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Reviewed: 07/03/01 | Updated: 07/16/01

A MUST get, one of the best GBA games so far!

Tony Hawk was one of the most popular games on all the systems it was on, especialy Playstation and when Tony Hawk 2 was even better. Now it has Activison have made a compact version for GBA. Tony Hawk for GBA is the best game out for the GBA so far.

The game is great but of course it has a few drawback being on the GBA. Since the GBA is not that powerful it has limited the game to a fixed camera view making the game a bit difficult due to the perspective. Also the controls take a bit getting used to other than that the gameplay is great. Other than that the gameplay is perfect, it has six courses and one secret course, plus over 12 characters.

WOW! The graphics look almost exact to the Playstation version. The FPS is perfect, no slow downs whatsoever. Like I mentioned above the fixed camera is also a but of problem and the skaters a less detailed when playing. The perfect detail when doing a trick is amazing

Amazing, very clear audio. And with headphones its even better. But even without them the sound is great with the the now louder GBA speaker. It one of the best audio, only second to Krazy Racers because Krazy Racer's audio has word in it. The game has quite a few songs on it so you went get bored. And the sound effects are great, you hear the grinding, falling, all of it!

It has pretty good control. After you get used to the control you will be busting 900s with Tony Hawk, blindfolded. The reason you need to get used to the control is the fixed camera. It makes some of the perspctive in the game weird, since the game is not really 3-D, it's more like 2.7-D. Also if you are new to the Tony Hawk games a must have feature to turn on is Kid Mode(It is in the options). It makes it alot simpler to do tricks in the air and land them

This is where the game goes bad. After you beat the game there is nothing much to do besides try to get 100% with your skater or all of them! Complete all the gaps and maybe unlock a few secrets. Otherwise you will get bored quick after you beat it.

This game is a must to buy if you are a skating fan or if you enjoyed the Tony Hawk on other systems. It is one of the best GBA games.
But if you are non skater fan then I would suggest a rent first before you toss out $40. But I doubt this game disappoint you.

The bottom line: BUY this game, even if you are not a skating fan it will make on out of you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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