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"Skateboard gaming on the go!"

Tony Hawk 2 is one the first GBA games released,namely because it was shipped nearly two weeks before the US launch.Since I have an import GBA I get to enjoy this highly anticipated title before the launch,I will now tell you what I think of this title.

GamePlay:Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 ventures to do what no other portable skating title has tried to do,namely replicating the same experience you get from the console version of the same name.There are some changes however,such as the exclusion of the create-a-skater and skate park modes,the latter probably couldn't have been done due to hardware limitations,but I really have to wonder if it was possible the replicate the create skater mode,also the multi-player was removed I must add.Otherwise this game plays nearly identical to the console versions,''nearly''. There is some change to the placement of items,and some minor changes to the look and design of the levels,but I feel the change is kind of good for people like me who have played Tony Hawk 2 to death by now,because the changes make the game feel kind of fresh.

Graphics:Outstanding!,this game tries its best to look like the console versions,and what do you know?,it succeeds!
This isn't really 3D however,like I said in my GameFaqs
GBA Advance GTA review it looks 3D but it isn't.What the developers did was take a hi-res bitmap of the console levels,which it technically a flat picture,then the simply fix it in a overhead view and add the skaters and the games physics in.Another cool thing about the games graphics is the skaters are made of polygons,with no compromise in the trick animations.The catch is the skaters are flat shaded meaning pretty much no detail,just flat colored polys,but thanks to the small size of the GBA's screen you wont notice that the skaters have no detail.

Sound:Once again top notch,the developers enlisted help from their pals at Shin'en for the music work,and since obviously the music tracks from the console versions had to be thrown out Shin'en put together a wonderful music score for this game that truly defines ''Skater music''.

Control:The one fault of this game is that it takes a little while to get a hang of the controls since the GBA only has four action buttons,(A,B,and the shoulder buttons)
but honestly it only took me about 1/2 hour to get a hang of the basic controls,and only about a day to get a hang of most of the advanced controls.

Replay Value:This is Tony Hawk we are talking about,so expect many,many hours of enjoyment from this game.

Verdict?:This game is the ''must have'' of the US launch,so do yourself a favor and pick up this awesome title.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/06/01, Updated 06/06/01

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