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    CO FAQ by Uiru

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     Advance Wars: Critical Character Comparison guide (v. 3.0)
     by Uiru (uiru@cephiro.com)
     Created 10/31/01
     The purpose of this guide is to clarify the vauge differences 
    between the individual Commanding Officers' (CO's) abilities. For 
    example, Sami has the best infantry, Grit is the master marksman and 
    Kanbei is good at everything. How do they stack up? Sami and Kanbei's
    soldiers are actually the same strength, and Kanbei's long-range 
    attacks are superior to Grit's. However, then you get into the 
    details, like how Grit's CO Power cranks his shooter units far 
    past anything Kanbei could ever hope to accomplish. If you have not 
    gone through the Campaign Mode at least once, I suggest you do so 
    before reading, as there are many game and story spoilers ahead.
     Table of Contents:
     1. Updates <- updated :*
     2. General Information
     i. Hiring COs <- updated
     ii. Activating CO Powers <- updated
     iii. Terrain Defence
     iv. Hire Sturm VS Campaign Sturm
     v. Money 
     vi. The Final Battle! <- new
     3. Commanding Officers
     i. Andy
     ii. Max 
     iii. Sami
     iv. Olaf
     v. Grit
     vi. Kanbei
     vii. Sonja
     viii. Eagle
     ix. Drake
     x. Sturm
     xi. Nell
     4. Unit Information
     i. Soldier class
     ii. Direct class
     iii. Long class
     iv. Movement/Vision/Attack Range list
     v. Weather Effects
     5. Other Information 
     i. Health and Damage <- updated
     ii. Damage Formula <- new
     iii. Damage Chart
     iv. Gold Menu Options <- new
     v. Personal Records <- new
     vi. How to Do Stuff <- new
     Calculating Damage <- removed
     6. Credits, legal
     ~1. Updates~
     NOTE: The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at 
    gamefaqs.com. Please make sure you're reading the current version 
    before you EMail me. EMails regarding things that are answered in the
    latest version will be ignored. 
    Apr. 9, 2002- Added lots of stuff, including the first version of the
                  Advance Wars Damage Formula. Fixed info on units taking
                  damage as their health falls. 
      Message ->  I do believe that just about every topic that doesn't 
                  relate to actual gameplay (and even some that do) has 
                  been covered. Is there anything short of a Campaign/War
                  Room walkthrough guide I should research? EMail me if 
                  you have any suggestions. (No, I'm not doing 
                  walkthrough guides. :p)
        Spam ->   Check out my Design Maps FAQ at GameFAQs! :)
    Apr. 6, 2002- Fixed Kanbei's CO Power limit.
    Apr. 4, 2002- Bothered to upload FAQ. :p Put in a tiny bit on weather
                  effects and fuel consumption. 
    Mar. 22, 2002- Yet more data on CO Power Bars. Transport class 
                   absorbed by Direct class (see Max).
    Mar. 16, 2002- Put in much more data on charging CO Power bars. 
                   Fixed the Money section.
    Mar. 14, 2002- Nell added. More information on charging CO Power 
                   bars added. Small section on money added. Added a bit
                   to the Legal section.
    Dec. 13, 2001- Eagle and Sturm added. Unit information added. Guide 
                   'cleaned up', some sections rearranged. 
    Dec. 8, 2001- Been a while. Changes have been made to unit class
                  rankings. A 'Battle Chart' has been added, as well
                  as information about determining the damage done while
                  considering a number of different variables. 
    Nov. 4, 2001- Fixed descriptions of Tsunami and Double Time. Begun
                  adding defencive stats. Added information on HP and
                  effects of weather on movement range.
    Nov. 1, 2001- Added a few tidbits on Drake. Begun game again; will 
                  have Eagle shortly.
    Oct. 31, 2001- Began guide. Gathered a ton of information while 
                   shelling out candy. 
     ~2. General Information~
     There are a few things you should know about how Advance Wars 
    operates before we get into the CO's.
     First of all, all units can be classified into one of three classes- 
    Soldier, Direct, or Long. By land, by air or by sea, everything falls
    into these comprehensive categories. Soldier class contains Infantry 
    and Mech. Direct is anything that can attack immediately after 
    moving; Tanks, Cruisers, Fighters, etc. Long is anything that has an 
    attack range. Battleships, Missiles, and Artillery are all Long 
     Each character has a certain ranking in these three areas. All of 
    Max's Long units, for example, are weak, while all of his Direct 
    units are extremely strong. Though the game gives the impression 
    that it only affects tanks, Max's superior strength affects his Subs 
    and Bombers and everything else just as much as his Mid Tanks. This 
    is because they are all Direct. To keep things simple, the rankings 
    will be given as percentages, with Andy's ratings being 100%. Sami's 
    Soldiers are 120%, meaning they'll do 20% more damage than Andy's 
    corresponding Soldiers will do. Meanwhile, her Direct units are 
    90%. They'll only do 90% of the damage Andy's units can do. This 
    will allow you to easily compare the differing abilities of the 
    CO's. However, the CO's CO Power Bonuses are based off their own 
    rankings. Max's +24% is a 24% increase on 150%, for 186% the damage
    Andy's tanks could do.
     Unit attributes is another issue. Though several CO's units all move
    the same way, there are a few differences. Drake's ships can all move
    one space farther than all other CO's ships. Grit's Long class units 
    can shoot an extra space. These differences will be noted with the 
    characters and the general list will be included at the end of this 
     ~i. Hiring COs~
     It seems you can hire Kanbei simply by finishing Campaign Mode. 
    Drake or Eagle can be hired by using Andy or Sami (respectively) for 
    the four Green Earth missions. Getting Grit is as simple as using Max
    on Mission 4. Sturm appears after purchasing everyone else (you don't
    need to go through Campaign Mode again just for him).
     (Thanks to robtracy@mediaone.net for this intel.)
     Meanwhile, Sonja can only be hired if you unlock her secret missions 
    during Campaign Mode. You have to finish Kanbei's missions on time to
    do it; you don't have to A rank them as earlier reported. Beat the 
    first in 8 days, the second in 10 and the third in 12 and you should 
    be whisked off to the cutie's testing ground.
     (Thanks to 'me budday' Fergo for the dates.) 
     Lastly, you can hire Nell by finishing Advance Campaign. You DO NOT 
    need to S-rank it and you DO NOT need to do any War Room missions 
    first. Just beat Advance Campaign and buy her for 80 coins. (I forgot
    to take note of how much the other COs cost, but they range from 50 
    to 100.) You need Sturm to buy her. 
     ~ii. Activating CO Powers~
     Your CO Power can only be used when your CO Power Bar completely 
    fills. There are two ways to fill it; take damage and dish it out. 
    Taking damage fills it four times faster than dealing it. 
     What determines the rate of charge is the cost of the unit being 
    destroyed. Sonja, for example, has to lose $300 000 worth of HP 
    before her CO Power Bar fills. However, she has to destroy four times
    that amount, or $1 200 000, to fill it up.
     An example. Sonja loses ten full health Mechs to a sneak AA Gun 
    attack. 10 Mechs * 10 HP * 3000 per = $300 000. Enhanced Vision time.
    However, in the next battle, she can destroy 10 Mechs belonging to 
    her opponent, but her bar will only fill by 25%. 40 Mechs * 10 HP * 
    3000 per = $1 200 000. 
     This, of course, assumes that the Mechs are destroyed in one hit. 
    Counterattacks are calculated just like regular attacks. 
    Interestingly enough, Grit's Fighters do 4 HP damage to Max's 
    Fighters, which do 4 HP back. The two will fully charge their CO 
    Power Bars at exactly the same time. Let's do some math.
     It takes a loss of 15 HP worth of Fighter to charge a bar that 
    requires $300 000. Three of Grit's Fighters take 4 HP each from Max's
    Fighters, and both CO Powers are ready. So, that's $240 000 accounted
    for simply by counterattack. Now, the damage done is 4 HP to three of
    Max's Fighters. Damage done is 1/4 as effective as damage taken, so 
    that's $240 000 / 4, which, conveniently enough, is $60 000. $240 000
    + $60 000 = $300 000; the limit of Max and Grit (and others). 
     However, keep in mind that it actually isn't the loss of the unit 
    that counts; it's the loss of the HP. Olaf can fill his bar by losing
    10 full health Mechs, but losing 100 1 HP Mechs achieves the same 
     Once your CO Power is activated, it resets to zero. The following 
    effects occur: Attack and Defence of the CO's units rises by 10% 
    unless otherwise stated in the CO's bio. Units that gain special 
    advantages flash; all units begin to glow. The CO Power Bar also 
    stops responding to unit loss. These effects last from the turn it 
    was used to the beginning of that player's next turn. (In short, 
    damaging a glowing unit will not charge the CO's Bar.) For maximum
    effeciency, CO Powers are best used at the beginning of your turn, 
    with the exception of Eagle.
     The following will NOT cause your CO Power Bar to charge:
     1. Units carrying other units. If Kanbei loses a Lander that was 
    carrying two Mid Tanks, his bar will only register the loss of the 
     2. Drake's Tsunami and Sturm's Meteor Strike will not charge bars.
     3. Units sinking or crashing have no effect on the CO Power Bar.
     4. Glowing units cannot charge a bar; whether by blowing things up 
    or being blown up themselves. Other CO's units can charge bars at 
    their expense, however.
     After using your CO Power, the requirement to fill it up again rises
    by 20%. Andy can use Hyper Repair after losing five Artillery, but he 
    has to lose six to use it again.
     The monetary limits are as follows:
     Sami: $250 000
     Andy, Max, Olaf, Grit, Sonja, Nell: $300 000
     Drake: $400 000
     Kanbei, Eagle, Sturm: $500 000 (Kanbei uses his own prices)
     Thanks to kikutaro for pointing out 'Kanbei's Error'. :D
     ~iii. Terrain Defence~
     This guide frequently makes reference to 'Defence levels' or 
    'ratings'. A particular unit's defence at any particular time is 
    determined by two things; the terrain its standing on and the CO it 
    belongs to. Terrain, as you should have noticed by now, ranges from 
    zero to four stars in the game. Shoals and roads have none, forests 
    have two, mountains four, etc. Each star means the unit takes 10% 
    less damage than it normally would.
     Examples are good. Assume that a regular, full health Infantry unit
    is standing on the road, which has no stars (and thus, no defence 
    bonus) and a regular, full health Mid Tank comes up and blows the 
    snot out of it. 105%. (Beaches and bridges also offer no defencive 
    bonuses.) If that same Infantry unit had been standing on a plain, 
    it would have taken 94% damage instead (and stand a fair chance of 
    surviving the attack, albeit just barely). Plains and reefs have one 
    star. Forests have two stars. Infantry 'only' take 84% damage here. 
    Cities and bases have three, so it'd take 73% from that mean old Mid
    Tank. And lastly, Headquarters and mountains have four stars, so 
    here, the unit would take 63% damage. 
     Another example is Mid Tanks. The progression from no stars to 
    four stars when attacking a regular Mid Tank with a regular Mid 
    Tank is: 55%, 49%, 44%, 38%, 33%. (By 'regular' I mean 'not Max, 
    not Kanbei, but Andy VS Andy'. Andy is always used as the 'other' 
    guy when testing units.) 
     Occasionally in this guide, you will see reference to 'automatic 
    defence levels'. Max has a -1 defence level on all his Indirect 
    units, so attacking one of his Rockets in a forest is just like 
    attacking one of Andy's Rockets on a plain. One or two defence 
    levels either way equals one or two stars that you don't see in
    the game, but they do count when determining damage.
     ~iv. Hire Sturm VS Campaign Sturm~
     While Sturm is available to be played in VS matches, his abilities 
    are staggeringly different. The Campaign Mode Sturm does 8 damage 
    with Meteor Strike, and has +20% Offence and -20% Defence- the 
    reverse of Hire Sturm. Could Hire Sturm be a modified clone of the 
    real Sturm? Or is Campaign Sturm the clone?
     ~v. Money~
     You need money to buy new units. On maps without bases, money is 
    useless to you. You can get money by capturing properties. You get 
    $1000 per day for each property you own, including your HQ, cities, 
    and all production facilities. 
     I hadn't researched this section properly; special thanks to 
    fireyoshi@mail2world.com for beating me with the club of 
    understanding. As it turns out, the cost per HP recovered while 
    standing on a property is 1/10th the unit's price. I had used 
    Infantry, which is how I had arrived at 100 bucks per HP. Mechs would
    cost 300 per, which means each damaged Mech you have could run you 
    600 bucks to heal. In addition, joining two damaged units that would 
    result in a HP of more than 10 actually makes you money. If you join 
    two Bombers that had 6 HP each, you get 2 HP's worth of money put 
    into your account- 4400. I never would have noticed that. ^_^;;
     ~vi. The Final Battle!~
     The Final Battle! is, well, the final battle against Sturm. Your CO 
    is always Andy; however, any two COs other than Sonja, Nell, and 
    Sturm will team up and be yours to command. You're going to need 
    their help; Sturm has a huge initial force and a massive resource 
     Your teammates in The Final Battle! are determined by your actions 
    in Campaign Mode. Thanks to MegaSlime for this intel.
     The left side will always be Blue Moon forces, and will be Olaf, 
    Grit or Max. The right side will be Green Earth forces unless it is 
    Kanbei, who will be Yellow Comet. Sami, Eagle and Drake appear here 
    as well.
     Most players will wind up with Grit or Max on the left side; 
    choosing Max for the mission 'Max Strikes!' will give you Grit and 
    choosing Andy will give you Max. However, if you win the 'Olaf's 
    Navy!' mission by route (destroy all units) Olaf will appear instead. 
     The right side is determined by a few things. If you use Sami for 
    the four Green Earth missions, Eagle will appear no matter what. You 
    will also have to take part in the Andy VS Eagle mission 'Rivals!' 
    after The Final Battle!. Kanbei will appear if you make it to Sonja's
    testing ground. Drake will appear if you DON'T make it to Sonja but 
    DO use Andy for the four Green Earth missions. If you don't achieve 
    any of these goals, you will get Sami. 
     Andy: Maybe it's just me, but Andy does more running away than 
    fighting until his teammates push Sturm into the mountains. This is 
    going to make S-ranking TFB! NC very difficult. ;_;
     Max: Can you do simple math? What do you get when you add a +50% AT 
    bonus to a -20% DF cut? Max is probably one of the best teammates to 
    have in this mission. His Tanks are cheap and move well, so fill up 
    on them.
     Sami: At first glance, Sami may seem a little underpowered, but 
    remember that her own +20% AT bonus on her Mechs is often enough to 
    wipe out Sturm's paper units in one shot. Although she isn't much for
    points, Sami has the damn near foolproof plan of Mech Flood, which 
    will quickly give her a massive force and a huge bank balance to 
    match. Let her troops march all the way into the mountains before 
    moving west; this will draw Sturm's attention and give Andy an easier
    time. Later in the mission, whip up some Fighters and Bombers to back
    up her troops.
     Olaf: I have yet to use Olaf in TFB!, but his hated CO Power is 
    theoretically very useful here. Sturm's 1 movement cost over 
    everything is ruined only by snow, which only Olaf can deliver. 
    However, it will slow down his allies as well. Since Olaf will always
    be second, try to get Andy and your third member set up beforehand, 
    preferably with Rockets.
     Grit: I often wind up with Grit, and it's taken a few tries to 
    figure out how to use him. Trying to force Rockets up onto the road 
    under the mountains is futile; Sturm's Tanks and B. Copters will get 
    them if Meteor Strike doesn't. A much better plan is to send 
    Artillery around behind Andy; this will back the lamer up and give 
    him some breathing room. Don't be afraid to get direct with Grit! 
    His Attack penalty is rendered null by Sturm's Defence chop, and AA 
    guns are greatly preferred to the awkward Missiles to deal with 
    annoying B. Copters.
     Eagle: Lightning Strike Mid Tanks. 
     Drake: Drake is probably the most underrated team member for TFB! 
    (other than Olaf, but Olaf deserves it). People tend to bemoan his 
    lack of ports; what they forget is that Drake's ships are no stronger
    than other ships. They are merely stronger defencively, which would 
    be rendered null by Sturm's offencive bonus. What Drake DOES have is 
    a solid offencive and defencive capability, and a CO Power that is 
    much more subtle than, but just as useful as anyone else's. Sturm 
    has literally dozens of units- that's dozens of HP taken out of 
    Sturm's hide with Tsunami. Sturm will then lose plenty of bling bling
    trying to repair units, and may even retreat them, allowing you to 
    push upward. Troops on the field will be weakened, giving Andy and 
    co. a greater chance of critically injuring them next turn. And it'll
    make Sturm's 2-day capture of new property a 3-day, giving Drake's 
    allies more time to stop him.
     Kanbei: Kanbei has a nice Offencive bonus to tear Sturm a new one 
    with, and also has the highest Defence of the COs. However, his cost 
    is quite prohibitive since he has so few resources. Max is far better
    as far as cost, strength, CO Power Bar charge speed, and movement 
    range go. I would rather any of the other three if I had Max on my 
    left, but Kanbei is a good CO to pair up with Grit. 
     S-ranking The Final Battle! is, naturally, very difficult. 
    Interestingly enough, it's harder to do in regular Campaign Mode than
    Advance Campain. In the latter, all you have to do is win on time. In
    regular Campaign, only Andy counts towards your score, so Andy has to
    do all the killing while his partners weaken units and protect him. 
     ~3. Commanding Officers~
     ~i. Andy~
     Orange Star CO
     Soldier Strengh: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Hyper Repair"
     Hyper Repair restores two HP to every unit under Andy's command. 
    Note that the units' HP will not rise above ten. Hyper Repair is one 
    of the more useful powers, as it not only increases the longetivity 
    of Andy's units, but indirectly increases their power as well, as 
    higher HP means more damage done.
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: Andy has no real cons.
     CONS: He's a dork and I hate the sight of him.
     ~ii. Max~
     Orange Star CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 150%
     Long Strength: 90%
     CO POWER: "Max Force"
     Max Force greatly increases the power of Max's Direct units, and 
    gives them an extra movement space. This includes his Transports.
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +24%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: Max is a brute and his Direct units can usually blow away 
    everything in their path, even without benefit of Max Force. Get that
    on the go and let the tanks roll where they will.
     CONS: Max's Long units leave much to be desired. Not only are they 
    weak, but their range is shorter than all other Long units. His 
    Artillery is pretty much useless as it can only attack units that 
    are exactly two spaces away. They also have an automatic defence
    rating of -1.
     ATTRIBUTE DATA: Max's Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, and Battleships
    all have -1 on the outer value of their range. All of Max's Direct 
    units gain +1 movement during Max Force.
     ~iii. Sami~
     Orange Star CO
     Soldier Strength: 120%
     Direct Strength: 90%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Double Time"
     Double Time gives Sami's Soldier units a movement cost of 1 over any
    kind of terrain (except Sea) and in any kind of weather, and also 
    increases their movement range by 1. Their strength is also 
     Soldier Bonus: +28%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: On top of being cute, Sami's Infantry and Mech units capture 
    bases 50% faster than any other CO's. Sami is the only CO who can 
    capture a property in two turns with less than perfect Health. They
    are also tough defencively; they take 10% less damage than usual. Her 
    transport units can move an extra space as well. 
     CONS: Sami's Direct unit strength is a little poor. 
     ATTRIBUTE DATA: Sami's APC, Lander and Transport Copter units can 
    move an extra space. Her Infantry and Mech can move another space 
    under Double Time. Her Cruisers are not affected, even though they
    can carry helicopters. 
     ~iv. Olaf~
     Blue Moon CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Blizzard"
     Olaf makes it snow for a turn. This is not a popular ability; it's 
    really only useful for slowing your opponents down for one turn. It 
    will also hinder any of Olaf's teammates in VS or War Room battles.
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: Olaf is not affected by snow, which increases the movement 
    cost for all other units by 1. It doesn't sound like much, but 
    several units, especially those on treads and tires, will be 
    practically immobilized by snow. And like Andy, he doesn't have any 
    offencive weaknesses.
     CONS: Olaf is affected by rain moreso than the other CO's. However, 
    rain only affects his Infantry (not Mechs), ships, and planes. 
    Everything else is slowed down only as much as everyone else is 
    slowed down. I also find his music to be especially annoying. 
     ~v. Grit~
     Blue Moon CO
     Soldier Strength: 80%
     Direct Strength: 80%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Snipe Attack"
     Snipe Attack increases the power and range of his Long class units 
    to disgusting levels. 
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +64%
     PROS: Grit's longrange units have an extended range. When his CO 
    Power gets going, anything within range of his cannons is going down.
    He also looks like an armed Newfoundland fisherman- he gets major
    points for that.
     CONS: Grit requires his CO Power to be truly effective. Both his 
    soldiers and his direct offencives are among the weakest in the game.
     ATTRIBUTE DATA: Grit's Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, and Battleships
    have an extra attack space. They gain two more spaces during Snipe 
     ~vi. Kanbei~
     Yellow Comet CO
     Soldier Strength: 120%
     Direct Strength: 120%
     Long Strength: 120%
     CO POWER: "Morale Boost"
     Morale Boost is like Max Force, only it works for everything. Does 
    this guy have a flaw?!
     Soldier Bonus: +17%
     Direct Bonus: +17%
     Long Strength: +17%
     PROS: Great at everything. Morale Boost gives every single one of 
    his troops yet another boost. Kanbei is also quite strong 
    defencively; assume that his units start with a defence rating of 
     CONS: Interestingly enough, his units are 20% stronger than normal 
    units, and they cost 20% more as well. Infantry go for 1200, Mechs 
    for 3600, etc. This can get pricey. Cost for restoring HP is 20%
    higher as well. 
     ~vii. Sonja~
     Yellow Comet CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Enhanced Vision"
     All of Sonja's units can see farther in Fog of War. Units hidden in
    forests and reefs can be seen. 
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: *swoon* I love Sonja! She's cute, sweet, smart, shy, a bit of 
    a nerd, and deadly lethal. What more do you want? Sonja has the 
    interesting ability to keep her units' HP hidden from her opponents 
    at all times. Though you can count the number of units remaining 
    during the animations (which I usually have turned off) you'll still 
    be left guessing. The HP of a unit can be extremely important, as a 
    Mech can finish off an Anti-Aircraft Gun, but if it's at high health,
    the Mech will be slaughtered. Her units also have larger vision 
    ranges. And her music is so elegant and refined!
     CONS: Sonja suffers from chronic bad luck. What this means is that 
    although Sonja's attack ratings are equal with those of Andy and Olaf
    and the like, they will usually do less damage than the game says. 
    There are some cases where 103% isn't enough to finish off an 
    Infantry, for example. A good rule of thumb is to always round down, 
    and playing to the worst-case scenario means knocking 10% off the 
    value the game gives you. Sonja's CO Power and abilities are also 
    100% useless on maps without Fog of War. All it can do for you is 
    the very slight attack bonuses. 
     ATTRIBUTE DATA: Every single one of Sonja's units has +1 vision 
    range. It is increased by 2 more with Enhanced Vision. 
     ~viii. Eagle~
     Green Earth CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Lightning Strike"
     This is evil. All of Eagle's non-Soldier class units that have 
    moved, attacked, or been ordered to Wait can move again. This 
    includes units that have just been produced in factories. 
     Soldier Bonus: -20%
     Direct Bonus: -20%
     Long Bonus: -20%
     PROS: Eagle's aircraft are 15% stronger than normal aircraft, and 
    they consume much less fuel than normal. His Fighters and Bombers 
    use 3 units a day instead of 5 and his helicopters don't use any 
    (they normally use 2). They also have an automatic defence rating 
    of one star.
     CONS: Eagle's ships do 20% less damage. During the turn after 
    Lightning Strike, Eagle's units take 30% more damage than usual.
     ~ix. Drake~
     Green Earth CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Tsunami"
     All enemy units take 1 HP damage, but will not destroy units 
    already at 1 HP. In Fog of War, Tsunami will show you the location 
    of everything on the map, although your units will still need intel 
    to be able to fire on them.
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Bonus: +10%
     Long Bonus: +10%
     PROS: Not affected at all by rain, which happens frequently when 
    Drake is around. Also not affected any worse than any other CO in the
    snow. His ships can move farther than your average CO's, and have an 
    automatic defence rating of two stars.
     CONS: Drake's planes are 20% weaker than normal planes. To look at 
    it another way, assume that the enemy unit has two defence rating 
    stars when using his planes. You're probably better off keeping to the
     ATTRIBUTE DATA: Battleships, Cruisers, Landers and Submarines all 
    have +1 movement range. 
     ~x. Sturm~
     Black Hole CO
     Soldier Strength: 80%
     Direct Strength: 80%
     Long Strength: 80%
     CO POWER: "Meteor Strike"
     All units in a 5x5 cross lose 4 HP. Meteor Strike cannot be aimed 
    and will damage Sturm's own units. It seems to go after the highest 
    concentration of enemy forces, seeking to do the most damage it can. 
    Meteor Strike will not destroy units.
     Soldier Bonus: +12%
     Direct Bonus: +12%
     Long Bonus: +12%
     PROS: All units always have movement ranges of 1 over any kind of 
    terrain (that it could traverse in the first place- we aren't talking
    Gold Chocobo style Mid Tanks running up mountains here). Is not 
    affected at all by rain, but is slowed down by snow just like other 
    COs. Every one of his units has an automatic defence rating of two; 
    just like Kanbei's.
     CONS: VS Sturm requires much more strategy to be effective than 
    Campaign Mode Sturm would have. You cannot aim Meteor Strike, 
    meaning your opponent could try to divert it with a block of useless 
    Infantry just like you do in Campaign Mode. You cannot use Sturm in 
    War Room.
     xi. Nell
     Orange Star CO
     Soldier Strength: 100%
     Direct Strength: 100%
     Long Strength: 100%
     CO POWER: "Lucky Star"
     Lucky Star increases the luck of her units. Attacking units will 
    occasionally do heavy damage. Defending units are not believed to be 
     Soldier Bonus: +10%
     Direct Strength: +10%
     Long Strength: +10%
     PROS: Nell is well-rounded. :) She has no offencive or defencive 
    weaknesses. Her innate luck is pretty much exactly opposite Sonja's 
    luck- her units will almost always do rounded up damage, and 
    occasionally do 10% or 15% more. Unlike Sturm, you can use her in War
     CONS: Nell is like a much hotter version of Andy, in that she 
    doesn't excel at anything. Her CO Power doesn't bestow god-like 
    offencive ability on her units; it's mainly chance that dictates 
    whether 27% takes off 8 HP. This sort of thing is not common. Nell is
    more of a showpiece than a powerhouse.
     ~3. Unit Information~
     This is the data on each of the 18 unit types in the game.
     Cost: How much the unit costs to deploy.
     Unit Type: Vehicles, Planes, Helicopters, Submarines, etc.
     Traverses: Where it moves.
     Movement Type: What it moves on. Tires, Treads, etc.
     Movement Range: How many spaces it can move in one turn.
     Vision Range: How far it can see in Fog of War.
     Attack Range: For indirects only. How far the unit can shoot.
     Fuel: The maximum capacity of fuel the unit holds.
     Main Weapon: The main weapon. All main weapons have limited rounds.
     Sub Weapon: Sub Weapons are limitless.
     Description: A short description.
     ~i. Soldier Class~
     Cost: 1000
     Unit Type: Inf
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Inf
     Movement Range: 3
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 99 
     [Fuel (well, rations in this case) is consumed at a rate of one unit
    per space. Land-based units do not use fuel when they aren't moving.]
     Main Weapon: None
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: Cheap but almost useless in battle. Enough of them 
    could stop a Transport Copter or an indirect-attack unit, but their 
    only real purpose in life is to capture the HQ and divert Mid Tank 
     Cost: 3000
     Unit Type: Inf
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Mch
     Movement Range: 2
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 70
     Main Weapon: Bazooka (3 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: Effective against most land-based units. Can also 
    capture bases, but works best with an APC.
     ~ii. Direct Class~
     Cost: 16000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Trd
     Movement Range: 5
     Vision Range: 1
     Fuel: 50
     Main Weapon: Cannon (8 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: The strongest land-based unit. Mid Tanks can take a 
    ton of damage and keep dishing it out. Their only real concern is 
    indirect fire.
     Cost: 7000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Trd
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 3
     Fuel: 70
     Main Weapon: Cannon (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: Cheaper and easier to move around than the Mid Tank, 
    but not as powerful. Still tough against bullets.
     Cost: 4000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Tyr
     Movement Range: 8
     Vision Range: 5
     Fuel: 80
     Main Weapon: None
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: Very weak. Good only for recon during Fog of War, and 
    for attacking indirect fire units. They do a fair amount of damage 
    and have the ability to slip in under their attack ranges (most of 
    the time). 
     Cost: 5000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Trd
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 1
     Fuel: 70
     Description: APCs do not engage other units. Instead, they are used 
    supportively. Their applications are threefold: one, they draw enemy 
    fire like you wouldn't believe. Two, they transport Soldier class 
    units to the HQ easily, and help take the heat off them by drawing 
    fire and blocking the way. Three, they have an endless supply of 
    fuel and ammo- any unit located next to an APC will get its fuel and 
    ammo reloaded. Interestingly enough, an APC cannot refill its own 
    fuel supply. Other APCs will top it up, however.
     AA GUN
     Cost: 8000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Trd
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 60
     Main Weapon: Vulcan (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: AA Guns do heavy damage against Soldier and Long class 
    units, as well as aircraft. However, their weapons are just about 
    useless on tanks. 
     Cost: 20000
     Unit Type: Plane
     Traverses: Air
     Movement Type: Air
     Movement Range: 9
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 99 
     [In addition to using one unit of fuel per space moved, Fighters 
    and Bombers use 5 per turn, even if they stay still. All other air 
    and ocean units use two per turn.]
     Main Weapon: Missiles (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: Used to eliminate other air units. They're quite good 
    at this, but once the air units are gone, their only use is as 
     Cost: 22000
     Unit Type: Plane
     Traverses: Air
     Movement Type: Air
     Movement Range: 7
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 99
     Main Weapon: Bombs (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: Bombers are like Mid Tanks in that they annihilate 
    pretty much anything that gets in their way. The only thing that 
    can stop them from the ground is AA guns and Missile units, and 
    neither of these can take a shot from a healthy Bomber. Helpless
    against Fighters, though.
     Cost: 9000
     Unit Type: Cptr
     Traverses: Air
     Movement Type: Air
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 3
     Fuel: 99
     Main Weapon: Missiles (6 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: Machine Gun
     Description: While not lethal against anything in particular, 
    Battle Copters can attack any unit type other than Planes, are 
    tough against machine gun bullets and aren't as expensive as 
    some other units. 
     Cost: 5000
     Unit Type: Cptr
     Traverses: Air
     Movement Type: Air
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 2
     Fuel: 99
     Description: A transport-only unit, like the APC. Can carry one 
    Soldier class unit.
     Cost: 18000
     Unit Type: Ship
     Traverses: Ocean
     Movement Type: Shp
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 3
     Fuel: 99
     Main Weapon: Missiles
     Sub Weapon: AA Machine Gun
     Description: A modified Machine Gun allows Cruiser units to destroy 
    Copter units, as well as damage Planes. Crusiers can only fire on 
    Submarines, but they are the only units other than Subs that can 
    fire on them while they are submerged. Cruisers can also carry two 
    Copter type units.
     Cost: 12000
     Unit Type: Ship
     Traverses: Ocean
     Movement Type: Trn
     Movement Range: 6
     Vision Range: 1
     Fuel: 99
     Description: A transport. Can carry two of any land-based unit. 
     Cost: 20000
     Unit Type: Sub
     Traverses: Ocean
     Movement Type: Shp
     Movement Range: 5
     Vision Range: 5
     Fuel: 60 
     [Subs use 5 units of fuel while submerged. They can't dive or rise 
    on the same turn that they attack. If a sub is underwater when 
    another sub tries to join with it, both will rise.]
     Main Weapon: Torpedoes
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: Can only fire on Ships and Subs, but their large 
    vision range and ability to hide underwater make them useful and 
    difficult to eliminate. 
     ~iii. Long Class~
     Cost: 6000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Trd
     Movement Range: 5
     Vision Range: 1
     Attack Range: 2-3
     Fuel: 50
     Main Weapon: Cannon (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: While not as powerful as Rockets and with less range, 
    Artillery are easier to move and cheaper to produce.
     Cost: 15000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Tyr
     Movement Range: 5
     Vision Range: 1
     Attack Range: 3-5
     Fuel: 50
     Main Weapon: Cannon (6 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: Rockets do much more damage to naval units than 
    Artillery can. They are tough to move off road.
     Cost: 12000
     Unit Type: Veh
     Traverses: Land
     Movement Type: Tyr
     Movement Range: 4
     Vision Range: 5
     Attack Range: 3-5
     Fuel: 50
     Main Weapon: Missiles (6 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: Will severely weaken or destroy all air units, 
    however, they can't fire on anything else. Their Vision Range is 
    unusually high for a Long class unit.
     Cost: 28000
     Unit Type: Ship
     Traverses: Ocean
     Movement Type: Shp
     Movement Range: 5
     Vision Range: 2
     Attack Range: 2-6
     Fuel: 99
     Main Weapon: Cannon (9 rounds)
     Sub Weapon: None
     Description: The most powerful Long range unit is also the most 
    expensive, however, its worth it. It boasts good movement, the 
    largest attack range in the game, and the maximum alloted fuel 
    supply. As a ship, it is also very difficult to deal with sans Subs 
    or Bombers. It can fire on Land or Ocean units, and anything it hits 
    won't be happy about it.
     ~iv. Movement Ranges, Vision Ranges, Attack Ranges~
     For reference, here is the basic data for all types of units in the 
    game. Refer to the CO Data to see if there are any differences.
     Name / Movement / Vision / Attack
     Infantry:  3   2
     Mech:      2   2
     Mid Tank:  5   1
     Tank:      6   3
     Recon:     8   5
     APC:       6   1
     Artil'ry:  5   1  (2-3)
     Rockets:   5   1  (3-5)
     Anti-Air:  6   2
     Missiles:  4   5  (3-5)
     Fighter:   9   2
     Bomber:    7   2
     B Copter:  6   3
     T Copter:  6   2
     Btl.ship:  5   2  (2-6)
     Cruiser:   6   3
     Lander:    6   1
     Sub:       5   5
     ~v. Weather Effects~
     These are the movement ranges over all terrain types, and how 
    weather affects them. For each column, the first number is Clear,
    the second Rain and the third Snow. Remember that with increased 
    movement cost comes increased fuel consumption. 
     Terrain / Clear / Rain / Snow
          Inf Mch Tyr Trd Trn Shp Air
    Sea    -   -   -   -  112 112 112
    Reef   -   -   -   -  222 222 112
    River 222 111  -   -   -   -  112
    Mt.   224 112  -   -   -   -  112
    Road  111 111 111 111  -   -  112
    Brdg  111 111 111 111  -   -  112
    Plain 112 111 233 122  -   -  112
    Wood  112 111 344 233  -   -  112
    Airport, Base, City, Headquarters
          111 111 111 111  -   -  111
    Shoal 111 111 111 111 111  -  112
    Port  111 111 111 111 112 112 112
     ~4. Other Information~
     ~i. Health and Damage~
     Up until now, all the percentages quoted in this guide have assumed 
    that the attacker is at full HP. But what happens if a unit is 
    damaged when it goes up against something? Interestingly enough, the 
    damage done falls in 10% increments as your HP goes down just as the 
    damage you do falls by 10% as the defence rating goes up. 
     On roads, a full health Mid Tank will do 55% damage to another Mid 
    Tank. At 8 HP, it will do 44%. 4 HP, 22%. 2 HP, 11%. See the 
    pattern? The damage done drops by 5.5% for each HP lost, which is 
    10% of the original damage. But keep in mind that the remaining HP 
    will have a factor in how much damage your unit takes back. If you 
    use a full health Mid Tank to knock a full health Mid Tank to 4 HP, 
    it'll do 4 HP's worth of damage back- 22%. The attacker always goes 
    first, so if it can destroy its target entirely, it'll get off scot 
     This is why it's always a good idea to attack from the best defence 
    point possible. If you can run a Mech up a mountain to fire on a 
    Tank, the Mech will take much less damage than it would on the 
    ground. The Tank will take the same amount of damage no matter what, 
    but your Mech will be in much better shape. 
     ~ii. Damage Formula~
     Older versions of this FAQ stated that a damaged unit will take the 
    same damage no matter what its HP was. This is only partially 
    correct; as I ran the trials on roads, that had a 0 defence rating. 
    On anything with a defence rating, damage creeps up by small amounts 
    with each HP lost. Special thanks to ahdok@hotmail.com for bringing
    this to my attention (as well as everyone else who's written in).
     I have come up with a tentative formula for this occurance. The way 
    this game does rounding is very strange; thus it may not be perfect, 
    but it will always be within just a few % of the actual value (if not
    dead on; it usually works).
     The formula is: 
     D = [(I * B / D) * (A * .1)] - R[(C * .1) - (C * .01 * H)] [%]
     D = Damage done
     I = Initial damage (Battle Chart number)
     B = Attacker's CO Strength modifier (Sami's 120% Mechs, Eagle's 
     115% Bombers)
     D = Defender's CO Defence modifier (Max's 90% Artillery, Drake's 
     120% Battleships)
     A = Health of attacker (a unit at 3 HP would use 3)
     H = HP lost by defender (a unit at 3 HP would use 7)
     R = Defence rating
     C = Real damage [(I * B / D) * (A * .1)]
     If it looks complicated, remember... it is. If you wanted to 
    actually USE this formula, you'd have to take advantage of the Battle
    Chart in my FAQ and use the CO's Strength and Defence ratings to get 
    the Real damage.
     The defence rating used is based only on the stars shown in the 
    game. 'Automatic defence levels' are already accounted for in the 
    Real damage value. Kanbei's Mech on a Mountain is multiplied by 4 
    just like anyone else's Mech on a Mountain.
     Full math Max VS Kanbei example:
     Max's Mid Tank at 4 HP attacks Kanbei's Rocket at 8 HP. The Rocket 
    is parked on a Port.
     D = [(I * B / D) * (A * .1)] - R[(C * .1) - (C * .01 * H)]
     D = [(105 * 150 / 120) * (4 * .1)] - 3[(C * .1) - (C * .01 * 2)]
     D = (131.25 * .4) - 3[(52.5 * .1) - (52.5 * .01 * 2)
     D = (52.5) - 3(5.25 - 1.05)
     D = 52.5 - 3(4.2)
     D = 52.5 - 12.6
     D = 39.9 (game value = 38%)
     Andy VS Andy examples (try out the formula for yourself):
     An Infantry takes 95% damage from a Rocket on a road. If an Infantry
    was at 6 HP on an Airport (def 3), however, it would take 78.5%. (The
    actual game number would be 77%; this is due to rounding error.)
     Another Infantry takes 110% damage from a Bomber on a road (def 0). 
    On a field (def 1) at 9 HP, however, it instead takes 100%.
     A Battleship takes 75% from a Bomber in clear ocean (def 0). At 4 HP 
    in a reef (def 1), however, it takes 72%.
     A Recon on a shoal (def 0) takes 55% from a B. Copter. In a forest 
    (def 2) at 2 HP, it takes 52%.
     A Mech on a shoal (def 0) takes 75% from a B. Copter. In a mountain 
    (def 4), it takes 45%. At 6 HP on the mountain, it takes 57%.
     ~iii. Damage Chart~
     This will give you an idea of how much damage your units will do. It
    was done Andy VS Andy and on roads (no Defence Terrian bonus). 
    Remember that all damages are relative- as you can see, Andy's Mid
    Tank does 105% to an Infantry. Max's Mid Tank would do 150% that 
    value, or 157%. Grit's Mid Tank would do 80%- 84%. You get the idea.
    INFT  55%  45%   1%   5%  12%  14%  15%  25%   5%
    MECH  65%  55%  15%  55%  85%  75%  70%  85%  65%
    MTNK 105%  95%  55%  85% 105% 105% 105% 105% 105%
    TANK  75%  70%  15%  55%  85%  75%  70%  85%  65%
    RCON  70%  65%   1%   6%  35%  45%  45%  55%   4%
    APC*   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    ARTL  90%  85%  45%  70%  80%  70%  75%  80%  75% 
    ROKT  95%  90%  55%  80%  90%  80%  80%  85%  85%
    AAGN 105% 105%  10%  25%  60%  50%  50%  55%  45%
    MISL   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    FIGT   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    BMBR 110% 110%  95% 105% 105% 105% 105% 105%  95%
    BCPR  75%  75%  25%  55%  55%  60%  65%  65%  25%
    TCPR   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    BSHP  95%  90%  55%  80%  90%  80%  80%  85%  85%
    CRSR   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    LNDR   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    SUBM   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    INFT  25%   X    X    7%  30%   X    X    X    X
    MECH  85%   X    X    9%  35%   X    X    X    X
    MTNK 105%   X    X   12%  45%  10%  55%  35%  10%
    TANK  85%   X    X   10%  40%   1%   5%  10%   1%
    RCON  28%   X    X   10%  40%   X    X    X    X
    APC*   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    ARTL  80%   X    X    X    X   40%  65%  55%  60% 
    RCKT  90%   X    X    X    X   55%  85%  60%  85%
    AAGN  55%  65%  75% 120% 120%   X    X    X    X
    MISL   X  100% 100% 120% 120%   X    X    X    X
    FIGT   X   55% 100% 100% 100%   X    X    X    X
    BMBR 105%   X    X    X    X   75%  85%  95%  95%
    BCPR  65%   X    X   65%  95%  25%  55%  25%  25%
    TCPR   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    BSHP  90%   X    X    X    X   50%  95%  95%  95%
    CRSR   X   55%  65% 115% 115%   X    X    X   90%
    LNDR   X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
    SUBM   X    X    X    X    X   55%  25%  95%  55%
     ~iv. Gold Menu Options~
     After satesfying certain criteria, your menu options may begin to 
    glow golden. This doesn't really do anything; it's just for show. 
     To make Campaign glow, you must finish Advance Campaign.
     To make Field Training glow, you must earn 14 A ranks.
     To make Records (under Stats) glow, you must finish War Room.
     I've heard from various sources that you can make other options glow
    by completing the following:
     Make Battle Maps glow by buying everything.
     Make Rank (and possibly Stats) glow by getting a perfect Campaign 
     Make War Room glow by getting 20 S-ranks.
     I'll check them out and update this list accordingly.
     ~v. How to Do Stuff~
     Wipe memory clean: Press Right, Select and L as you power on.
     Change name: You can only change your name by wiping the memory.
     Access Campaign Mode (and others): Complete Field Training. You can 
    skip it by completing the Fog of War mission; however, if it's your 
    first time playing you really should do all of them. Of course, you
    also shouldn't be reading this FAQ, since you've just had the whole
    thing spoiled. :p
     Access Advance Campaign: Finish Regular Campaign; buy it from Battle
    Maps. Hold Select as you select New Campaign to play it.
     ~vi. Personal Records~
     This is just how 'well' I'm doing. :) This'll be updated every now 
    and then when I have something significant to add. It won't 
    contribute to the version # as it isn't that important.
     Rank 34: Jade Bull
     Campaign Score: S 951 (whew)
     Advance Campaign Score: B 776
     Field Training: 14 As
     Battle Maps: All COs, all maps but Royal Channel
     War Room: 
     Spann Island VS Olaf: Max S 985 11 days
     Moji Island VS Grit: Max B 837 19 days
     Duo Falls VS Kanbei: Max B 840 18 days
     Sole Harbor VS Drake: Drake B 688 33 days
     Pivot Isle VS Eagle: Max B 842 21 days
     Land's End VS Olaf: Max A 902 19 days
     Kita Straight VS Drake: Max S 954 27 days 
       (Yup, first try. Couldn't tell you how to save my life.)
     Point Stormy VS Olaf: Max A 921 20 days
     Ridge Island VS Grit: Sami B 699 21 days
       (Mech Flood is the only way I could finish this ^_^;)
     Mial's Hope VS Eagle: Max B 771 24 days
     Bounty River VS Sonja: Drake B 800 41 days
     Toil Ferry VS Grit: Max B 750 29 days
     Twin Isle VS Kanbei: Grit B 681 34 days
     Dire Range VS Eagle: Max C 598 31 days
       (This stage introduced the concept of E-rank. :p)
     Egg Islands VS Drake: Max C 562 46 days
     Terra Maw VS Sonja: Drake C 464 57 days
     Stamp Islands VS Kanbei & Olaf: Sami B 668 32 days
     Rivers Four VS Max & Grit: Sami B 705 33 days
       (Let's hear it for Mech Flood!)
     Ring Islands VS Sonja & Drake: Max B 705 40 days
     Last Mission VS Eagle & Sami: Sami A 855 28 days
       (You can beat Sami in 5-6 days if you do it right.)
     Average Score: B 761
     Total Score: 15227/19980 (76.2%)
     ~5. Credits/Legal~
     Advance Wars is owned by Nintendo. You know that. I know that. They 
    know that. This is a waste of space. This guide, on the other hand, 
    is copyright 2001-2002 Uindamu Uiru. Touch it and you will be fed to 
    a thousand angry Dunsparce.
     All data in this guide has been collected by myself (with the sole 
    exception of, well, everything with a credit). You may not steal it; 
    if you must steal it, at least provide me with your home address so 
    that I may hunt you down and break your knees. 
     This guide may be posted on your site only if it is 100% unaltered, 
    and if proper credit is given to me (Uiru, uiru@cephiro.com). I would
    appreciate being informed first. Once you have permission to host 
    this guide, you may take updates from gamefaqs.com (you don't have to
    bug me for newer versions). It will be your responsibility to keep 
    your version current. 

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