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"Just dont expect any thing revolutionary...."

Tony Hawk Pro Skater was golden on the Playstation, N64, and Dreamcast, but its just silver on the GBA. If you expect this game to be as revolutionary as its older brothers, then your probably going to be dissapointed, just like how I was.

Graphics - 10
This game is definantly shows what the GBA can handle, and its just a first generation game. The game flows fluid all the time, even more than the 32-128 bit versions. The game NEVER gets slows down, never. And whenever you do a special move, the screen even zooms in on you so you can see every frame of the move. Its even nearly as identical as the other Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. The levels stay true to its brothers, but most of the hazards have been removed. Like in New York you'll no longer see any taxi's, but for most people they've been annoying more than helpful. There are still hazards on other levels though.

Sound/Muisc - 7
The music will get monotonous really fast, and you'll soon grow sick of the sound whenever you fall, and believe me you'll be doing alot of that. The game has 10 tracks, just likes its ancesters, so thats a plus.

Gameplay - 7
This is where things to start to fall down. I would have given the gameplay a 9 or 10 if there was anything new. The only thing thats different from this version is that you get to have 1 new course. A WHOLE NEW COURSE! Im pretty sure all Tony Hawk Pro Skater veterans will get pretty sick of the courses really fast, because we've seen it all before. Its the same moves, same people, same courses, same everthing. Well actually this game only has 6 courses, and 1 secret one which is the new one. The some of the gaps are really hard to do because its hard to tell the space between on object to another. And some of the objectives can get frustrating like in the Playstation version at first, but we all have learned to live with that.

Replay Value - 8
If you like this game, you might actually be playing this game for a while, just to unlock Spider Man. From what I hear, the only way to get him other than cheating is to beat the game 100% with each charector and get of the gaps, which will take eternity. But most gamers (like me) just dont have that much patience.

Overall - 8
If your a Tony Hawk fan, then this game should be a worthy cartridge to your Game Boy collection. If not, then you might just want to rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/29/01, Updated 06/29/01

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