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"Lets get..........a better boxing game."

Introduction: One of the launch titles I picked up when Gameboy Advance first came out. I was a fan of the games for Dreamcast and Playstation. Yet, they made me never want to play anything in the series after this one.

Graphics: Lets not kid yourself, you won't be seeing anything as pretty in this game. Sure the characters look good, and so do the arenas. But my question is, what the hell is up with the ring ropes? They look horrible. Simple as that, there shouldn't be an excuse for such ugliness after a game like Tony Hawk comes out at launch with it.

Sound: I can honestly say this games sound is horrible. Flat out BAD. Only worth wild things in this game are Michael Buffer's introductions, but those last what 3 seconds? The punches are horrible, and I still have no idea what most of the noises they make when they get their rumble meters up.

Game Play: Something this game lacks. The controls are horrible, and makes the game just not fun. It's impossible to hit a series of punches in a row. Want to know why? Because you'll be hitting upper cuts 90% of the time and kicking the computer's ass. Very sad. I've expected a harder AI then I was given.

Modes: Plenty in this game, but nothing to keep you playing the game. I do like the fact in the Championship mode you can train your boxer. Really neat future indeed. But that's useless because of the horrible AI.

Hidden Stuff: Is there any? A couple of hidden guys. Actually two of which are celebrities. One is the king of pop and the other is an NBA star. I'm not going to tell you in this that its Michael Jackson and Shaq. Oh my mistake I just did. So kill me. Rumble Man is really cool too. Yet that's not enough to keep people coming back. Know why? Because the game doesn't have a battery save. So you've got to use a code every time you want to use the hiddens, you have to type in a code.

Buy/Rent/Never Play In Your Life: So I gave this game a 4. You must think I hate it by now. In reality, I enjoy horrible games. This is a good exception to that rule. Most of you won't enjoy this game. Don't ever touch this game if you're expecting the best game ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/02/02, Updated 07/02/02

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