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"My first GBA Game and for sure one of the best!"

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is definitely one of the most fun and addicting games I have ever played. I highly recommend this fun game. As far as the difficulty of the game is concerned, you may start off a little rocky as you start out but after a few hours, you'll be leading the way for all your friends as you skate through the parks. The control is fairly simple. The first time I tried the game out, i got the hang of it in a matter of seconds. Just your average buttons, start = pause, etc.
I give this part of the game a nice 9/10

Well the game doesn't necessarily have a story to it but it's a definite kick-butt game. It's mainly about unlocking characters and gaining points/money in career mode in order to find secret locations and buy skateboards. The game has lots of features in it including raising a character's stats and lowering it to add others. But the main idea is to unlock all the stages, beat the game with all the characters, unlock secret characters, get skateboards, and of course try and make your character the greatest skater in the park!
I give this a sweet 8/10

Ok, this part of the game is a huge feature. You know the average Gameboy/Gameboy color? Yeah the one with the little 2D graphics and the small squeaky music! Well Gameboy Advance has provided you with amazing 3D Nintendo 64 style graphics in such a small device and strong, loud (not too loud), great music. Now isn't that what everyone wants? Nintendo has definitely outdid itself in this department. Everything form the bone-cracking moves to the amazing skate scenery and surroundings, the graphics are purely...well it's so good you can't put it into words. As for the music, from the great opening music to the amazing spine-shocking music of the skating. The Audio/Video section is what surprised me the most in this game.
This is definitely getting a 9/10 (It doesn't compare to PS2)

A big, huge, yes! I usually play games once and don't bother anymore playing them again, but this game is so addicting. I've played it many many times. Even if you beat the game and tell all your friends, you'll go back on and play! It's never the same as before! If you played it one way today, tomorrow you'll be playing in another way. That's what makes this game great. Though the game has many features, it tends to become more of an average game then an exciting game and that's why I must give it a 7/10

Buy or Rent
That has to be a buy. Even though some of the upstairs departments didn't turn out to be 10/10's, the game itself is very fun, great visual effects not to mention sound affects ;), and it has so many features that'll keep you playing for a long time! So buy it now!

Overall this is an outstanding game that Gameboy Advance could bring to us today.
Overall it's an 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/26/01, Updated 10/26/01

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