"If you own the DC or PSX version there is just no reason to buy this."

A couple of weeks ago I went to EB after hearing about a trade in deal for GBA games(4 Gb or GBC games for 1 GBA game)EB only had THPS 2 in and I thought it would meet the hype(BAD move on my part)so I traded my four games for it. It was fun at first(Even if the controlls were a bit touchy)
but unlike the counsel versions got boring rather quickly. I played it untill I beat it with Geoff Rowley and have not played it since.(Note:For the scores I am just guessing on the never played factor)

Gameplay:*Own counsel version*7 *Never palyed*Estimate:9

If you already own the game on another system it is fun for the first time through but after that you may never play it again. However if you have never(or barely)played THPS 2 I'm sure you will find the game to be a blast.

Graphics: 10

Wow.That's the only word that came to my mind when I saw the first screen shot.(I'm still wondering why they did away with the ''Holy Shat'' gap) The characters are a bit blurry looking and do not have faces but they move smoothly not to mention the fact that they are in full 3D(sprites,but still).The crowning glory are the level's. The Hanger look's fresh from the DC bottle(Sorry!I've been playing Super Maio Advance a bit much) Graphics alone however do not make a game good you know.

Sound: 6

Some of the sound effects are from the counsel version's but the music is new. The GBA could not hsve handled the original song's(obviously)but the new sound track isn't bad...not for the first time through anyway... after that you will start thinking ''Wasn't this song just on?'' It's unbelivable how simaler most of the music track's sound! The only one liked was track 7.

Story: ?

It's a skatboard game. You skate do tricks and earn points. Why would you need a story?

Challenge: *Own* 7 *Inexperianced*Estimate: 9

Easy at times yet frusterating at others. The new perspective takes some getting used to and the shadows (above where the items are supposed to be) are not the most accurate things in the world. Oh well. The challenge all depends on if you have played the original or not.

Replay : *Own* 4 *Inexperianced* Estimate: 9

If you already own the counsel version once you have played
through the game it is basically over. I'm guessing however people new to the game will be able to enjoy it for an extended amount of time.

All in all(I've got to stop saying that) if you own the counsel version don't even bother renting this version. The gaming industries hyped it to be like a DC version with a different perspective and less levels but it is nowhere near that. First timers should rent this game first to see if they like it.BTW this review was somewhat rushed.Thank you and good night.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/18/01, Updated 06/18/01

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