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"Now you can bring Tony with you!"

After the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series debuted on Playstation, it started making it's way to the handheld world. Since GameBoy Advance isn't as capable as as Playstation in memory, graphics and audio, obviously a lot of things had to be changed. You have to expect less but that doesn't mean you'll be disappointed. THPS2 is an excellent game and it holds lots of fun for you if you're interested.

Gameplay - 10/10
There is so much freedom in THPS2. You can perform hundreds of tricks on command and go anywhere in the 3D environments the game has. If you just want to look around a level or practice some tricks, you can enter free skate mode which allows you infinite time to play a level. The controls are simple(mostly because of the GBA's lack of buttons) which makes tricks easy to perform. The game is not very hard but sometimes you need to go somewhere by pulling a difficult trick or combo of tricks which practice and patience. THPS2 offers Grabs, grinds, flips and manuals. Each skater has different moves set, but you can choose any move to be for any skater when you want. How you do it, is you buy the moves with money you earn by completing goals in career mode. You can also buy skateboard decks with your money. The only bad thing is that after playing for a while the D-pad will take it's toll on your thumb. If you don't know what I'm talking about, play this game for half an hour.

Graphics/Sound - 9/10
There are 10 ''songs'' to listen to while you play and the main menu has the same song as the Playstation version which sounds awesome for the GBA. For all the time your going to put into this game, 10 ''songs'' just doesn't cut it. They aren't even really songs, they're more like tunes. None the less, they sound good, but can get quickly repetitive. There aren't many sound effects in the game but there are grind and flip sound effects and screams when you bail. There is also the continuous noise of your wheels turning whenever you're moving. The Graphics are very detailed and the game also has some excellent textures and environments. The strange thing is the skaters don't have details on their faces and the bottoms of the skateboard decks don't look as good as they do when you preview them to choose which one you want.

Play Time/Re-playability - 9/10
When you complete all goals in all the levels with one skater, that counts as beating the game, but there is a lot more to this game than that. First of all, there are 15 skaters(2 of which are hidden) which all need to play through the game as well as buying every skateboard deck and getting every gap on the gap checklist to fully beat the game. It sounds like a lot and it is. For every skater you are actually repeating the same goals in each level(e.g. Objects are in the same locations). If this sounds boring to you, then it probably will be when you play the game. However, if you don't play your GBA much, then THPS2 won't be as boring as it would if you played your GBA as a main gaming system. If you not sure if you would like this game, then don't make it your first purchase, but it should fit perfectly into a collection of games. Beating the whole game will take a while. If you don't play much it will take months or more. If you play everyday, it could take weeks, depending on how long you play each day and if you just ''Free Skate'' or actually complete goals in Career Mode.

Final Recommendation - 9/10
Despite it's minor flaws, THPS2 is an excellent handheld game and surely makes use of the GBA's power at hand. If you're looking for something in the genre, THPS2 should be a top pick. Depending on the person, THPS2 can make an excellent game to play everyday or just casually. Either way, it's fun, looks good and is definitely a top choice of the genre

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/31/03, Updated 06/24/03

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