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"A true showcase of the systems power"

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 where both ome of the funnest games ever made on a counsle system. Ever since this game was anounced for game boy advance I wanted to get it. Even thought the game by color versions where really bad i was sure this one whould be much better and I was right.

Story- Na

There is no story but you can make up a story if you need one to play a game.

Sound- 10 of 10- No one expects the game boy advanceto play real liscenced rock music. So they went and did the next best thing. They produced there own wordless rock beats.These are perfect for the mood of the game. They are the kind of music you excpet from a skateboarding game.Not a good as on the psx or dc but as perfect as it can be.

Graphics- 10 of 10- I whould score this higher if I chould. The graphics are amazing. They capture the perfect look and feel of the psx and dc versions. True 3D is impossible on GBA so the grapics are from a low or head position not that far from what you might see on the x games at some points. Some parts of the game looks even better like this. Also I really like how objecs become invisible when you go behind them so your characer dosent get stuck

Gameplay 10 of 10- If you havent played this game on a counsle you really should. This game on gameboy is basicaly a slightly simplified version of those versions. you can do all of the tricks in the game including all of the grinds and vert trick and of course the manual. The gameplay in this serries is tbe best ever for a skateboarding game. The GBA version is no different.

Replay- Depends - What I mean by depends is it totaly depends how much you played THPS2 before. Also This game has no multiplayer or level maker like the versions on counsles. So replay truly depends on how each player enjoys competing against his own score and trying to better his own score.

Rent/Buy/Burn - buy - This is one of the best launch games and the biggest shower of the power of the GBA. You should buy it unless you hated THPS 2 Or hated the one player mode of it.

Overall 9.8 of 10 rounded up to 10 of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/18/01, Updated 06/18/01

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