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The best $30 bucks I've spent in a while...10/02/01$DBH$
One of the best turn-based strategy games for any system07/31/02Arkhaine
It's a handheld war!!10/08/01Bomook
One of the best GBA games01/19/10buruburu1
A Gamer's Gold-Mine01/27/02Cortez1313
Addictive strategy game03/10/02Dane
A great game, make sure you have friends to play with you...10/21/01DarkCobra
Move out on all fronts!07/11/12Desulated
What warlocked for gbc tried to do, Advance wars accomplished.10/28/01Fireace
Best game on GBA09/16/01GhostFalcon
What a way to advance the life of your GBA!12/15/03Gruel
WOW, WOW and WOW!09/22/01harvestmoogle
Why did this series take so long to come to North America?12/14/15horror_spooky
Lots and lots of batteries....yes...02/21/02KasketDarkfyre
Buy the game. Now.09/30/01Lord Flamingo
War Advanced!02/17/02MarioKartDriver
GREAT!!! War game!!!!09/14/01monopoman
A great strategy game every GBA owner should have!06/14/02Mr Spooty
“Practically a Whole War in your pocket!”09/12/01Nivrae
A great game just missing a few aspects.09/25/01Omnear
Secures Gameboy Advance's Placement on the Must Buy list!09/21/01PContaminator
If you can buy only one GBA game, make this it!09/22/01Phange
One Word: Addictive.09/15/01PirateNipple
Strategy is no longer a scarcity for handhelds04/06/02proach_
Not too advanced if you ask me ...10/31/01PUhler
Am I on the front lines?09/15/01RPG_Pro
Advance Wars -- Just One More Turn, PLEASE!08/05/16spiceworm
Soooooo much replay value!, just great to play with friends!10/07/01VVoltz
A Handheld Mission10/07/01Zylo

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