your TV.
    (Haggar turns on the TV.  On the screen is Jessica tied up)
    Haggar:  You fiend!  What have you done to her?
    Phone:  Nothing yet...but we will if you don't cooperate.  Listen to reason. 
      Why make
    your job difficult?
    (Damnd appears on the TV, laughing)
    Damnd:  Just let us do as we please like the mayor before you did
    (Screen of "CAPCOM presents" appears)
    (Screen of Cody with Guy apparently back from training)
    Cody:  What?!  Jessica was kidnapped?!
    Guy:  Who is Jessica?
    Cody:  She is my childhood friend.  The Mad Gears must pay!
    Guy:  What a dirty trick!  I will help you out.
    (Title screen with "Final Fight One" appears)
    2.  Haggar's FF1 boss dialogues
    Battle with Damnd
    Haggar:  You're the one who called me!
    Damnd:  He he he!  Bingo baby!  The Mad Gear will rule!
    Haggar:  I will destroy you!!
    Battle with Sodom
    Sodom victory pose:  Come on!  I'm Oni Samurai!
    Sodom to Haggar:  I'm gonna hurt you!  OK?
    Haggar:  What a nasty gang!  Are you the boss of this area?
    Sodom:  Yes!  It is an honor to be slashed by me!  Prepare to Bonzai!!
    Battle with Edi. E
    Haggar:  You!!  A policeman!?
    Edi. E:  It's an honor to meet our lovely mayor in person!
    (Tiamat note:  I assume he was supposed to say 'beloved' and lovely was a 
    Haggar:  Shut up!  You disgust me!
    Edi. E:  Once you are gone, nothing can stop us!
    Haggar:  No!  I will destroy all of you!!
    Battle with Rolento
    Rolento greeting pose:  Say it!  Who is the real leader!?
    Rolento to Haggar:  Hmmm!  You're a big man.
    Haggar:  A military man... but I have no time for this!
    Rolento:  I'll test you personally...
    Battle with Abigail
    Haggar:  I'll destroy you and rescue Jessica from Belger!
    Abigail:  Don't think you'll get by me so easily!
    Haggar:  You think you are so strong?!  It's go time!!
    Battle with Belger
    Haggar:  Jessica!!
    Belger:  Oh!  How nice of the mayor to come here personally!
    Haggar:  Belger!  I won't give this city to your evil hands!
    Belger:  My dear mayor, why do you think people join Mad Gear?
    And especially, why do the younger people come?
    They are disgusted with what this city has become.
    I'm here because they need me.
    Haggar:  Curses!  They were just deprived of their places.
    I'll definately put this city back in order!!
    Belger:  Good!  I'm glad that you are ready to fight...
    Now let's see who is better suited to be the leader!
    3.  Guy's FF1 Boss Dialogues
    Battle with Damnd
    Guy:  Where is Jessica?
    Damnd:  Hee hee hee.  Get lost!  Mad Gear controls this city!
    Guy:  Well then, I must meet force with force.
    Battle with Sodom
    Sodom victory pose:  Come on!  I'm Oni Samurai!
    Sodom to Guy:  Oh!  A real Ninja comes to challenge me at last!!
    Guy:  Are you another member of Mad Gear?!
    Sodom:  lai-Giri, Kubi-Kiri, Oni-Giri!  Samurai!  Bonzai!
    Guy:  ......
    Sodom:  I will slash you with my Nippon Katana!
    Battle with Edi. E
    Edi. E:  Your face annoys me.
    Guy:  Are you also a member of Mad Gear!?
    Edi. E:  You got a problem with a policeman being in Mad Gear?
    Guy:  You are the worst of the worst!  You dishonor us all!
    Edi. E:  You're one wild and crazy man to challenge this big boss guy 
    I'll teach you!!
    Battle with Rolento
    Rolento greeting pose:  Say it!  Who is the real leader!?
    Guy:  !?
    Rolento:  You look like a true warrior!  You should join us!
    Guy:  Mad Gear is evil.  I destroy evil.
    Rolento:  Have it your way.  The enemy must be eliminated.
    Battle with Abigail
    Abigail:  I'm tired of waiting.  Let me perform techniques!
    Guy:  I'll defeat you and rescue Jessica.
    Abigail:  Grab and throw!  Grab and throw!
    Battle with Belger
    Belger:  You have finally reached here.
    Guy:  Jessica!!
    Belger:  Mad Gear is immortal and will only expand.
    Guy:  I will end this madness here and now!
    4.  Cody's FF1 boss dialogues
    Battle with Damnd
    Damnd:  You're late, Cody!  I thought you got scared and ran away.
    Cody:  Mad Gear deserves to be destroyed for this!
    Damnd:  Shut up!  You're gonna get yours!
    Battle with Sodom
    Sodom victory pose:  Come on!  I'm Oni Samurai!
    Cody:  Where is Jessica?
    Sodom:  Iza Jinjouni Shoubu!  OK?
    Cody:  I will definately beat in your face!
    Sodom:  I feel like slicing people!  I like some Sasimi!  Feel how sharp my 
    Hocho is!
    Battle with Edi. E
    Cody:  Has a policeman become a member of Mad Gear?
    Edi. E:  This city is ours!
    Cody:  It's sad how Metro City is so completely corrupted...
    Edi. E:  Shut your mouth up!  Get ready!
    Battle with Rolento
    Rolento greeting pose:  Say it!  Who is the real leader!?
    Cody:  Where is Jessica!
    Rolento:  I will stop at nothing to achieve my goal!
    Cody:  So, I have no choice but to defeat you.
    Rolento:  Ha!  You have no chance to win!
    Battle with Abigail
    Cody:  Are you going to stand in my way?
    Abigail:  Don't put me in the same category as that Andre!
    (Tiamat note:  Getting a bit obvious with the Andre the Giant reference, 
    huh, Capcom? ^_~
    His name's supposed to be Andore, not Andre, hehe...)
    Cody:  Where is Jessica!?
    Abigail:  Hey, cool down.
    (there is a pause in Abigail's speech before he continues)
    Abigail:  She must be having a good time with Belger!
    Cody:  ...WHAT!?  I'll slice your tongue for that!!
    Battle with Belger
    Cody:  Jessica!!
    Belger:  I'm glad you've come.  You're the strongest...
    Cody:  Let Jessica go!!
    Belger:  Join with me now, and I will free this woman!
    Cody:  No!  I'll rescue Jessica and destroy Mad Gear!
    Belger:  Fine.  Then you will both suffer for your actions!
    Ending for all characters (including Alpha Guy and Alpha Cody)
    (Belger is knocked out the window and goes splat)
    (Haggar holding Jessica)
    Jessica:  Oh father!  I was so scared...
    Haggar:  I'm so glad to see they didn't hurt you.  I'm so sorry, Jessica.  I 
    I'd lost you like I lost your mother.  I'll never let anything bad happen to 
    you again.
    Jessica:  I love you father.
    (Credits roll as Guy and Cody are walking back through the level.  Finally, 
    catches up to them.  Guy stops and turns to face her but Cody keeps walking)
    Jessica:  Cody!
    (Guy jumps in front of Cody, who still hasn't turned around, and punches and 
    him down so Jessica can catch up.  Guy then jumps away)
    Jessica:  Where are you going?  How can you just walk away now?
    Cody:  I want to stay here with you Jessica, but I can't... not while evil 
    still stalks
    the streets.
    Jessica:  Oh Cody...
    (Jessica kisses Cody as "END" appears in the lower right corner)
    Alpha Guy's FF1 Boss Dialogues
    Battle with Damnd
    Guy:  Where am I now...
    Damnd:  Hee hee hee.  Get lost!  Mad Gear controls this city!
    Guy:  Umm?  This is all too familiar...
    Damnd: Less chat, more chop!
    Battle with Sodom
    Sodom victory pose:  Come on!  I'm Oni Samurai!
    Guy:  It's you again...  That means I am in... Metro City in 1989!
    Guy:  Why am I in 1989...Oh...I see!  I'm here to rescue Jessica!!
    Sodom:  Come on!  I will kiru you!!
    Battle with Edi. E
    Guy:  Hmm...I knew that you would be next.
    Edi. E:  Only a fool would stand against the Mad Gear!
    Guy:  Give up now.  You cannot win.
    Edi. E:  Ha!  You gotta be joking boy!
    Guy:  You are wasting my time and your life... It is just so obvious.
    Edi. E:  You're a funny man!  I will shoot you!
    Battle with Rolento
    Rolento greeting pose:  Say it!  Who is the real leader!?
    Guy:  I can't understand the reason for my being here...
    Rolento:  You must respect your superior!
    Guy:  Am I here because there are things that I should learn from the past?
    Rolento:  Adjust your attitude...
    Guy:  There is no other option but to go forward...
    Battle with Abigail
    Guy:  I wonder if Cody has come here as well.
    Abigail:  You are too late!  I'm tired of waiting.
    Guy:  I hope Cody gets himself together here.
    Abigail:  I heard you don't pay attention to others, but I didn't expect 
    this!  You'll pay
    for ignoring me!
    Battle with Belger
    Guy:  As I thought, Jessica is here.
    Belger:  Who are you?  You are not listed...
    Guy:  Maybe... I'm not the same person I was back then.
    (pause in Guy's speech)
    Guy:  I'm wearing new shoes!
    Belger:  .....
    (pause in Belger's speech)
    Belger:  Anyway, I'm not going to let you live.
    Alpha Cody's FF1 Boss Dialogues  (SA3 Cody in Jail Clothes fighting through 
    Final Fight, hehehe)
    Battle with Damnd
    Cody:  I know this place.
    Damnd:  Who are you?
    Cody:  You are...Damnd!!  What the heck is happening here?  Why am I here!!
    Damnd:  Huh!  Did you come alone?  What a fool you are!
    Cody:  Well, I've stopped faking hero thing...  But I can always kick butt!  
    C'mon punk!
    Battle with Sodom
    Sodom victory pose:  Come on!  I'm Oni Samurai!!
    Cody:  Whew.  A Japanse wanna-be, this time?
    Sodom:  YES!  I am the Oni Musha.
    Cody:  Um...let me think...you look very familiar, too.
    Sodom:  You are Cody.  Let's have a fight for pride!  Get ready!
    Cody:  Huh?  You know my name?  Wait, you are...
    Sodom:  Come on!
    Battle with Edi. E
    Edi. E:  Huh?  An escaped convict!  You are under arrest!
    Cody:  C'mon!  How can you claim to be part of the law!?
    Edi. E:  Your timing couldn't be better for my career boy!  C'mon, kid!
    Cody:  You need a gun to be the big boss guy don't you?
    Edi. E:  You arrogant fool!
    Battle with Rolento
    Rolento greeting pose:  Say it!  Who is the real leader!?
    Cody:  Um.  It's strange.  I don't remember this way.
    Rolento:  I'll send you back to prison!  If you try to resist me, I'll 
    charge you for treason!
    Cody:  Oh yes, I took a shortcut, after beating the policeman.  I walked 
    along the coast...
    Rolento:  Listen to me!
    Cody:  That is a good memory.  Although, it is different...
    Battle with Abigail
    Cody:  Oh, yes!  This way!  I remember having stayed in front of a dog...
    Abigail:  You are too late.  Punch me!  Go for it!  I'll show you my rage!
    Cody:  Yeah, I know.  You turn red and make a mad dash, right?
    Abigail:  Ughgh!
    Cody:  Do you still stick to using only one attack pattern?
    Abigail:  Ugaaaah!  You arrogant fool!
    Cody:  C'mon!  I'm in a good mood today and ready for you!
    Battle with Belger
    Cody:  Well how nice.  What a perfect ending.
    Belger:  Hey!  What?!  YOU?!  Cody?!  Is that you?!
    Cody:  Oh!  Belger.  I'm glad to see you again.
    Belger:  What?!  You look like you've found your true calling boy!
    Cody:  I'm going to enjoy this!  My fists are ready to kick butt!  I can't 
    wait anymore!
    Belger:  Why don't you work for me?
    Cody:  Shut up and fight!  I can't be what you want despite how I look...
    C'mon, let's do this!  Fight me!
    Final Fight One copyright Capcom.  This FAQ written by Tiamat at 
    but feel free to use it yourself for whatever purposes since it's basically 
    just a
    transcription of dialogue you can find in the game, anyway.
    End of FAQ

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