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    Edit Mode FAQ by Chilly McFreeze

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Pro Wrestling for Gameboy Advance
    Edit Mode Guide
    By Mason the Mutilator (supersonic_723@yahoo.com)
    Created: 8/6/01
    Last Updated: 9/2/01
    Version: 1.4 
    Copyright info: This guide ("Edit Mode Guide") is copyright 
    2001 Joe Bowgett.  This guide may be distributed freely as long as it 
    is not in anyway edited and is NOT charged for.  No profit must be made 
    from this guide.  However the only sites it may be published on are 
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and my own site 
    Update History
    10/15/01: Expanded on what the different special skills do and added the
    correct explanation of what affinity does.
    9/2/01:  Added Magician fighting style and my own Jeff Hardy edit.
    8/30/01:  Added Panther fighting style.
    8/6/01:  First version.
    Future updates: More of my edits (Raven and Test next!)
        1:  Introduction
        2:  Wrestler Models
        3:  Name Entry
        4:  Appearance
        5:  Edit Skills
        6:  Edit Abilities
        7:  Edit Moves
        8:  CPU Logic
        9:  Data Storage
        10: My Own Edits
              Jeff Hardy
    The aim of this guide is to explain the functions of the different areas
    of the games edit mode, and how you can use it to make your own 
    Choose this option to select a wrestler already in the game as the base 
    for your new wrestler.  Your wrestler will now have this model's 
    appearance, name, moves and fighting style (all of which can be edited).  
    It will not however have its skills or ability points (these things cost
    edit points and have to be assigned manually).
    This is obviously where you enter your wrestler's name.  It is laid out 
    like so:
    Short Name          Long Name
    Exchange: On/Off    Middle
    All characters must have a nickname.  If you can't think of one just put 
    a dash or something.
    Short name is the name that appears in the wrestler select screen.  
    Generally this should be the wrestlers surname.
    Long name is the other part of their name.
    Exchange.  With this option on the long name comes first.  With it off 
    the short name comes first.
    Middle is where you select the character that seperates the two names.
    For example to input the name "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan do the 
    Nickname: The Immortal
    Short Name: HOGAN     Long Name: HULK
    Exchange: On          Middle: []
    Stance:  This is where you choose your wrestlers fighting stance.  
    Choose from Strong, Technique, Wrestling, Power, Lucha, Shooting, 
    Mysterious, Koppou and Old Budo
    Size:  Wrestler's height.  Choose from S (small), M (medium) and L 
    Face:  Choose a face for you wrestler.  If you hold down B as you scroll 
    through the faces it will also select the corresponding body.  There is 
    a FAQ containing a list of who each face is available at Gamefaqs.
    Chest:  This parameter has two parts.  The first is chest size and is 
    changed by pressing A to cycle between S (small), M (medium), L (large) 
    and F (fat).  The second part is what the wrestler is wearing on his 
    chest.  Cycle through these by using the left and right arrows on the 
    Stomach/Upper Arm/Lower Arm:  Same as chest.
    Wrist:  Only has the one parameter (size can't be changed).  Use the 
    arrows to cycle through the available wristbands and gloves.
    Thigh:  Like the chest this has two parts: size and clothing.
    Knees:  The only option here is the type of knee pad (size can't be
    Ankle:  Choose your wrestlers footwear here.
    Color Set:  Here you choose the color of your wrestlers skin, hair and
    clothing.  Either choose a pre set color (press A and B to cycle through
    the available colors or define one yourself.  To do this use the arrows 
    to select a color and press A to edit the RGB values.  When you're done 
    press B to confirm
    Here is where you start to define how your wrestler fights.  Before I 
    begin to describe all the options I feel I should mention the edit 
    points.  You have 260 to spend as you please but you really shouldn't 
    spend that many - it will make your wrestler much more powerful than any
    body else in the game.  As a guideline a jobber (Funaki) should have 
    100-125 points, a midcarder (like Billy Gunn) should have 125-150 and 
    main eventers should have 150-200.  For a real special case you could go 
    up to 220 points, but you shouldn't make a habit out of it.
    Organization:  Choose which federation your wrestler fights in.
    Fight Style:  Changing this will change your wrestlers affinity for 
    different moves.  The higher the wrestlers affinity for a move the less 
    tiring that move is for that wrestler.  For instance, give a wrestler 
    the lucha style and he can do moonsaults and hurracanrana's all day long
    but powerbombs will tire him very quickly.  Give that same wrestler the
    power style and he will find the powerbombs very easy but the moonsaults
    much harder.  He can still do them, and they'll do the same damage, but 
    they'll take more out of him.
    Orthodox:  A basic, all-round wrestling affinity with no real bias to 
    any particular style.
    Technician:  Favors suplexes, submission holds and moves that target the 
    joints.  Low affinity for roughneck style puches and striking moves.
    Typical technicians are Bret Hart and Dean Malenko.
    Wrestling:  Has the hightest affinity for suplexes.  Also has a high 
    affinity for takedowns and legsweeps (eg Fireman's Carry, Russian 
    Legsweep).   Low affinity for power moves like Powerbombs and drivers.
    A typical user of this style would be Kurt Angle.
    Ground:  High affinity for submission holds and chokes.  Low affinity 
    for most standing moves (the exception being standing submission moves
    and rollups).  A shootfighting kind of style.
    Power:  High affinity for power moves like Powerbombs, Headbutts, 
    Lariats and Drivers.  Low affinity for most aerial moves, submission 
    holds etc.
    Typical power wrestlers might be the Undertaker, Albert etc.
    American:  Another basic style, not particularly biased to any type 
    of move but leans more towards technical and striking moves than the 
    orthodox style does.
    Junior:  This is a nice style, almost a hybrid Lucha/Technical style.  
    High affinity for aerial moves and technical submission holds and 
    Typical Junior style wrestlers are Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Owen
    Hart and the Dynamite Kid to give you a few examples.
    Luchadore:  High affinity for high-risk, high-flying moves and 
    elaborate pins like La Magistral and Hurracanranas.  Very low affinity 
    for power moves.
    Typical luchadores are Rey Misterio Jr., La Parka and Hayabusa.
    Heel:  Favors dirty tricks and illegal moves.  If its not strictly 
    legal, you can bet this style has a high affinity for it.  Also the 
    crowd will boo you poses and taunts.
    Mysterious:  Think Tajiri or Muta and you won't be far off.  An 
    unorthdox technical style.
    Shooter:  High affinity for punches, martial arts kicks, chokes and 
    submission holds.  Low affinity for wrestling moves and aerial attacks. 
    Fighter:  High affinity for Karate and Kick-Boxing style moves.
    Grappler:  High affinity for Jujitsu style throws and takedowns.
    Panther:  High affinity for aerial moves and martial arts strikes.
    Giant:  Think Andre the Giant.  Headbutts, punches and kicks.  Also 
    roughneck holds like Biting, Mouth Claw etc.  Has a low affinity for
    most grappling moves (even powerbombs and slams) and a very low
    affinity for aerial moves.
    Magician:  This is a strange style, it has a high affinity for 
    submission holds (particularly ground ones), roughneck holds (like 
    Biting, Mouth Claw, Fork Attack etc.) certain kicks and punches, all 
    headbutts and lowblows.  It has a very low affinity for everything else.
    I can't think of any real wrestler who this style resembles (please 
    email me if you know).
    Defensive Skill:  Decides what sort of counters your wrestler will use.
    Choices are the same as for Fight Style.
    Critical Type:  Wrestlers in this game can "Critical" their opponents.  
    This means they have either knocked them out or broken a bone, either 
    way the match is over.  This option decides what moves your wrestler 
    can critical with:
    Finisher: Cost: 0pts  Can only critical with their finisher.
    Striking: Cost: 30pts  Can only critical with striking moves.  Common
    among shoot fighters.
    Suplex:  Cost: 20pts  Can critical with most suplexes.
    Submission:  Cost: 30pts  Can critical with most submission holds.
    Power:  Cost: 20pts   Can critical with most power moves (powerbombs, 
    backbreakers etc)
    Technical:  Cost: 25pts  Can critical with certain technical moves.
    Special Skill:  These can be purchased for points (although you don't 
    have to have one, save the points for something else if you wish):
    None:  Save your points!
    Stardom:  Cost: 15pts  Gets the crowd behind you.  Do your taunt while 
    fatiqued and you get +10% offensive power.
    Quick Return: Cost: 15pts  No-sell moves Kane/Undertaker style!  (For 
    the uninitiated, this means to get straight up from an attack)
    One-Hit Reversal:  Cost: 15pts  The wrestler is good at countering.  
    Counters are more likely to critical.
    Start Dash:  Cost: 20pts  The wrestler starts strong.  While your 
    remaining strength is above 70% your special moves are more effective.
    Guts:  Cost: 20pts  Wrestler is less likely to submit.
    Strike Back:  Cost: 20pts  Wrestler gets strength back as his opponent
    becomes fatigued.  Your moves become more effective.
    One Hit Finisher:  Cost: 25pts  The wrestler has an extrememly effective
    finishing move.  The first couple of times you use you finisher, it's 
    effectiveness is increased by 150%
    Blood:  Cost: 15pts  Wrestler gets pumped at the sight of his own blood.  
    All offensive moves become more effective.
    Toughness:  Cost: 20pts  Wrestler rolls with the punches.
    Brutality:  Cost: 20pts  Wrestler gets stronger when opponent bleeds.
    Defensive Crush:  Cost: 25pts  Good counter attack.
    1Min. Killer:  Cost: 30pts  Wrestler tries to finisher match early.
    Recovery:  Decides how quickly your wrestler recovers from attacks:
    Cost:  Slow: 0pts  Medium: 10pts  Fast: 20pts
    Recovery (Bloody):  Decides how quickly your wrestler recovers from 
    attacks when he is bleeding.
    Cost:  Slow: 0pts  Medium: 5pts  Fast: 10pts
    Breathing:  Decides how long your wrestler takes to catch his breath.
    Cost:  Below: 0pts  Medium:  10pts  Fast: 20pts
    Breathing (Bloody):  Decides how long your wrestler takes to catch his
    breath when he is bleeding.
    Cost:  Below: 0pts  Medium: 5pts  Fast: 10pts
    Awareness:  Decides how hard your wrestler is to pin
    Cost:  Poor: 0pts  Medium: 10pts  Strong: 20pts
    Awareness (Bloody):  Decides how hard your wrestler is to pin when 
    Cost:  Poor: 0pts  Medium: 5pts  Strong: 10pts
    Body Part Strength:  Each body part has a corresponding strength.  This
    decides how much endurance it has (not how physically strong it is- a 
    common misconception).
    Cost:  Low: 0pts  Medium:  2pts  Strong: 5pts
    Movement Speed: How fast your wrestler moves across the ring.
    Cost:  Slow: 0pts  Medium-Slow: 2pts  Medium: 6pts  Medium-Fast: 14pts
    Fast: 24pts
    Ascent Speed:  Decides if you wrestler climbs the turnbuckles like Rob 
    Van Dam or more like Rikishi!
    Cost:  Slow: 0pts  Medium-Slow: 2pts  Medium: 4pts  Medium-Fast: 6pts 
    Fast: 8pts
    Ascent Skill:  Either you wrestler can't climb, can climb or can climb 
    while running
    Cost:  Can't Ascend: 0pts  Can Ascend: 4pts  Can Run Up: 12pts
    Outside Return Count:  Decides how long a cpu-controlled wrestler will 
    stay outside before returning to the ring
    Touchwork:  Decides how long a cpu-controlled wrestler will wait before 
    interupting a submission hold or pin attempt during a tag match.
    Theme Music:  Select a theme you like for you wrestler.
    Quite simply rate your wrestler on a scale of 1-10 for each category.  
    Each increase of 1 will cost you 1pt.
    Here's where you assign your wrestler his moves.  Simply pick a 
    situation and button combination and choose a move from the list.
    You may notice some moves have "S" next to them and one will have "F" 
    next to it.  These are your special moves and your finisher.  To toggle 
    a move between normal, special and finisher use the L button.  You can 
    have 1 finisher and up to 4 special moves (for instance The Rock might 
    have The People's Elbow as his finisher with the Rock Bottom, Spine 
    Buster, Running DDT and Sharpshooter as his special moves).  If you 
    change your finisher you will be asked to name it (the name shows up on 
    the wrestler select screen, and if it is a submission move, or one that 
    ends in a pin it will show up on the match result screen if you use it 
    for the win).
    This is an advanced section for those of you who like your wrestlers to 
    be as accurate as possible.  Basically there is a whole list of 
    situations and you have to say how likely the wrestler is to use each 
    move in that situation.  You do this by assigning each move a 
    percentage, and naturally all the moves in any one situation must add up 
    to 100%.
    This is where you save your edited wrestler, delete old wrestlers you 
    don't want anymore or load up other wrestlers for editing.  While you're 
    here look how many save spots there are: 73!  (77 if you have the 
    Japanese version).
    Here are some of my own edits as examples of what you can do in this 
    Nickname: 2Xtreme
    Short Name: Hardy    Long Name: Jeff
    Exchange: On         Middle: []
    Stance: Power
    Size: S
    Face: 109
    Chest: S Classic-T
    Stomach: S T-Shirt & Jeans
    Upper Arm: S T-Shirts
    Lower Arms: S Neo Kaiser Suit
    Wrist: Hand Cover
    Thigh: S Jeans
    Ankle: Wrestling Shoes
    Skin: 0
    Costume 1: (0,14,0) (0,22,0) (0,30,0)
    Costume 2: 1
    Costume 3: 0
    Kneepad: 0
    Shoes 1: 0
    Shoes 2: (2,2,2) (5,5,5) (8,8,8) (20,20,20) (30,30,30)
    Mask.Gloves 1: 0
    Mask.Gloves 2: 0
    Hair: (18,0,18) (12,0,12) (22,0,22) (8,0,4)
    Organization: WWF
    Fight Style: Junior
    Defensive Style: Luchadore
    Critical Type: Finisher
    Special Skill: Guts
    Recovery: Slow
    Recovery (Bloody): Slow
    Breathing: Above:
    Breathing (Bloody): Normal
    Awareness: Medium
    Awareness (Bloody): Poor
    Neck Strength: Medium
    Arm Strength: Low
    Waist Strength: Medium
    Foot Strength: Medium
    Movement Speed: Medium-Fast
    Ascent Speed: Fast
    Ascend Skill: Can Run Up
    Outside Return Count: 14
    Touchwork: Fast
    Theme Music: Confinement
                    Attack:        Defense:
    Punch              3              3                Punch
    Kick               6              3                Kick           
    Suplex             5              5                Suplex
    Submission         1              4                Submission
    Stretch            1              4                Stretch
    Power              3              5                Flying
    Instant Power      10             3                Crush
    Arm Power          3              4                Lariat
    Technique          8              6                Technique
    Rough              6              5                Rough
    Standing B: Punch
    Standing A: Kick
    Standing AB: Front Dropkick
    Running B: Head Scissors Whip
    Running A: Flying Lariat
    Counter B: Ultra Rana Whip
    Counter A: Head Scissors Whip
    Running (Corner) B: Zero Fighter Kick (Poetry in Motion!)
    S Running (Outside) AB: Spaceman Plancha
    Slingshot (Outside) AB: Plancha Suicide
    Slingshot (Inside) AB: Swan Dv. Missilekick
    Post B: Swing Ultra Rana
    S Post A: Rolling Senton (Whisper In The Wind!)
    F Post AB: Sommersault Drop (Swanton Bomb!)
    Grab B: Upper Blow
    Grab B^: Body Slam
    Grab B<>: Cyclone Whip
    Grab Bv: Drop Toe Hold
    Grab A: Low Dropkick
    Grab A^: Snap Suplex
    Grab A<>: Step Backbrain Kick
    Grab Av: Chin Crusher
    Grab AB: Northern Light Spx.
    S Grab AB^: Jewel Cutter (for the Twist of Fate)
    Grab AB<>: Avalanche Press
    Grab ABv: Skewer DDT
    Back B: Neck Smash
    Back A: Facecrusher
    Back AB: School Boy
    Back AB^v: Backslide
    Back AB <>: Backbrain Kneelkick
    Back Def. B: Elbow Pat
    Back Def. A: Kangaroo Kick
    Down (Face Up) Head AB: Low Dropkick to Head
    Down (Face Up) Legs AB: Holding one Leg Pin
    Down (Face Down) Head AB: La Magistral
    Down (Face Down) Legs AB: Jacknife Hold
    Down (Face Up) Head A: Senton
    Down (Face Up) Legs A: Knee Drop to Body
    Down (Face Down) Head A: Sunset Flip
    Down (Face Down) Legs A: Stomping to Back
    Running (Down) AB: Sunset Flip
    Corner Grab AB^: Super Ultra Rana
    Corner Grab AB<>: Mounted Punch Rush
    Corner Grab ABv: 2nd Rope Brainbuster
    Performance (Before): No Fear
    Performance (During): Two Hands Raising 3
    Performance (After): No Fear
    2 Front Platoon: Double Dropkick
    3 Front Platoon: Triple Hammer Blow
    2 Back Platoon: Double Back Drop
    3 Back Platoon: Triple Hammer Blow
    2 Corner Platoon: B.Drop + D.Neckbreaker
    3 Corner Platoon: Triple Impact
    Thanks to Kevin Xu for telling me what the Panther style is.

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