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I got this game the day it was released in America (which was well before the Game Boy Advance came out so I was waiting a long time to play it.) I was expecting just a rip-off of the PlayStation version, but I was wrong...

Gameplay-This game has great controls for a handheld game! You can turn in every direction (compared to Game Boy games with only 4 or 8 directions) and your little skater starts to move the second your finger touches the control pad. The only criticism I can give is the isometric (above and to and angle of your character) view of the skater. It can be annoying at first because it is hard to explore the large parks if you cannot see far in front of yourself. You will adapt to this quickly though because it becomes second nature after an hour or two. Another good aspect of the game is that your character will skate behind many objects such as buildings and ramps. Those objects will become transparent while you are behind them so that you never lose sight of your character.

Difficulty-You will be able to fly through this game in a day of two, but there is much to do after all the courses have been unlocked. The is a lengthy list of gaps that need to be executed, maxing out every character’s stats, beating old high scores, and unlocking a secret course.

Story-Not much of anything here. You just go through the tracks while completing different goals for money. It is more logical than THPS for N64 and PlayStation where you collect tapes to earn things however.

Sound-The music could be better. The soundtrack from the console versions should have been brought to the Game Boy Advance, but was not (maybe not enough room on cart rage). The new soundtrack is ok and is filled with hip-hop, techno beats. The sfx sounds are first rate. The wheels on the board sound just as good as on the PlayStation game and the sound even changes if you skate on pavement, grass, or oil. The skaters moan as they fall and they fall accordingly to how the landscape of their crash is (i.e. ramp, hill, or flat pavement).

Replay Value-This game has better replay value than any other game I have played in a long, long time. I have owned it for over a month and am still playing it more than anything (even THPS 2 for PlayStation). One thing it could use was the two-player mode that was on the old games. However, even on GameFAQs, the boards have many score contests that you can enter, so there never is not a reason to go for a few more runs and rack up as many points as possible.

Buy or Rent-Buy, buy, buy! Everyone will like this game. Renting it will only add five bucks to the 40 you will spend buying it after it is returned.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/16/01, Updated 07/16/01

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