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    FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

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    		  The Mayan Adventure
    |Table of Contents|
    - Guide Stats
    - Revision History
    - Intro & Story
    - Walkthrough
      - Ceiba Jungle
      - Xibalba Falls
      - Tazamul Mines
      - Lost City of Copan
      - Copan Temple
      - Lakamul Rainforest
      - Yaxchilan Lagoon
      - Runaway Mine Car
      - Tikal Ruins
      - Temple of Tikal
      - Warrior Spirit
    - Boss Strategies
    - Items
    - Legal Info & Quote
    			Guide Stats
    Author: flip
    System: GameBoy Advance
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Site: http:/www.escalix.com/freepage/flip
    E-Mail: flip15@softhome.net
    Last Updated: May 25, 2002
    Build: 1.0
    			Revision History
    Revision History
    b.00 (July 28, 2001) - even though the hard work on the line draw
                           ascii was finished yesterday, I started the
                           guide today. basically everything before you was
                           done except for the art
    b.10 (March 17, 2002) - holy hell it's been a long while. I plan on
                            completing this guide within the next month or
                            so, so bear with me as I struggle through this
                            insanely difficult platformer.
    b.05 (April 28, 2002) - another month has passed, and I got the FAQ
                            writing flu once again. This guide will be a year
                            old in three months...but enough of that I rehauled
                            some things and added how to beat the Ceiba Jungle
                            boss, so be cool.
    b.10 (April 29, 2002) - changed the two to three in the above paragraph,
                            not much else but I *did* finish the second level.
    b.18 (May 4, 2002) - polished off two more levels in the game for your
                         gaming pleasure. That's about it.
    b.28 (May 19, 2002) - beat the level where I left off with the twin bosses.
    b1.0 (May 25, 2002) - the whole game & guide are now finished.
    			Intro & Story
    A direct port from the SNES, only with better graphics & sound. The gameplay
    is pretty much the same and so is the story. I've never even played the SNES
    version though, so it makes the above sentences invalid (har har). It's a neat
    platformer although FAR difficult. This game isn't for the weak boned, or those
    who can't control their temper as you'll end up trashing your costly GBA.
    Even though it's a bit lackluster, I'll do my best to elaborate.
    A kid is deep in the jungle and explores a temple. Behind him his father is
    trying to catch up with the yuletide pranksters and ends up getting snatched by
    a malevolent baddie. Thus, his son must rescue him from the jaws of the shark.
    Ceiba Jungle
    Run behind you for 10 sling stones. You'll meet your first enemy, who
    happens to be a snake. (Does anyone else catch the Adam/Eve scenario here?)
    Thrash him good with the A button. Wait until the pits retract into a small
    hole then leap over them. After the third pit a wild boar is roaming around,
    make some bacon out of him. 10 more sling stones are located here, run up the
    hill and leap to the branch. Use the monkeys here for experiments then jump
    onto the rope. Touch the little Aztec statue then grab onto a swinging rope.
    Swing onto a boomerang along with a snake hanging down off a rope. Climb down
    for a coin then climb all the way up.
    Drop left and use the spider-web as a trampoline to reach the rope. Go from
    rope to rope, drop down and past the two monkeys is an Aztec. Travel left to
    spot another spider-web. On the branch, hang off of the red thing and you can
    obtain a diamond ring, three coins and more stones. Use the first red thing to
    reach the second one and the second one to reach the Aztec. To the left is an
    exploding stone if you want it. Jump to the rope accurately if you don't want
    to repeat this over. Kill the little monkey on the rope and land anywhere away
    from the spikes.
    Swing on the ropes George of the jungle style to activate a Aztec. Slide
    along the yellow line to activate another Aztec. Hop over right from there onto
    a spider-web for the rope and a coin. Drop right and another spider-web will
    give you access to a red thing. Use it to land on weak branches, go from one to
    the other before they snap for some health. Fall down right and you will face
    this level's boss.
    Xibalba Falls
    Hooray! More jungle cavorting fun! Don't you just love it? That is if you
    haven't broken your head on glass all ready... Leap up the steps and across the
    stones, then land down and jump onto the rope from beneath. If you jump from
    the stones you'll get hit by the monkey. Move quick to on the slingly rope and
    jump up high to reach a collectible of some sort and another elastic rope. Move
    high with that one too, get rid of that damned blood sucking mosquito to zoom
    down a green jungle line which lands you at the totem pole (continue if you
    forgot or weren't paying attention).
    Go up from stone to stone now, and eliminate those damned monkeys on each
    step. When you reach the top finally (pause to take a breath, I know you're
    tired) move across on the green above your head then drop for the elastic rope
    and skyrocket above onto the mud ledge. Play hotpotato only with these
    platforms and end up traveling left. Grab the rope and the health up in the air
    by it then keep going up. Slide down another green line, take care of the
    mosquito and his monkey pal then be lured by the gold only to fall down the
    tree hole. You might get it if you are skilled enough.
    Leap over that chasm to the left that will cause you to repeat some work for a
    health up and a bag of stones. More stones await to be jumped up so do it, you
    know you want to. Touch the totem pole and continue leftward. Grab the coin and
    the rope, traverse up on that long thing. Take the boomerang again if you lost
    it, it's a great companion. Just remember if you use it, leap up when its done
    on its arc to regain it. Leap to the totem pole above past some stones and a
    mud platform. Go across to face two mosquitos, then to the left an elastic rope
    will propel you above to another totem pole. Grab the gold bar while thacking
    those birds twice.
    Then, don't grab the green line just yet. Drop down to where those mosquitos
    just were and look to the right of you, there should be another stretching
    line. Use it to propel yourself high onto some rackety wooden walkways. Beat
    all the birds here and collect the various collectibles. After that, flip on
    top of the tree branch for an extra life, and the way
    out of here through the tree.
    Tazamul Mines
    At the start, turn left and drop all the way down the rope. Drop again for a
    diamond ring. The web will bounce you back up. Grab the bag of stones then
    travel left, smashing the bats and the rats. The bats will suck your blood
    (life) if you just stand there so always be moving. At the end of here there is
    a heart, when you have it go back to the beginning of the mines where you
    first were at. Push the cart as far as you can, then use it to jump to the rope
    above your head. You'll have reached the first totem pole for this level.
    All you have to do is stand on the mini-cart and it'll start going fast. After
    that exhilirating ride you'll arrive at another totem pole. Hop over the racing
    rats to fight bats, rats and jumping spiders. If you see the spiders crawling
    on the ceiling jump and hit them before they can even touch you. Get on the
    barrel for the rope (there's a stop time around here too), then go right. Push
    the over for another rope, get up there and annihilate all the rats and spiders
    for a health up. Keep going left now for a coin and run up those tracks yousee.
    Go up the rope in the middle of the hole previously inaccessible, snatch that
    diamond. Leap across for the next totem pole. More spiders await, as well as a
    stretched web. Hit it three times and venture into the next section. Don't take
    the rope just yet, head left hopping for a life up then play some Russian
    Roulette and have a blast. Now hop upwards to a mini-cart which takes you to
    another rope. If you didn't know by the presence of the rope, you have to climb
    up here. You can get a coin, but you'll probably be distracted by the rats on
    the ropes. Move carefully right across five rat infested pieces of fiber.
    For your hard timing efforts, there is an extra life to pick up. Head all the
    way back right for the totem pole, hurraY! There is a health up along with an
    exploding stone and some puerto rican hookers (haha). At the barrier here,
    there is a switch. Pull it down by pressing up + jump. Go back to where the
    exploding stone was to drop down. Immediately jump over the runaway cart. They
    (the carts) come at regular intervals so you must be good at timing the
    leaps over them. After you've completed all of them, spring to the hole above
    where the carts are coming out.
    Lost City of Copan
    First off, you can take a shortcut pass the bosses right into the next level.
    Maybe if I receive enough carping from readers I'll do it but it isn't likely.
    To start, obtain the bag of stones then use them on two snakes. When the Aztec
    sticks his tongue out at your sucky game-playability, hop on it to be bounced
    The snakes here can shoot poison projectiles as well as snap at you so take
    them down quick. Let the second tongue hit your private spot before you bounce
    again to the platforms above (oh the innuendo!) Grab a health up while you are
    being pleasured and destroy the snake up here, along with the Aztec warrior
    Stand at a vantage point when you fight them, so when they throw their axes
    you can still hit them but not be hit BY them. There are some stones to the
    left too. Use the block to get up to kill Bonezy then veer right. Up & past the
    bald eagle (two stones will exterminate this bothersome creature). Crouch down
    by pressing jump + down and crawl to a mini-cornucopia of items. Now go back
    and drop down the long shaft to be greeted by a pack of rats.
    Time your jumps for the alternating platforms then scale that rope! There
    have been far too many ropes in this game...break apart the skeleton warrior
    then head inside the door to fight an Aztec warrior. Touch the totem pole then
    whip across the top for another "strategically" placed warrior. Leap left just
    enough to not fall in the hole, you can go if you want to for the diamond but
    to get up out of it use the snake as a rope (hit him twice to climb).
    Back by the hole I told you to avoid trampling down, either leap over it or
    see the dangling snake, hit him to ascend by a bothersome eagle. Fall againt
    for a dancing skull, get flat on your belly to get across the small space.
    After you've reached the totem pole, you must use the alternating platforms to
    get higher. It's difficult, but you must adjust your timing of the jumps twice
    to reach the tongue then shift slightly left for the second
    tongue then slightly right for the third.
    These jumps would be a LOT easier if the life meter didn't take up that whole
    top-right corner. After the third tongue you'll automatically be scrolled on a
    line by a place with a big hole (vague? very...). Stop time temporarily with
    the hourglass to your right, then keep going right, down then left to beat the
    static skeleton warrior. Touch the totem pole for yer progress and go on. To
    hit that switch in the left hand corner you must jump then shoot a stone and it
    will push in allowing you to go on.
    Smash the skeleton warrior, use the tongue to go up then snatch the item there
    (forgot the name). Hit the snake to climb up then take the boomerang as well as
    the stones and go from block to block to land into a boss arena. After you have
    consulted my handy dandy" strategy and they've bit the dust, take the twenty
    stones and leave through the left.
    Copan Temple
    The first pot has a heart, the second has some rats. Be wise and choose
    correctly, especially since I just told ya what was in 'em. Go past the bowman
    and past still some alternating flames, calm down and wait for them to die down
    to reach the left with a cordoned off section. Run onto the bouncy bouncy
    spider-web and bounce right past the second. Press up to activate the switch.
    Go back left to the blocked wall, get rid of the Aztec bowman for a handful of
    useful items and powerups. I even saw a free AOL CD in the pile! Re-jump past
    the second web now.
    Go into the door and touch the totem-pole. Try not to land in the tar pits,
    they're real sticky. After that go on platform to platform avoiding the flames.
    Hit the pot high in the left end, drop down and take your extra life then scoot
    back up there again. Move expediently but precisely on these whip pegs and
    you'll be rewarded with a door. If you want the heart, take it. Immediately
    smash on two vampire bats, take that coin and the diamond bar then activate the
    totem pole. Stop midway down the rope & hop left, then press up for that
    switch. That way the wall down will be open for you already.
    Kill the Aztec archer and his pet snake, but in reverse order. Bounce on the
    web for the heart to quickly expose a vampire bat to the sun, then smash the
    horizontal web open and arrive in a small cove. In this storeroom, break every
    pot except for the first one in the air, it contains some sort of explosive.
    TNT? C-4? You figure it out
    Tread back in the hole and be at a new spot. Swing fast across the pegs on
    the top, then down the rope. Don't jump all the way, for there is a tar pit
    there. Drop down then take the powered up stone and head all the way left, past
    multiple hazards to your health.
    On the rope, go to both ends of the covered up top for two coins, drop for
    an undead bird man and a health power-up. Avoid the first spikes then step on
    the spider. Crawl all the way through for a coin and totem pole. First grab the
    heart then catapult with the web. This space has some bouncing goodness and two
    items at that. By bouncing goodness, I don't mean "bouncing goodness" if you
    catch my meaning...Get rid of the bat duo and the spider sidekick then stop
    drop and roll after some spikes.
    Keep going upward then down and over some shifting static soldiers. Slaughter
    the bats then fall in the hole. More bats await, go in the door to go up, hit
    the switch then jump in the middle for the diamond. Land on the right side with
    the static soldier and drop. Enter that door Watson!
    Go now, across the tar pit, down and destroying the two snakes with the vases,
    into the next door which sends you back up, hit the switch then descend to the
    static soldier room and hit the floor! Just kidding, hit the left pad now, in
    your field of vision is a vase with an extra life inside, as well as a bat and
    totem pole to mark your progress. Hit that switch fast, it's next to a torch
    spouting fire. After that door opens up, get ready for one of those giant rocks
    straight outta Indiana Jones. Leap high over it to go into the next area.
    Lakamul Rainforest
    The heart is luring, no? Too bad you cannot reach it now. Turn left, grab the
    swinging vine across the tar pool of death and hop up on the tree stump. Avoid
    the little spikes that come flying at you and bean the snake to climb up him.
    Bean the monkey, take the stones and swing across both vines to snag a coin.
    Drop for a rolling spiked wild boar and the first totem pole. From your field
    of vision is the heart you saw earlier, so snatch it if you
    need it.
    This huge tar pool forms an impasse to your journey. Shoot some stones at the
    snake to cross. Simple, no? Up is a banana shooting monkey, but these bananas
    hurt for some reason. There are two ways to get up here but just manipulate the
    web and smack the dummy monkey. Slide down, then clear out two boards and two
    vines to land at another totem pole. Clear another board, then shimmy up the
    swooning snake.
    On the next branch is a monkey, along with a snake and a heart. Drop and sprint
    quick because of another enraged boar, swing right on the vine then hit the
    next rope. Beyond these monkeys, you are done here. Make a jump right on the
    branch then start from the snake to your left and leave outta here.
    Yaxchilan Lagoon
    As soon as you are done gliding, jump on the rope then leap over for the heart.
    Now go all the way up the brown rope, put your hand into the mosquito for an
    exploding stone. Keep going, take the extra life. Snatch the gold bar, then
    glide down another slanted vine to hit the first totem pole in this area. Watch
    out for the eagle, but if he irks you enough put him on the endangered species
    Leap on the crocodile/alligator whichever the bloody creature is. Use it as a
    ferry across, as soon as it stops jump up for the rope. Combat another eagle
    and some mosquito misfits then leap to another rope. Climb all the way up, then
    waste your efforts by jumping down onto a vine that you can whip on. Move
    quickly, for some gargantuan crocodiles will hit you and cause you to drown in
    the water below.
    Use the sling there to spring (rhyme) high over right, then whip over, blast
    those mosquitoes away and drop down. If you move slightly down to your left,
    there is a heart there on a green platform in the water. Play hopscotch over
    the crocodiles noggins, climb up a rope take care of the monkeys around, there
    is even one on the rope to your left. Keep going, pausing for the various
    items. Run right now, grab the heart and take care of the eagle.
    Reach the end of the branch, then drop immediately down for a totem pole. Hop
    two green platforms, then catch a ferry crocodile ride. Repeat the exact
    process mentioned, thwack two monkeys and an eagle for a boomerang right above
    the exit. The exit is there, so quit procrastinating and leave!
    Runaway Mine Car
    "Watch for red lights". This guy, whatever his names is runs to the mine car
    like he is on tourettes, then he starts riding on it. The object is to jump
    whenever there are about to be two red lights on your level. Sounds easy, no?
    It is if you have decent hand/eye coordination. If not, prepare to lose many
    hard earned lives. To interchange tracks press up+jump or down+jump. Buenos
    To move faster, just hold the forward button. Some ghouls may chase you, but
    they don't hurt you. The foul fiends who programmed this want you to be
    distracted and muddled! Don't stare at the background, concentrate at the
    lights. Towards the end they flash faster, then stop. When they stop, get on
    the middle track for an extra life and the exit to this damned, damned place.
    Tikal Ruins
    Stomp two snakes, jump on the tongue and fly up. Dislocate the bone's bones,
    grab the gold bar and then proceed to jump the gap. If you want some extra
    items, go back down, use those pegs to flow across the top, grab the heart,
    dislocate more bones, jump on a tongue again for coins, take out an axe thrower
    for a gold coin. Now hop up and across the gap. Take the bag of weed. Or
    stones. Take something, run past the little sink pool. Keep jumping to get out
    of here, the eagles will make it hard for you though.
    Smash bonezy, then step down for the first totem pole. If you want two
    stones go the left path, but ultimately it'll lead you back down right. Go
    there, don't smash the first two as they are DANGEROUS </jackson>. Now, get
    ready for those platforms straight outta Copan. Yes they are a pain, but if you
    have coordination it'll be slightly easy. The reward for missing is of course,
    death by the tar. Maneuver past the eagles to a totem pole. If you want an
    extra life, go all the way left from here but you'll have to repeat those
    dreadful platforms.
    Back at the eagle infested tops, shimmy down the rope, throw a rock above
    midway to hit the switch, go on down for some coins, a bones warrior as well as
    a sticky tongue. Let it lick you all over, then swing to the pegs down for a
    heart and the door. Go into it, once that is done go right past the spiked
    floor. Use the tongue to fly above the bubbling tar, where there are many
    items strategically placed. Ah who am I kiddin', this room is difficult even
    for a pro like me.
    Take your time bouncing, and when you are done, maneuver onto the platform
    near the right and go in the door. Touch the totem pole, hop on the death
    platforms into a treasure room with an extra life! When you are done fall off
    the edge, crawl for the stones then leap over some spikes. Crack both vases for
    another extra life! More death platforms await, then up and left is another
    totem pole. Make the leap across, it's important you do. Drop into the arena to
    fight a boss...see why I had you get all those extra lives? After he is done,
    take the heart and leave.
    Temple of Tikal
    Behind the first pillar is a tongue, so use it on yourself. Due left is a
    switch after a retracting spiked ball. Press up to move it, this opened a room
    due right. After the spiked ball, hit the next switch but hit the bat first
    then drop back down. Kill the ember throwing guy if you haven't all ready, then
    drop down. Go into the room which will move you lower, the floating platforms
    will take you to the first totem pole.
    Bats will try to make you fall off, but do not be detered. If you wish, ride
    to the end on the floaters for an extra life. Where the totem pole was, keep
    moving up because of those retracting spiked wall balls. When you are finally
    there, go left, battle the archer, pocket all those coins then go back and
    smash the bats. As soon as you are in the door, be ready because a giant rock
    in your path.
    Start running right then make the gap for a totem pole. Move quickly here as
    well, damn overused spiked balls. Make the next gap, stand on the alcove above
    and jump when a rock rolls by. As soon as it does, start running towards the
    next. Take the extra life if you are daring, then leave here. You'll be right
    at a totem pole.
    Stand at the edge to wait for the bat that immediately springs up, then proceed
    leftwards. Besides the spiked balls, you should be pretty much set, along with
    the heart by the room. Be ready when you go in for another giant rock. Sprint
    hard like Michael Johnson, across the gap to another totem pole and an ember
    shooter. Behind that pillar is a rope, climb up, go into the room at the end
    then hit the switch. Drop down, take the items and make your valiant exit.
    Warrior Spirit
    Basically all that's here is a pissed off giant stone monolith, and he'll do
    his best to beat your ass into a pulp. Look in the boss section for more info.
    If you run low on stones, some more will drop down into the arena. Grab the L
    and you'll be transported outta here! You rescue your pops, And that's all
    			Boss Strategies
    Ceiba Jungle - Raging Tiger
    Speed & strength make for a deadly combo here, as is proved in a couple of
    seconds. When it says get ready you damned well better be ready. If you don't
    have your boomerang, that takes tremendous strength away from your arsenal.
    Sling some stones (button R) immediately at him then jump high. As you keep
    throwing stones while leaping over him in his mad furor, watch out because when
    you jump he can also pounce on you, while you are still in the air. As you
    throw more and more at him he'll get faster and faster, causing you to shoot
    one stone at a time. Don't be afraid to take a hit or two for your cause, but
    only if you are at full health/near full health when you start fighting him.
    Lost City of Copan - Twin Tigers
    Double the trouble makes for twice the slicing, of you. What that means is if
    you don't move quick and sling stones just like when you fought the one tiger,
    you'll be decimated quickly. Add to the fact that they punch out (take breaks)
    whenever you gave them enough rocks and you have a lethal situation on your
    hands. At one time, they'll both be out together so leap like there isn't a
    tomorrow (there really isn't). To compensate, just leap over them and shoot,
    shoot, shoot. The only time you should get hit is when they switch up on you.
    Yes I was killed multiple times by these monsters, but trial n' error is the
    way to go. These guys are THAT strong.
    Tikal Ruins - Transforming Tiger
    Whoa this guy is strong. At first it may seem like a regular tiger from before,
    then after you hit it a few times it modifies itself into human shape and
    proceed to blast you. Use the tactics employed on previous bosses to beat the
    running tiger form, then when it transforms hit him hard and fast before he
    retaliates. If you hit him enough at the start, he won't bother to go back to
    regular speed form. His attacks are pretty strong, as the snake on his head
    spits fire and his staff will make you fall from wherever you are. Jump when
    the staff comes out. When he is close, whip him or boomerang as it is far
    stronger than just slingin' stones. Don't plan on being close often however.
    Warrior Spirit - Stone Aztec
    Well, it goes without saying this guy is hard. He'll make you pay for each
    missed blast. Aim up at his head to hit him square, (up+hit) but it takes many
    stones to beat him. His attacks mainly consist of the projectile hand which
    also can track you down, the great leap forward and the reassembler. He can
    also shake the ground with one hop. Leap over his hands which he'll constantly
    throw at your in plethoras at a time, and keep throwing at him. His reassemble
    attack follows a predictable pattern, so you can be ready whenever he comes
    back down. Don't stay in the same place either, be mobile or he'll land right
    on your head. That's about it.
    Exploding Stone - Stone with a blue aura around it
    Stronger than your av-er-age stone
    Boomerang - use it for enemies that are too high or too far away, if you are
    fast you will
    regain it.
    Sling Stones - very weak but you can hold a lot of them
    Power Ups
    1 Up - if you see one, take it immediately
    Health Up - makes the crocodile shy away from you
    Super Strength - makes your weapon super strong, it's all right
    Stop Time - stops time, but only for a limited time
    Diamond Ring - counts as 10 coins
    Gold Bar - counts as 5 coins
    Silver Bar - counts as 2 coins
    Coin - i don't know how many this registers as </heavy sarcasm>
    			Legal Info & Quote
    Legal Info
    Just don't steal my work, that's all I ask of you.  copyright flip.
    "Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star."
    -- Confucius (c. 551-479? BC), Chinese sage

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