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Reviewed: 07/30/01 | Updated: 07/30/01

Arrest me! I'm a skateboarder!

All I can say is that this is an AWESOME Game Boy Advance game! And today, i'm gonna prove it. People mix up Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for the Game Boy Advance with the Nintendo64 and Playstation because of it's blinded graphics! Now let's get on to the review.

Graphics 9.6/10: The graphics, like I said, are so impressive, people mix the game up with Nintendo64 and Playstation Tony Hawk when they see pictures of the games, than they read the magic sentence: For the Game Boy Advance! The characters have a lot of detail on them, and when their doing tricks too, when they fall blood flies out (okay, not too realistic but still).

Replay Value 6.8/10: This is were it starts to drop a little. The Replay Value isn't all that great, once you play it through, the next time will be a little more boring, than after you play through the boring game, you play it again and it gets even more boring. When you don't play it for a year and you pick it back up though, you'll be glad you didn't sell it.

Difficulty 9.5/10: I, myself, still haven't beat the game. It is incredible, a challenge, and i'm still working on it. There is still much challenges to do even after you beat the game, like beating the game with all the characters and getting all the decks as all of them, full status, and all the tricks. Than compete for the biggest combo.

Sound 9.7/10: The music and sound effects are both amazing. The sound of grinding, the sound of bloodshed when falling, the sound of board movements, the sound of wall rides, it's all amazing. I have no idea how they get the sound effects like that, than the music is being punk rock, you'll love the music, trust me.

Controls 9.9/10: The reason I gave this such a good score is because I have no idea how Activision made the controls! When me and my friend were scrolling through a Game Boy Advance magazine, we saw Tony Hawk, we saw some tricks that you could do and it was a pretty long list. We were wondering in hell how you could do those tricks with 4 buttons. A, B, R, and L. We eventually found out...

Overall Score 9.2: The Replay Value brung it down a little, but hey, the score is still good isn't it?

Don't Buy, Rent, or Buy: I'd really recommend you to buy this game. Lot's of people love this game, and I'm sure you will too. If your still not sure however, take a chance at renting it. The beginning of the game isn't that good, so later in the game, when you get better status, get more better at the game, you'll like the game. Trust me.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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