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"Full potential of the GBA"

Well, well, well! When I bought my GBA, the first game I rented was THPS2, I played it and went: ''uuhhhh'' in disbelief! This game has almost-unlimited replayability, super graphics, a lot of characters (including secret ones 2 actually), good music (not superb, but oh well). Now I own it and am very happy, I've finished the game, well not all of it cuz I don't have the final secret character, but I go on free skate and explore for new gaps (described later) so I can get the final character, or I could use cheats but that sucks, soooo On with the review!

Graphics : 10/10
Holy... Hrm. sorry, it's just the graphics, there so awesome! It's between N64 and SNES it's not as bad like the SNES (not that the SNES graphics are that bad) but it's not as good as the N64, when you choose you're character you can pivot him/her to look at him/her at every angle, the skate even changes color depending which one you chose. In a nutshell, the graphics are the best on GBA, C:COTM doesn't compare, it's a great game but the graphics are not that hot, let's stick with reviewing THPS2.

Replayability : 10/10
Almost unlimited replayability, try getting the secret level! It takes some time. How about the first secret character! Man! one error and you're down! I had to use a cheat to have him, cuz I didn't have enuf money. Try getting the last secret character, to get him/her you need to discover all the gaps in the game, ALL of them even the ones in the secret level (I will say no secrets), I've played it since it went out and I still can't find all the Gaps! Of course when you're playing you will trash at the sound of the music!

Sound : 8/10
When I heard the sound, I said : ''huh? Is this GBA??? what happened to enhanced sound?'' Then I turned the sound to max and was more satisfied, still the sound QUALITY is just like GBA, put headphones and it's MUCH better. Still, I wished there would be lyrics in the songs of THPS2, and maybe their names at the end of the credits (I haven't seen the credits so don't flame me if the name of the songs are there) that is why the sounds have 8 instead of 10

Control : 10/10
The controls in the GBA has just what we need in THPS2 thanx to the new shoulder pads, we can do all the tricks that appear in the PSX version, from mellons to junos, From 50-50s to darkslides, get the idea, all caracters have different moves and different special moves. I was surprised that when I played with Geoff Rowley I didn't do the same moves as Tony. You can even edit the button combo for your new bought tricks, is left-up-L too complicated ? change it to up-down-L! Voilà!

Rent or Buy?
Definitely a buy, you don't buy this game, you're fired!
It's worth the hefty price tag, It's my only game on the GBA (due to money problems, you just can't get enuf money) and I keep playing it, and playing it, and...well you know.
Almost unlim...u know what? It is Unlimited replayability, since you can just perfect your moves and combos, plus full range of cheats (love cheats).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/16/01

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