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    Special Moves List by OTACON120

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    1/22/2010 - v FINAL

    Updating all of my FAQs to fit the new format, as well as make a few minor tweaks to mature the writing of the FAQs. Seeing as this guide has been in its final form for over 7 years, I've removed all other entries in this update log.

    Racket Air

    Left, Down + R

    BS Rocket Tailslide

    Up, Down + A

    One Foot Smith

    Right, Down + A

    FS 540

    Right, Left + R

    Triple Kickflip

    Up, Left + L

    Hang Ten

    Right, Up + A

    Ghetto Bird

    Down, Up + L

    Spidey Grind

    Left, Right + A

    Christ Air

    Left, Right + R

    Kick Flip 1 Foot Tail

    Left, Down + L

    One Foot Bluntside

    Left, Up + A

    The 900

    Right, Down + R


    Up, Down + R

    BS Overturn

    Down, Left + A

    Pizza Guy

    Down, Left + R

    Indy Frontflip

    Down, Up + R


    Right, Down + A

    Finger Flip Airwalk

    Left, Right + R

    One Foot Japan

    Up, Right + R

    The Big Hitter

    Left, Down + A

    Triple Heelflip

    Up, Right + L

    Hardflip Late Flip

    Up, Down +L

    Nosegrab Tailslide

    Up, Down + A

    Mute Backflip

    Up, Down + R

    Half Flip Casper

    Right, Left + L

    BS Hurricane

    Down, Right + A

    Nollieflip Underflip

    Down, Left + L

    Heelflip Darkslide

    Right, Left + A

    BS Hurricane

    Down, Right + A

    Half Flip Casper

    Right, Left + L

    Double Hardflip

    Right, Down + L

    Rowley Darkslide

    Left, Right + A

    Indy Backflip

    Up, Down + R

    Hospital Flip

    Left, Right + L

    Madonna Tailside

    Up, Left + A

    Laser Flip

    Down, Right + L

    Kickflip 1 Foot Tail

    Left, Down + L

    Beni F-flip Crooks

    Down, Up + A

    Unlock Spider Man

    Enter the following cheat at the main menu or in-game pause screen to unlock Spider Man:

    While holding R, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

    Spidey Flip

    Up, Down + R

    Spidey Grind

    Left, Right + A

    Spidey Varial

    Left, Right + L

    Unlock Mindy

    Get 100% on everything (including all money, gold medals, and full stats) for EVERY skater.

    Teargas Slide

    Left, Right + A

    386 Backflip

    Up, Down + R

    Rubber Bullet Flip

    Down, Left + L



    Told me about my mishap with Bucky Lasek's moves

    Aaron Bugg


    Sent in moves for Geoff Rowley and Chad Muska


    Sent in the moves for Geoff Rowley and Chad Muska


    Let me know about a few spelling errors


    Let me know that I had an incorrect move for Geoff Rowley

    Eric Orbeta II


    Let me know about Mindy, and her specials

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