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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Seiryu

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _______   _______   __    ___  _______   ___      ___   _______   ___     __
     |   _   | |  ___  | |  |  /  / |  _____| |   \    /   | |  ___  | |   \   |  |
     |  | |  | | |   | | |  | /  /  | |       |    \  /    | | |   | | |    \  |  |
     |  |_|  | | |   | | |  |/  /   | |___    |     \/     | | |   | | |     \ |  |
     |   ____| | |   | | |     <    |  ___|   |  |\    /|  | | |   | | |  |\  \|  |
     |  |      | |   | | |  |\  \   | |       |  | \  / |  | | |   | | |  | \     |
     |  |      | |___| | |  | \  \  | |_____  |  |  \/  |  | | |___| | |  |  \    |
     |__|      |_______| |__|  \__\ |_______| |__|      |__| |_______| |__|   \___|
                                 Ruby/Sapphire Version
    +Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire FAQ/Walkthrough +
    +Written by Seiryu                         +
    +Started on 12/30/2002                     +
    +Version 1.1                               +
    +Email: vctmachado@aol.com                 +
    1. Introduction/Rules
    2. Notice of Copyright
    3. History of Updating
    4. Introduction to the Game
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Side Areas
    7. Miscellaneous
    8. FAQ
    9. Credits
    10. Conclusion
    1. Introduction/Rules
    Ahem. This is my first FAQ, so don't expect it to be the best you've ever seen.
    Also, I'm not from an English-speaking country, so don't expect my English to
    be perfect. The main reason I'm writing this FAQ is to help the many people who
    are new to this game, not only in the RPG part, but also in the battling part,
    which I consider to be the funniest. Also, I'm bored and need to do something.
    *If you have any question about any subject THAT IS NOT EXPLAINED IN THE FAQ,
     feel free to e-mail me. If it's in the FAQ, your email will be simply deleted.
     But be aware that I'm not able to check my mail all the time, so it may take a
     while for you to get the reply.
     If you do, your address will be blocked.
    *Include a subject such as Pokémon R/S or anything that makes it easier for me
     to recognize it as soon as I read the title. I did not open a special e-mail
     account only because of this FAQ, and due to my lack of patience, I don't even
     read the e-mails that have no interesting subjects.
    *Do send me tips or any kind of contribution to make this FAQ better, but don't
     send any stupid rumors or anything, as I can check these with people, boards
     and a lot of sites.
    *Do not put this up on your web site before asking, I'm not such a bad guy and
     asking won't hurt you.
    2. Notice of Copyright
    This document is Copyright 2003 Vitor César Tresoldi Machado, all rights
    This document may be printed for private use only. No profit may be made of
    this document in any way, unless the money comes to me. This document may not
    be reproduced in any form or shape without written consent from the author, me.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission.
    This document can only be viewed at Gamefaqs - www.gamefaqs.com - without my
    written consent. DO NOT include this guide on your website without asking for
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    3. History of Updating
    Version 1.0 - Finished the Walkthrough based on the Sapphire version. Now
                  playing Ruby to check any differences. Finished a writing a good
                  amount of Side Areas, but will probably add more by the next
                  update, as well as the Pokédex and an introduction to battling.
    Version 1.1 - Corrected MANY mistakes along the FAQ and added all the pokémon
                  that appear in each route, instead of just the "new pokémon"
                  (there were a lot of mistakes here either). Added the
                  Miscellaneous Section, with the trainers of the Trainer's Eye.
    4. Introduction to the Game
    I was surprised when I first clocked this game. This is the first pokémon game
    that actually has a storyline, and it's not a bad one if you ask me, they did
    pretty well making up something around the theme Pokémon.
    A peek in the story of this game
    You are a boy/girl that just moved from the Johto region (GSC players should
    know this), whose father is a gym leader in this region (Hoenn). When the game
    starts, your mother tells you to pay a visit to Prof. Birch, a pokémon
    authority of this region and friend of your father, that lives in the city you
    have just moved to. You end up saving him and getting a starter pokémon from
    him as a "thank you". Then you visit your father in the gym of a city nearby,
    and he encourages you to start a pokémon journey with the pokémon you got from
    Birch, and it turns out that you will get involved in matters that affect even
    the world itself...
    What's new in this game
    * This game is not a sequel of the other games like Gold/Silver/Crystal was for
    Red/Blue/Yellow. This game has no relation at all to the previous versions (GSC
    had all the other gym leaders, Ash (Red), which you used to control in RBY was
    the best trainer of the world in GSC and you were able to battle him, etc).
    * First of all, you play in a region called Hoenn, like I stated above and
    there is no Johto and Kanto in this game, even though they are mentioned in the
    * You cannot catch'em all in this game, as only 202 of the 386 pokémon of the
    game can be recorded on the pokédex, and 2 of them haven't been found anywhere
    and are probably going to be gotten through Nintendo events. All of the pokémon
    are programmed in the game though, but 186 of them can't be found in any way
    and are probably going to be found in some other way.
    * This game can't connect to the previous versions, like GSC could connect to
    * This is the first GBA game that is compatible to the Card e-reader. Some side
    events can be activated only through this device.
    * New 2 vs. 2 battle feature, which allows a player to control 2 pokémon at the
    same time in the same battle, and even 4 trainers to pair up and control one
    pokémon each.
    * You can now participate in Contests and have your own Secret Hideout.
    * The set of TMs is the best of all the three "generations" of Pokémon.
    * There are 8 HMs in this game: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash,
    Waterfall and Dive. Dive is a completely new move, while Rock Smash was turned
    from a TM to a HM since GSC. Whirlpool, that was a HM in GSC is now just a
    common move.
    * This game has a more legendary pokémon than any of the previous versions:
    Groudon, Kyogre, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Rayquaza.
    And not all of them can be caught in both versions. A lot of work, huh?
    What hasn't changed at all from the previous versions
    * You still gotta catch'em all, I mean, all of the 200 that can be caught.
    * You can still pick from a boy and a girl (this hasn't changed if you compare
    to the Crystal Version).
    * You can still trade pokémon with your friends and link battle the normal way
    (1 on 1).
    * You can still breed your pokémon.
    Differences between Ruby and Sapphire
    * Many pokémon can only be found in Ruby: Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Mawile,
    Zangoose, Solrock, Latios, Groudon.
      And some only in Sapphire: Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Sableye, Seviper,
    Lunatone, Latias, Kyogre (I think that's all).
    * You fight Team Magma in Pokémon Ruby, and Team Aqua in Pokémon Sapphire.
    * When you free Groudon, the weather will become sunny on the eastern area of
    Hoenn. When you free Kyogre, the weather will become stormy in the same area.
    5. Walkthrough
    Here we go, the core of this FAQ. This walkthrough will focus on guiding you
    through the game, by getting only what's strictly necessary to beat it. Any
    extras will be covered in either the Side Areas section or any other section if
    I judge it's necessary to make a new one.
    I'd also like to point out that you'll see me recommending levels for your pkmn
    throughout this walkthrough. There are two ways to beat this game in terms of
    levels: you can get your starter pokémon and train it exclusively, this way it
    will gain such an amount of experience, that even the gyms that can beat it
    won't be a problem due to it's high level. Or you can assemble a balanced set
    of pokémon and train them up to levels that are enough to beat the game.
    If you are in a hurry (like me, when writing this), I recommend the first one,
    but if you want to catch lots of pokémon throughout the way, the second method
    is better, as the opponents won't die in one hit from your attacks. This
    walkthrough works around the method of keeping a balanced party, because the
    other method needs no work, you'll always be in a sky high level if you battle
    everybody you see.
    With that out of the way, let the walkthrough start.
    Controls: A button. Confirm button.
              B button: Cancel button.
              L/R button: No function that I know of.
              Start button: Opens the Main Menu.
              Select button: Shortcut button. Just like in GSC, you can set an
                             important item as a shortcut to be used with the
                             SELECT button.
    * For the locations of the wild pokémon, "G)" are the pokémon found on ground,
      and "W)" are the ones found on water, by surfing.
    Once you start your game, Prof. Birch will give you a briefing, just like Oak
    did in the previous versions. You can choose to be a boy/girl and your name.
    After that, you will be inside a truck. After a while, it stops. Now you take
    control of your character. Go outside the truck and you will be at...
    As soon as you come out the truck, your mom will come out of your house (the
    house changes depending on whether you chose a boy or a girl as a character),
    say something and take you inside the house. A few Machop will be finishing
    moving your family to this place). Go to your room on the second floor and
    check the clock on the wall. Set it accordingly so that there's no confusion
    about pokémon catching or evolving later on. To set it, just move the
    directional button left or right and press A at the time you want. Just don't
    tell me that you can't read the time on a clock like this...
    After you set the clock, your mom will come in, say something else and leave.
    Now you can check the PC and withdraw a Potion. Go out of you room, and
    your mom will tell you to come and watch something important on the TV.
    Someone is interviewing Norman, your father and Petalburg's Gym Leader. Just
    when you come to watch it, the interview ends (LOL!). Your mom says that one of
    your dad's friends lives here, and that his name is Prof. Birch. Leave your
    Do so and go to the neighbour's house (your rival's). His/her mother (if you
    picked the boy in the beggining, the rival will be a girl, otherwise, he is a
    boy) will tell you her child is in the second floor. Go there and speak to
    him/her. After the rival leaves, do the same and try to leave the city and a
    boy will stop you to say something (If you try to do this before talking to the
    rival, he won't let you pass). Move on and you'll soon see that Prof.Birch
    is being attacked by a Poochyena. He tells you to help him by picking one of
    the 3 Poké Balls inside his bag. Check the bag and pick one of the 3 Pokémon
        ---------     |Treecko and his evolved forms are good pure grass pokémon.
        Left Ball     |They have so-so attack, not-so-good defense, great s.attack,
        ---------     |so-so s.defense, wonderful speed and so-so HP. Will be
    Treecko           |useful against the 1st, 3rd and 8th gyms, but will suffer
    Grovyle Lv.16     |against the 4th and 6th gyms. It's ability is Overgrow,
    Sceptile Lv.36    |which makes grass-type attacks more powerful when the
                      |pokémon is under 1/3 of its max health.
       -----------    |Torchic is pure Fire, but his evolved forms are
       Middle Ball    |Fire/Fighting Pokémon. They have wonderful attack,
       -----------    |not-so-good defense, great s,attack, not-so-good s.defense,
    Torchic           |so-so speed and so-so HP. Will only be useful against the
    Combusken Lv.16   |1st (if you have it evolved when you reach it) and 5th gym.
    Blaziken Lv.36    |It's ability is Blaze, which makes fire-type moves more
                      |powerful when the pokémon is under 1/3 of its max health
       -----------    |Mudkip is pure Water, but his evolved forms are
        Right Ball    |Water/Ground Pokémon. They have great attack, good defense,
       -----------    |so-so s.attack, good s.defense, bad speed and great HP. Will
    Mudkip            |be useful against the 1st, 3rd and 4th gym, but as it's only
    Marshtomp Lv.16   |weakness is grass and no gym is of the grass type, you can
    Swampert Lv.36    |use it almost anywhere. It's ability is Torrent, which
                      |makes water type moves more powerful when pokémon is under
                      |1/3 of its health
    All of them are good. I have my own opinions about each of them, but I won't
    say anything not to influence on your choice. Remember that stats are not
    everything, try to consider movepool and kinds of strategies each pokémon can
    use before choosing yours. Also remember that you can trade the other starters
    with your friends and have all of them.
    Engage battle with the Poochyena. It won't be hard. Just pummel him out of the
    way. You will be back at Prof. Birch's lab. He will thank you and let you keep
    the pokémon you used to save him. You can also name it now. Leave the city and
    you will be at...
    :::ROUTE 101:::
    Wild Pokémon: Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Poochyena
    Pretty straight-forward. Build a few levels to your pokémon and since you can't
    catch anything yet, just go north and you will soon arrive at...
    :::OLDALE TOWN:::
    Here, heal your starter at the Pokémon Center and buy something if you want to.
    Now talk to the person beside one of the houses. He'll take you to the shop and
    give you a Potion. Now keep going up until you reach...
    :::ROUTE 103:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Wingull
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    This very short route (well, it is "very short" because you can't surf yet. If
    you could, it'd be just "short") there is a guy that is there for nothing, and
    you rival standing a bit up from where you are. Talk to him/her and the two of
    you will battle.
    Rival battle: Pokémon Trainer Brendan/May
    Pokémon: Either Treecko, Mudkip or Torchic at lv.5, depending on which
             one you picked.
    Money: $300
    -Just like in the previous games, your rival will battle you with his/her
    "fresh-caught" pokémon, while you had some time to level your starter up a bit.
    The pokémon s/he will have outmatches the one you picked in the beginning
    typewise. But don't worry, it has the type, but not moves to beat you. If you
    brought you starter up to level 7 or 8 you should have no problem.
    After the match, your rival will ask you to follow him/her back to
    Prof. Birch's lab. Do that. Once you are back, the Prof. will give you your
    pokédex and the rival will hand you 5 PokéBalls. Step out of the lab and as you
    try to leave the city, your mom will stop you and gift you with the Running
    Shoes. Now, whenever you are outside a building, press and hold the B button
    and you'll be able to run.
    Now make your way back to Oldale Town (try to get a few pokémon and level up
    your starter). The left exit of the town will now be free (it was blocked
    before). Use that exit to arrive at...
    :::ROUTE 102:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Seedot (R)/Lotad (S), Ralts, Surskit, Zigzagoon, Wurmple,
                  W) Marill, Surskit
    Recomended Party: Starter and one more pokémon at lv.8-10
    Walk your way through the route battling the trainers and you'll be through it
    in no time. Don't forget to pick the potion on the ground.
    Oh, try to catch Ralts (a small humanoid creature with a female looking and a
    red antenna), it is a great psychic pokémon that will help throughout the game
    and even in real battles if you train it properly...
    When you come across a small garden, check the flowers for berries. Also, you
    can plant a berry back on the spot you left blank when you took the berry, and
    the plants will grow back, (but you need to water the plants so that they can
    grow again, and since you don't have the Wailmer Pail yet, just take the
    When you are done with this route, go west to enter...
    Heal your pokémon as usual and buy anything you want to. Inseide the pokémon
    center there is a guy who asks for your trainer profile. If you give him the
    correct answers a new option will appear in the main menu, but that is only
    used for Nintendo events, and has nothing to do with beating the game.
    If you try to pass by the gym, a guy will stop you and force you to visit the
    gym before leaving. Well, since the guy wants you to go to the gym, let's not
    disappoint him. Now I can go and beat this gym, you say. Well, go into the gym
    and you'll see...
    Enter the gym and talk to the person in this room. As I told you before, he's
    your father, named Norman. As you talk to him, Wally will come in and ask the
    leader to teach him how to catch a pokémon, because he's moving to Verdanturf
    and he wants a pokémon not to feel lonely there. Norman lends him a Zigzagoon
    and asks you to teach Wally how to catch a pokémon. And there you go. Just hit
    "A" all the time and you'll be done.
    After that, you come back to the gym. Norman will tell you that you still don't
    have a chance against his gym, and tell you to come back after you have 4
    badges. He'll recommend the Rustboro Gym for beginners like you. Well, he's
    your father, he gives the orders. Get out of the gym and keep going west to...
    :::ROUTE 104:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Taillow, Wingull
                  W) Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: Starter, and 2 more pokémon at level 10-12
    I'm recommending these levels so that you don't need to train exclusively for
    the gym. Just battle the trainer at the beach and get the berries. If you want
    to, get a Taillow at the grassy area. That item lying on the ground is a
    PokéBall, but you can't reach it yet. Just leave it alone for now. The house is
    empty for now, but remember this place, we are coming back here very soon. For
    now, just head north to enter...
    Wild Pokémon: Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Zigzagoon, Taillow, Slakoth,
    Recommended Party: Same as Route 104, or maybe one level up for each pokémon ;)
    As soon as you enter this place, go east and then south to go back to route
    104. Grab that PokéBall and go back to the forest.
    Now head left, battle the pokémon and trainers around here. When you go a
    little farther into the forest you'll find a man that is kind of desperate. He
    will talk to you and a Team Magma/Aqua member will appear. Just a little more
    talk and you will engage battle:
    Team Magma and Team Aqua is what was left when Team Rocket was disbanded in
    GSC. Both of the teams seem to want the Team Rocket back, but they are rivals
    just like you and Prof.Birch's son/daughter. Team Magma is looking for a
    legandary pokémon that can expand the ground area of the planet, and Team Aqua
    looks for a pokémon that can flood the whole world to expand the water area, the
    exact opposite of Team Magma.
    If you are playing the Ruby Version, you will battle against the Team Magma
    throughout the whole game, while your enemy will be Team Aqua if you are
    playing the Sapphire Version, even though Team Magma will make a small
    appearance in the Sapphire and Aqua will make a small appearance in the Ruby
    In the battle, The Magma/Aqua guy will use a Poochyena Lv.9. No sweat, a
    single EMBER of my Torchic lv.14 was able to beat it, but don't leave that
    Ralts in front of it, since the Poochyena is Dark-type. By the way, most
    of the Team Magma/Aqua's pokémon are Dark-type, so move that Psychic pokémon to
    the last slot when you see one of these guys.
    After the battle, the "desperate guy" will hand a Great Ball for saving him.
    Now keep on and exit to the north and you'll be on the other side of at Route
    Before doing anything, talk to the girl to your left and receive TM 09,
    BULLET SEED. See the TM/HM description section for more details on the
    Grab the berries and enter the Flower Shop. One of the girls inside will give
    you a Berry 03. Another one will give you the Wailmer Pail (item used to wet
    the soil after you plant a berry. Now leave and grab the potion behind the shop
    you just left.
    While crossing the bridge you will notice twins standing there, doing nothing.
    Notice that they won't stop you, but if YOU talk to them, and have two or more
    pokémon ready to battle, you'll be in a:
    :::2 VS. 2 BATTLE:::
    Well, now I will give you a briefing on how this works. Basically, you send two
    pokémon, and the opponent sends two pokémon. Then you battle as normal, with
    the only difference that you can choose your target. Of course there are moves
    that can hit both opponents and there are moves that hit random opponents as
    well. Be careful with moves such as EARTHQUAKE: they hit both opponents, but
    hits the partner of the pokémon who used them as well (unless it's a
    Flying-type pokémon or has the ability Levitate, which makes the pokémon immune
    to ground-type moves). Moves such as SELFDESTRUCT and EXPLOSION also hit both
    enemies and the partner, and as usual, Ghost-types will suffer no damage.
    There's also a mode where you can battle together with 3 friends, in which you
    use 3 pokémon, your friend uses 3 pokémon and you battle together, each one
    using one pokémon; and also a mode in which you battle a friend using up to six
    pokémon each, but two at a time. But these are only for linked battles...
    For now, just beat the twins and get an idea of the many possible strategies
    and combinations possible with this new game mode.
    Cross the rest of the bridge, grab more berries and talk to the old woman on
    the right side of the screen for one more berry. :o
    Now, once you are done with this route, head north to enter...
    There are a few things to do in this city. If you go to the school and talk to
    the teacher, he'll give you a Quick Claw (the school is beside the Pokémon
    Center). In a small house on the left part of the city, talk to the guy that is
    sitting by the table to receive the HM 01, which you can use to teach CUT to a
    pokémon. In the building at the southwestern part of the city, a boy on the
    second floor will give you a Premier Ball. Also, there's a X-Defend lying on
    the ground at the east side of the city, but you must leave the city and make
    your way around the fence to get it.
    Also, there is a child looking for a Slakoth that will give you a Makuhita in
    Now, all that you can do here for now is beating the gym. I hope you trained
    your pokémon to around lv.13-14, and if you chose Torchic as a starter, be even
    more careful: this gym uses the Rock-type.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::RUSTBORO GYM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym trainers: 2
    Rewards: Stone Badge, TM 39
    Recommended Party: Starter and two more pkmn at lv.14. Have a water or grass
                       pkmn here for safety. If you started with Torchic, have it
                       evolved to Combusken, or use some other pokemon.
    This gym is awfully similar to the Pewter Gym: no secrets, easy trainers...
    Battle the trainers and then head to the leader.
    Gym Leader Roxanne
    Pokémon: Geodude lv.14
             Nosepass lv.15
    Money: $1500
    You already know how to beat a Geodude, just have a Water or Grass move on one
    of your pkmn and he's a piece of cake (you didn't get TM 09 for nothing). Just
    be careful not to leave her pkmn with little health, she will use a Potion
    making the battle very annoying. And just about every Gym Leader and a lot of
    trainers in the game use Potions when their Pokémon is almost falling, be
    aware. Be careful with Nosepass though. It is much more resistant to moves
    that would beat Geodude in a snap and it attacks much harder than Geodude as
    When you win, you'll receive the Stone Badge and TM 39. Now, leave the Gym.
    As you leave the Gym you'll see that guy from Team Magma/Aqua running towards
    the city exit. Then you'll see the guy you met at the Petalburg Forest. He will
    follow the Magma/Aqua guy. Heal your pkmn and follow them. They'll be at Route
    Oh, before going to Route 116, you could take a peek at Route 115 (the north
    exit of Rustboro). You can't go up the ledges, but there's a Super Potion here.
    Now go back and take the east route and you'll be at...
    :::ROUTE 116:::
    Wild Pokémon: Zigzagoon, Nincada, Whismur, Skitty, Taillow
    Recommended Party: Starter and two or three more pkmn at lv.14
    As you leave Rustboro City, you will find the same guy (the one from Petalburg
    Forest). He'll stop you and tell you to go to a cave east from where you are.
    Beat the trainers and grab the items on the Route. You'll notice that there's
    a guy blocking the door of a house. There's nothing you can do about it, so
    enter the cave nearby. Before you enter, talk to the old man and he'll tell you
    that the guy from Team Magma/Aqua kidnapped his Wingull.
    Wild Pokémon: Whismur
    Recommended Party: Same as Route 116
    It's pretty straightforward. There are only Whismurs here, so if you didn't
    catch them before, do so now. Get the items and talk to the villain. He has
    the same Poochyena at lv.11. Piece of cake. After the battle, you retrieve the
    Goods and the old man comes in. He takes his Wingull and tells you to go to
    his house, back at Route 104 (that house I told you to remember).
    Leave the cave. Now you can enter that house, but apparently there isn't
    anything there... Go back to Rustboro City and as you enter the city, the same
    guy that was there when you left will notice you have the item that was stolen
    from him. He'll give you a Great Ball for your efforts (hey, with this one he's
    already given you two Great Balls... Nice guy him, huh?) and take you to the
    restricted areas of the Devon company. Now that man will introduce you to his
    boss, which will give you 3 important items: one you must deliver to Steven in
    Dewford Town, the other has to be delivered to the shipyard in Slateport City,
    and the other is your PokéNav.
    After you get it, there will be a new option in the Main Menu, just below the
    ITEM option. Open the Navigator (Nav) and you will see four options for
    now, but I'll explain the fifth one as well:
    -The first one is Hoenn Map, in which you can view every city in the Hoenn
     Continent. Press A here to switch beetween Zoom In and Zoom Out (Zoom In gives
     detailed info about the cities and routes you've already visited, while Zoom
     Out lets you see the whole map).
    -The second option shows information about your pokémon's conditions (cool,
     beauty, cute, smart and tough). You can enhance these with Pokéblocks, and
     enter contests on each of these. Later on, you can find which pokémon has a
     certain number of Ribbons and so on.
    -The third option is the Trainer's Eye. It shows the number of trainers you've
     fought, and shows the trainers that battle you again. There are two numbers
     on the left side of the Trainer's Eye: the first one shows the trainers that
     battle you again, and the second number shows all the trainers. Actually, the
     Trainer's Eye is one of the side quests of the game, and there are 69 trainers
     that you have to find to complete it.
    -The fourth option is the Exit option.
    -This is the Hall of Fame. It becomes available after you either beat the
     Elite 5, or get a ribbon in one of the Contests (more on these later).
    Now, get out of this place. As you leave, remember the scientist at the
    bottom-right part of the room: he can revive fossils for you, just give them to
    him when you find one (relax, I'll tell you when you see one).
    Now, heal, buy anything if you want to, and move back to Route 104. Also, get
    any items that were left behind because you didn't have CUT. As you leave the
    town, your rival will be there, but won't battle or even stop to talk to you.
    Just leave.
    In Petalburg Woods, cut the trees and a girl will give you a Miracle Seed. At
    the same part, get a Great Ball and a X Attack. Leave the forest by one of the
    south exits and you will be back at Route 104. Enter the house and talk to the
    old man.
    Now the old man will take you by boat to...
    :::DEWFORD TOWN:::
    Well, before doing what you have to do, talk to the fisherman walking beside
    the GYM to get an Old Rod. A person inside one of the houses will give you a
    Silk Scarf.
    You could beat the GYM right now, or do it later. It's your choice, but I'll do
    it now.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DEWFORD GYM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 3
    Rewards: Knuckle Badge, TM 08
    Recommended Party: Starter, and 2 more pkmn at lv.15. A psychic or flying pkmn
                       helps a lot here.
    This gym is completely dark, except for a small circle around your character.
    This circle is expanded as you beat the gym trainers here, so it'd be wise to
    beat them all. The type used here is fighting, so flying and psychic will have
    a good time, while normal and rock types should stay away. Beat the gym
    trainers to light up the place and head to the leader.
    Gym Leader Brawly
    Pokémon: Machop lv.17
             Makuhita lv.18
    Money: $1800
    Not a problem if you brought a Psychic or Flying pokémon along. While facing
    Machop, be careful of SEISMIC TOSS, as it deals damage equal to Machop's level
    (17 HP dealt to your pkmn) and it could 2-hit-KO my Ralts (while CONFUSION
    would be a 3-Hit-KO on the same Machop). If you are using a flying pkmn, don't
    let Machop use Bulk up, as it raises its Attack and Defense. The same strategy
    goes for Makuhita, but it doesn't seem to have Seismic Toss (or at least I
    didn't see it).
    Also, remember that if the trainer senses his pkmn is in danger, he'll try to
    heal it, be prepared.
    After beating Brawly, he'll hand you the Knuckle Badge and a TM 08.
    Heal and buy anything that you need. Now head to the western side of the island
    :::ROUTE 106:::
    Recommended Party: Same as Dewford Gym
    Beat the two trainers, all this route does is to connect you with the Granite
    Cave (why did I waste my time mentioning this place anyway?). :/
    :::GRANITE CAVE:::
    Wild Pokémon: Nosepass, Mawile (R)/Sableye (S), Makuhita, Geodude, Abra, Aron,
    Recommended Party: Same as before
    The first thing you'll see inside this cave is a hiker. Talk to him and you'll
    receive HM 05, which can be used to teach FLASH to a pkmn. Teach it to
    something because you'll need it to go further into this cave. In this screen
    there is also an Escape Rope lying on the floor. Go down the ladder and you
    will see why you need FLASH. Enter the menu, pick the pkmn that knows the move
    and select it right above the Summary option (if you didn't know how to use it
    already ^_^'). Actually, you don't really NEED it to proceed, but it helps.
    On your way, notice that there's a sandfall which blocks your way up: you can
    go up these things after you have a Mach Bike. After the sandfall there will be
    a fork, go south first and get a PokéBall, then head east to go down another
    There's nothing on this floor. Go west, head up the stairs, and then head east
    until you find a ladder. Go up and then go up the ladder next to it.
    Another floor with nothing to do, just walk to the first exit you find. Steven
    will be there. Talk to him and you'll deliver what you were told to. He'll give
    you TM 47 in exchange. Nothing else to do here. Make your way back to the town
    (you don't need to go all the way back into the cave, just jump down the ledges
    to your right after you leave the room Steven was).
    Heal, do anything you need to and talk to the old man that brought you to this
    place. Now choose the middle option to go to Slateport City. But before
    Slateport City there is...
    :::ROUTE 109:::
    Recommended Party: Starter and three more pkmn at lv. 16. I recommend you start
                       training something that resists electricity.
    There is a good amount of trainers to battle here. Talk to the right twin to
    receive a Soft Sand. When you are done with the trainers on the beach, enter
    that house.
    You can buy Soda Pop here, but you need to battle the trainers first. Battle
    everybody here. The guy that is beside the Soda Pop bottle and he will give you
    6 Soda Pops and sell more later.
    Leave the house and head north to enter...
    Wow! This city is full of attractives! You'll see a fair as soon as you start.
    Here you can buy items such as the Vitamins, items that permanently boost
    Attack, Defense, Speed, S.Att, S.Def and HP (even though Calcium used to
    increase both special attributes before R/S - Zinc now does that). You can also
    buy dolls for you Secret Hideout, which you will have later on. And later you
    will be able to buy the TMs 10 and 43 here (they will be on sale as soon as you
    get them in the game).
    Other interesting places to visit here are: the Name Rater, the Contest House
    (I'll explain the contests on an apart section of this FAQ), the Pkmn Center,
    the docks, the Ocean Museum...
    Anyways, notice that Team Magma/Aqua is taking over this city and has blocked
    the exit. Since nothing happens elsewhere, head to the Ship Factory and talk to
    the first man you find here. Now you can enter the Ocean Museum.
    Pay $50 to enter (-.-). This place is full of grunts from Team Magma/Aqua. One
    of them will give you TM 46 and run away ;o. Head to the second floor, talk to
    the person here and you will hear that familiar sound... You know what to do.
    The first grunt uses a lv.15 Numel or Carvanha (if you are playing on Ruby
    or Sapphire respectively); while the second one uses a lv.14 Zubat and a lv.14
    Numel/Carvanha (again, Ruby/Sapphire). After the showdown, their leader
    will come and take them away. Then, you will deliver the item you were told to.
    Heal, buy anything you want and head north to...
    :::ROUTE 110:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Wingull, Plusle, Minun, Electrike, Gulpin, Oddish
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: Starter and 3 more pkmn above lv.18. One of these pkmn MUST
                       beat your rival's starter.
    You'll see the entrance for the Cycle Road as soon as you enter this route, but
    you have no bike, so you gotta walk. You'll soon come to a fork: a house to the
    north, Route 103 to the west and the same Route 110 to the east. I'll go to
    Route 103 at first (we've been here before, but this is the other side of the
    Just battle the trainers to build up a few levels, you'll need them. Cut the
    trees for items and berries and then get back to the fork at Route 110.
    You can enter the Trick House for a few minigames (see Side Areas section for
    detailed info on this). The game consists in talking to the Trick Master,
    accept his challenge, solve a few puzzles to get the password, then enter the
    door to claim your reward, while getting extra items and battling trainers
    along the way. The game can be played 8 times, one per badge you have.
    Now, just turn right on that fork. You'll soon see your rival on the screen. DO
    NOT approach without saving your game. S/he will be a tough challenge here and
    I recommend you level up to at least lv.18 before coming closer. When you are
    ready, come close and s/he will stop you.
    Rival battle: Pokémon Trainer Brendan/May
    Pokémon: |----------------------------------------------------|
             |     Torchic     |     Mudkip     |     Treecko     |<-- Your Starter
             |Shroomish   Lv.18|Grovyle    Lv.20|Shroomish   Lv.18|
             |Numel       Lv.18|Numel      Lv.18|Combusken   Lv.20|
             |Marshtomp   Lv.20|Wailmer    Lv.18|Wailmer     Lv.18|
    Money: $1200
    -Shroomish isn't hard, but can annoy. Beware its STUN SPORE and its ability,
     which causes random effect of Poison, Paralysis or Sleep when physically
     attacked. Besides, LEECH SEED and MEGA DRAIN will give Shroomish a uncommon
     staying power, be careful.
    -Numel is strong offensively, but lacks defense. Anything that resists fire
     should face it with no problem.
    -Carvanha is the same as Numel. The difference is that it's a Water/Dark
    -The starter should be taken on carefully. It has already evolved and is at a
     very high level considering where you are in the game. Beat Grovyle with
     Flying, Combusken with Water and Marshtomp with Grass.
    After the battle you rival will give you a Itemfinder (hey, the rival is much
    more friendly in this game than he used to be in the previous versions, have
    you noticed?) and leave on his/her bike.
    Keep moving and you will soon be at...
    As you enter this city, grab the item behind the fence. After you get it,
    enter the house that is closest to the item, talk to the man inside and you
    will get the HM 06. Now you can teach ROCK SMASH to a pkmn.
    Now, heal and head to the Bike Shop. Talk to one of the men inside and he will
    give you one of the two kinds of bike.
    The guy in the shop will offer two kinds of bikes:
    -The first option is the Mach bike, which can achieve incredibly fast speeds
     and go up those sandfalls. Also, this one can go through cracks on the floor
     without falling down since it's fast enough to cross them before they fall.
    -The second option is the Acro bike, which isn't so fast, but lets you hop by
     pressing B and is much cooler. ;) Also, it can be used to cross some railways
     you will see along the way.
    It doesn't matter which one you choose, you can come back and switch bikes it
    whenever, and as many times as you want. Oh, you may want to set the bike as
    the "shortcut item" by opening the item menu, selecting the bike and choosing
    the second option (the top-right one). Now you can get on/off the bike by
    pressing Select. Also, if you want to switch the shortcut item, just select
    another item. I often leave either the bike or on of the rods with this status.
    Now, you can play some games in the Casino (if you have a Coin Case, that is).
    To get the Coin Case, you have to buy a Harbor Mail at Slateport City and give it
    to a boy on the house next to the Pokémon Center.
    Anyway, move to the gym, and you will notice that it is blocked. Talk to the
    person and you will see that it is Wally. Now, answer Yes to his question
    and you will battle him. All he has is that Ralts he caught before, now at
    Level 16. It shouldn't be a problem...
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MAUVILLE GYM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 4
    Rewards: Dynamo Badge and TM 34
    Recommended party: Starter, and 3 more pkmn at level 20-above. Have something
                       that resist or beat the electric pkmn here.
    There are electric fences blocking your way to the leader. These fences switch
    places once you press the respective switches (the bolt signs on the floor).
    It isn't a hard puzzle, just go pressing everything you see and you will be at
    the leader in no time. If you make a mistake, leave the gym and try again.
    Gym Leader Wattson
    Pokémon: Magnemite lv.22
             Voltorb lv.20
             Magneton lv.23
    Money: $2300
    I found this hard. The electric pkmn are at a high level and in my case, I did
    not have a pkmn really resistant to electricity nor any ground-type move on the
    team. But if you have a Geodude, Nincada, Shedinja, or you started with
    Mudkip you'll have no problem here. Beware the paralysis that every of his
    pkmn can cause on you. Attaching a Berry 01 to your pkmn should heal it,
    avoiding some annoyance. After the battle you will receive the Dynamo Badge and
    a TM 34.
    Now, we are heading west to...
    :::ROUTE 117:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Roselia, Marill, Oddish, Volbeat, Illumise, Surskit
                  W) Marill, Surskit
    Recommended Party: Same as Mauville Gym.
    This route has one of the most important places of the game: the...
    Here you can leave your pkmn leveling up (they gain 1 exp.point every step you
    take) for $100 per level gained (plus a $100 for leaving the pkmn with them),
    but the best attraction here is undoubtely the breeding feature. If you didn't
    know, breeding is an easy way to fill up your dex, as well as a unvaluable
    instrument in team making. Besides, there are pokémon that can only be gotten
    through breeding (such as Pichu and Azurill, but not only them), and moves
    that certain pokémon can only get through breeding (Mudkip can get Mirror
    Coat, just to mention one example). Remember this place, if your intention is
    training pkmn to battle your friends in Level 100 battles, you will come here
    a lot...
    Do whatever you want about the Daycare Center, battle the trainers and get the
    items. This route ends at...
    Not much to do here... Heal and buy anything you need. Inside the Contest House
    a girl will give you a TM 45, which you can use to teach ATTRACT to your pkmn.
    For now, teach ROCK SMASH to a pkmn and enter the cave.
    You'll notice that this is the other side of that cave that misty cave that has
    only Whismurs. Battle the trainer and move on. If you exit to the left, you
    will be at a "hidden point" of Route 116. There is a guy that asks you to find
    his glasses. Check the ground a few steps to the left and give them to him. He
    will say that the Blackglasses you found aren't his glasses. Get back to the
    cave and go north this time. Get the HP UP and talk to the girl beside the
    rocks. Now, break the rock with ROCK SMASH and the guy behind the rock will
    give you the HM 04, that teaches STRENGTH to one of your pkmn.
    Head back to Mauville City.
    Now, I recommend you go east, to Route 118. You can't go farther in this route
    simply because you don't have SURF, but the trainers you can reach are in an
    adequate level for you right now. Just battle the 4 trainers. Finally, head
    back to Mauville and leave through the north exit.
    :::ROUTE 111:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Sandshrew, Trapinch, Cacnea, Baltoy (all in the desert)
                  W) Marill, Surskit
    Recommended Party: The same party of Mauville gym.
    If you talk to the guy blocking the house, you'll have to battle the whole
    family o_O, but you receive a Macho Brace for your efforts.
    Now, keep going up and an interviewer and a cameraman will 2v2 battle you.
    After the battle, she will ask you if you want to be interviewed. Accept and
    you'll see a screen that looks like the one that appeared when the guy at
    Petalburg asked for your profile will appear and you have to select a few
    options. Maybe you will become famous but I don't know what you need to answer
    here (I noticed that some TV Screens are turned on after you are interviewed,
    and if you check them, the program is about you, but that's all).
    Right ahead, you will see the entrance of a desert. But as soon as you step on
    the desert, a sandstorm will blow and you can't go on. There is nothing you can
    do about it now, just head west.
    :::ROUTE 112:::
    Wild Pokémon: Numel, Machop
    Recommended Party: Same as Route 111
    Battle the trainers until you come to a gate blocked by two Team Magma/Aqua
    Grunts. They will not leave, so forget it. Get out of there and enter the cave
    a bit to the left.
    :::FIERY PATH:::
    Wild Pokémon: Slugma, Koffing, Grimer, Torkoal
    Recommended Party: Whatever you have now should be enough
    This cave is just a passage. There is nothing to do here without STRENGTH, and
    even though you do have the HM, you can't use the move outside battles until
    you receive the 4th Badge. Just leave north to the other side of Route 112.
    To the south is the other entrance of the desert. As usual, the sand will blow.
    Head north and talk to the guy standing in front of a big tree. You will get a
    TM 43. You can use this to teach SECRET POWER to a pkmn, move that allows you
    to climb trees and open little indents on mountains. Inside those holes you
    can set up your Secret Base. I'll go into more details at another section.
    For now, just keep going. Inside the house blocked (in terms) by a bush, a
    woman will heal your pkmn. Heal and move on. If you have the Mach Bike, you can
    go up the sandfall and battle a trainer... If you don't, you can do this later.
    A girl near the berry plants will give you a Berry 16. Keep going east to...
    :::ROUTE 113:::
    Wild Pokémon: Spinda, Sandshrew, Skarmory
    Recommended Party: Four pkmn at lv.23
    Notice the ashes falling from the volcano as you enter this route... One thing
    that you should be aware of: some items and trainers are kind of buried, so
    don't be scared to enter a battle with something you didn't see very well. And
    check all the "holes", there are items in some.
    Go in that house along the way, talk to the man and he'll give you a Soot Pack.
    Collect as many ashes as you can by stepping on the grassy area (notice that it
    becomes green) and then go back to the house to exchange ashes for certain
    items. (Thanks to AndrOide and Typhlosion from www.pokeland.net for pointing
    this out for me).
    After you are done with the game, grab the TM 32 in one of those holes and move
    west to...
    Heal at the Pokémon Center, and talk to the girl blocking the PC. She will ask
    you to visit her at Route 114. If you can enter another house here, a girl will
    say she saw some Magma/Aqua guys at Route 114.
    Two houses left to the Pkmn Center is the house of the Move Tutor. He can make
    your pokémon remember natural moves that they had at early levels, if you bring
    him a Heart Scale later on, that is. The only place so far that you could have
    gotten this item that I know of is the beach east of Mauville, hidden under one
    of the stones.
    Now you can go to the famous Route 114 that everybody talks about.
    :::ROUTE 114:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zangoose (R)/Seviper (S), Seedot (R)/Lotad (S), Nuzleaf (R)/
                     Lombre (S), Surskit, Swablu
                  W) Marill, Surskit
    Recommended Party: Same as Route 113
    Enter the first house you see and talk to the first person you see for a TM 28.
    If you talk to the other man inside this house... he'll do nothing (that I know
    of). >:P The old man with a Poochyena on his side will give you a TM 05 (two TMs
    in one Route :o).
    Enter the house and that girl that was blocking the PC at the Pokémon Center
    will give you a Seedot/Lotad Doll (R/S respectively). She is the person that
    takes care of the Pokémon Storage System now, and there's an e-mail from Bill
    in one of the PCs. Go up the mountain, and break some rocks for items. Just
    keep going and enter the cave on the mountain.
    :::METEOR FALLS:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zubat, Golbat, Solrock (R)/Lunatone (S), Bagon (Need
                     WATERFALL for Bagon)
                  W) Zubat, Golbat, Solrock (R)/Lunatone (S)
    Recommended Party: You should keep a party at level 25 for now...
    Here, go up to get the item. Now get back and cross the bridge. You will see
    two members of Team Magma/Aqua talking to a scientist. Soon, they notice your
    presence and prepare to attack you, but the rival team (Aqua if you are playing
    Ruby, Magma if you are playing Sapphire) comes and they run away.
    Now you can go back to the Cable Car (that place that was blocked by team
    Magma/Aqua before the Fiery Path). You could go back from where you came from,
    or head south to...
    :::ROUTE 115:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Swablu, Taillow, Jigglypuff, Wingull (Need to cross the sea to
                     reach the grassy area)
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    You've been here before. You couldn't go up the ledges though. And you can't
    explore the whole route yet, because you need SURF to access another side of
    the Route. Just come back when you have SURF, there are nice items there.
    Just battle the trainers and go to Rustboro City. From there, cross the misty
    tunnel to reach Verdanturf, and from there to Mauville. Now go north until you
    reach the Fiery Path's entrance. Enter the building that was blocked by Team
    Magma/Aqua before and you'll be on the Cable Car.
    Recommended Party: Four pokémon above lv.25
    As soon as you come out of the Cable Car you will see members of Team Magma and
    Aqua battling everywhere. That also means that your way is blocked and you
    can't go to Lavaridge Town to get your fourth badge. >_<
    Well, you gotta do something, don't you? Let's start looking for members of the
    Teams that do not have their respective opponents, so that you can fill in the
    empty slot. >:] Talk to everybody here. HAVE A TEAM ABOVE LEVEL 25 HERE. A
    fighting pokémon helps against the Dark trainers here, as do bug pokémon. Walk
    up the stairs and look for a Magma/Aqua guy that is not battling (no, you won't
    battle an Aqua grunt in Ruby, and nor a Magma grunt in Sapphire). Battle the
    grunt and the admin and you will have to face the leader.
    Team Magma/Aqua Leader Maxie/Archie
    Pokémon: Mightyena lv.24
             Golbat lv.24
             Camerupt (R)/Sharpedo (S) lv.25
    Money: $2000
    -Mightyena is easy. Beware his ability Intimidate, which will lower your
     pokémon's attack as soon as it enters the arena. Beat him with fighting moves,
     or even any strong move.
    -Golbat is that annoying thing we all know. Try not to let it
     SUPERSONIC/CONFUSE RAY you, and beat it with types that can beat Poison/Flying
     (Psychic, Electric, Ice and Rock).
    -Camerupt is a walk in the park if you got any water move on your team. It does
     attack heavily, but is slow, has many weaknesses, and is pretty weak
    -Sharpedo attacks well but lacks defensive abilities. Use anything that
     beats him or even a Normal pokémon and you will be through in no time.
    After the battle, the Aqua/Magma leader (not the one you just beat) will come
    and thank you (I think...). Check the machine that Maxie/Archie was
    using and say yes to take out the meteorite.
    Now, go to that path that the battling grunts were blocking, near the Cable Car
    entrance and go down. You will be in the...
    :::JAGGED PASS:::
    Wild Pokémon: Numel, Machop, Spoink
    Recommended Party: Starter and 3 more pkmn at level 26-above. Anything that
                       beats or resists Fire will be more than welcome when you
                       reach Lavaridge, so start training one if you don't have it
    Go down this place. Don't worry if you miss anything, you can go back through
    the Cable Car later. You can use the Acro Bike to go up the ledges here. Just
    leave the forest and you will be back at Route 112.
    Don't fall down the ledges to the east, it is quite annoying to go up the cable
    car and go down throught the pass again. Just go west and you will be at...
    Heal, inside the Pokémon Center there is a passage to the hot spring beside the
    Center. I don't know if that does any good for your pokémon... An old man
    inside the herb shop will give you a item.
    An old lady will give you an egg if you have an empty slot on your party. Want
    to know what's inside? Hatch it yourself, I won't tell >:P
    Anyway, buy anything you may need and go to the gym.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::LAVARIDGE GYM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 5
    Rewards: Heat Badge and TM 50
    Recommended Party: Your pokémon should be at least level 27. A water-type, or
                       rock-type with proper moves is a big help here, but a fire
                       pkmn is enough, since it can resist the guys here. A dragon
                       would be good too, but it's very unlikely that you have one
                       by now (simply because there were no dragons to catch
                       until now and Swablu only becomes Altaria at level
                       35 :P).
    This place is covered by mist, but nothing that should hinder your vision
    though. Step on the hot springs to be thrown into another room. Beware, some of
    the hot springs hide trainers (personally, I'd battle every of them). After
    some forced hopping, you will reach the leader.
    Gym Leader Flannery
    Pokémon: Slugma lv.26
             Slugma lv.26
             Torkoal lv.28
    Money: $2800
    Be extrmely careful with this leader. Every of her pokémon can launch a VERY
    powerful OVERHEAT move, which will cause a lot of trouble if you don't have
    anything that resists fire. Heck, even my lv.27 Graveler was 2-hit-KO'd by
    Torkoal with this. The Slugmas are pretty easy, if you followed my advice,
    but Torkoal is another story... Its OVERHEAT is much more powerful, and it can
    throw off a very strong BODY SLAM as well, which can even be boosted up by
    CURSE and it's even an annoyer, with ATTRACT holding you back while it sets up.
    Beat this guy quickly, or you may end up losing this battle.
    After the battle, you get the Heat Badge and a TM 50 (now you have in our hands
    the feared move that almost made you lose here, OVERHEAT, even though it's
    not THAT powerful once you get to know it better).
    As you get out of the gym, Brendan/May will spot you and give you the goggles,
    which allow you to walk in the sandstorm. Yes, you can now go the desert.
    Now, you have four badges, know what this means? It means that you can beat
    your father's stupid fat a... (what a bad way to speak of your own father ;[).
    If you go to the desert now, don't forget to pick the fossil. They are strange
    items on the top-right corner of the desert, one beside the other, but if you
    pick one of them, the other disappears. One of the fossils becomes Lileep, a
    Rock/Grass pkmn and the other becomes Anorith, a Rock/Bug pkmn. The Lileep
    fossil is the one on the left, and the Anorith fossil is the one on the right
    For now, let's beat Petalburg Gym. Head to the city and enter the gym.
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::PETALBURG GYM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 7
    Rewards: Balance Badge and TM 42
    Recommended Party: 4 Pokémon at level 29 or higher. A ghost helps here, but
                       won't save your skin by itself
    This Gym doesn't really have many secrets. When you are in the first room,
    there are two doors to choose, whatever door you choose, there will be a
    trainer there and you need to beat him/her to unlock two more doors. The leader
    is in a room with no more doors, so if you want to battle everybody before the
    leader, just don't talk to the guy inside a room with no doors. Here's a small
    map to help you:
    |---------------------|  ****************************************************
    |*****|    L    |*****|  | E = Entrance                                     |
    |*****|         |*****|  | D = Doors                                        |
    |-------D-----D-------|  | X = Guy on the entrance that gives you some tips |
    |          |          |  | 1 = Trainers that have a Delcatty                |
    |    3     |     3    |  | 2 = Trainers that have a Linoone                 |
    |          |          |  | 3 = Trainers that have a Zangoose                |
    |---D---D-----D---D---|  | L = Gym Leader                                   |
    |     |         |     |  ****************************************************
    |  2  |    2    |  2  |
    |     |         |     |
    |          |          |
    |    1     |     1    |
    |          |          |
    |****|           |****|
    |****|   X       |****|
    |****|           |****|
    Gym Leader Norman
    Pokémon: Slaking lv.28
             Vigoroth lv.30
             Slaking lv.31
    Money: $3100
    -The first Slaking attacks with FACADE and FAINT ATTACK. FACADE can't hit
     ghosts, but FAINT ATTACK can... Also, if the Slaking uses YAWN (a smoke
     attack), switch immediately, because your pkmn will fall asleep on the next
     turn. Also, you can take advantage of Slaking's ability, =(Lazy)=, which makes
     it need a recharge turn, as if every move he uses is a HYPER BEAM.
    -Vigoroth is Slaking's early evolution, but it isn't so lazy. The only
     difference from the Slaking is that Vigoroth attacks with SLASH, and not
     BRAVADO (SLASH is a bit stronger, but Slaking has a much higher attack stat)
    -The last Slaking is a pain, if you cease your attack that is. It loves using
     FOCUS PUNCH every turn (it looks like a 2-turn move, but it isn't), which is
     a 150 power fighting move that attacks last and fails if the user receives
     damage during charge. Get the point? No matter what you do, do not stop
     attacking him (of course, a ghost breaks the rule here again, forcing it to
     use FAINT ATTACK).
    You can follow this whole strategy, or simply have a Sableye (Sapphire) at a
    decent level, as I did, he is immune to the normal moves and suffers normal
    damage from the dark ones, he can beat this leader with no problem. Having a
    steel pokémon such as Aron. Mawile (Ruby) or Skarmory here is also a good way
    to beat this gym, as the only move that can hit those pokémon hard is FOCUS
    PUNCH, which fails if the pokémon is hit during the charge.
    After the battle, you get the Balance Badge and TM 42.
    After the battle, enter the house that is to the left of the Gym and talk to
    the man there. He will give you the HM 03. With this, you can teach SURF to
    your pkmn.
    Now, you can go to the parts of the map you couldn't reach before. A ton of
    Side Areas open now that you have SURF, but this Walkthrough will only guide
    you to what is really necessary to beat the game. The Side Areas can be viewed
    at its respective section.
    Now, head to Mauville and then east from there, on that route that had a small
    :::ROUTE 118:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Electrike, Manectric, Linoone, Wingull, Kecleon
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: 4-5 pokémon at level 32, and something to SURF you around
    There is a battle with the interviewers Gabby and Ty here too. I don't know if
    you gain anything but fame by being interviewed. And you can get a Super Rod
    from a fisherman by the right edge of the water.
    As you move on, Steven will stop to talk to you. Now, you can go east to Route
    123, but there's absolutely nothing to do there now. So, head north and you'll
    be at...
    :::ROUTE 119:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Linoone, Oddish, Absol, Tropius, Kecleon
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: Same as before
    This Route is _BIG_, bring healing items along, or you'll have some trouble...
    There's a really tall grass in here, and I recommend you CUT it off, before
    trying to get all the trainers and items. If you don't care, just move on. And
    don't try to cross this grass with a bike.
    You'll see a river and a house full of Wingulls nearby. There's nothing in
    the house, but if you cross the river you will see a item lying near a tree
    which you can carve to make a Secret Hideout.
    Keep going on. You'll soon see the Weather Institute building and a bridge
    blocked by two Magma/Aqua grunts. You can do nothing about the grunts, so, try
    the Institute.
    Inside the Institute, go left to heal your pkmn in the bed and you can use that
    PC too. Now, make your day with those Magma/Aqua guys here and go to the second
    floor. Keep with the mass destruction until you battle a girl that is blocking
    the way to three scientists. After beating her, one of the scientists will
    thank you and if you have an empty slot, he'll also give you a Castform, a
    strange pokémon that changes its appearance and type with the weather. Hm, keep
    it if you want to...
    Now, heal and go out. Cross the bridge that was blocked and keep struggling
    along the Route. You'll soon be stopped by someone familiar...
    Rival battle: Pokémon Trainer Brendan/May
    Pokémon: |----------------------------------------------------|
             |     Torchic     |     Mudkip     |     Treecko     |<-- Your Starter
             |Shroomish   Lv.29|Grovyle    Lv.31|Shroomish   Lv.29|
             |Numel       Lv.29|Numel      Lv.29|Combusken   Lv.31|
             |Marshtomp   Lv.31|Carvanha   Lv.29|Carvanha    Lv.29|
    Money: $1860
    This won't be hard, contrary to the last battle, because you should have pkmn
    with higher level than his/her pkmn.
    -Shroomish goes down to fire/ice/flying/poison/bug moves, but has a pretty
     good staying power and uses LEECH SEED + POISONPOWDER and can annoy like hell.
    -Numel bows down to water moves, but can take a beating from ground moves
     as well. Anything that resists EMBER and MAGNITUDE can beat it with no problem
    -Carvanha is pretty easy to beat with a single electric or grass move.
     Fighting and Bug are also pretty effective here.
    -The starter represents some trouble again... Marshtomp is Water/Ground and
     should be taken on only by grass pkmn with good grass moves. Grovyle is
     pure Grass, which makes it a little easier to beat, due to the many weaknesses
     (see Kinococo); just be careful, because it has a very good S.Atk and is
     pretty fast. Combusken is Fire/Fighting, and should be taken on with a good
     water, ground, flying or psychic pkmn; be careful with the strong fighting and
     fire attacks it can pull off though.
    After the battle, Brendan/May will give you a HM 02, which allows you to
    teach FLY to your pokémon, and then leave by bike.
    Keep moving and battling the camouflaged trainers along the way. And don't find
    it strange if you are (or have been) blocked by something invisible along the
    way, it's not a bug or anything like that, just something I'll tell you later.
    Sooner or later, you will find yourself at...
    :::FORTREE CITY:::
    You may want to heal and buy some healing items and balls here due to the long
    trip at Route 119. Talk to the old woman in the second house from the left to
    right on the north part of the city to get the TM 10 (after getting this, you
    can get this TM at that shop in Slateport). If you try to go to the gym now,
    another of those "invisible walls" will block you. Nothing you can do here
    either... For now, just go to...
    :::ROUTE 120:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Linoone, Oddish, Marill, Absol, Kecleon, Surskit
                  W) Marill, Surskit
    Recommended Party: Four or five pokémon around Lv.34
    Here, just go east and then south when you reach a part with tall grass. Just
    ignore the stairs for now, they are blocked again. You will battle the
    interviewer Gabby and her cameraman again here (and again, i have no idea of
    what to answer...).
    You will soon find a bridge. Cross it and you will see Steven along with one
    of those "walls" blocking your way. Save your game and talk to him. He'll show
    you that the invisible thing is just Kecleon, the chameleon pokémon and you
    will have to battle it.
    Kecleon's Color Change ability makes it become of the last type that hit it.
    This can make the battle very annoying if you hit it with something like SURF,
    since it'll become a water type after the attack, and the next one won't be
    effective, but this can be used to your advantage, in example, you can hit it
    with a water move and then with an electric one. Anyway, defeat or catch it to
    proceed. If you don't catch this one don't worry, from now on you can catch as
    many as you want, every of those invisible things are Kecleons and most of them
    will battle you (and if you happen to miss ALL of them, they still appear at
    both here and Route 119, on the tall grass, but it's a bit rare).
    Anyway, Steven will fly away after the battle. Go back to Fortree and head to
    the Gym. Talk to the Kecleon and this one will run away, leaving the path open.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::FORTREE GYM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 4
    Rewards: Feather Badge and TM 40
    Recommended Party: A good team at around level 34-35. A pokémon with electric
                       or ice moves will have a field day here
    There is a small puzzle in this gym. You have to turn those bars to make your
    way through this gym, but you have to turn them more than once sometimes, so
    it's not that easy. You'll get the hang of it pretty soon, so there's no need
    to explain it. Just battle the trainers and move to the leader, so that we can
    shock her birds out of the sky.
    Gym Leader Winona
    Pokémon: Swellow Lv.31
             Pelipper Lv.30
             Skarmory Lv.32
             Altaria Lv.33
    Money: $3300
    Don't bother using moves such as DOUBLE TEAM if any of your pokémon has them,
    every pokémon of this gym leader can use AERIAL ACE, which is like a
    Flying-type SWIFT (ignores accuracy/evasion modifiers).
    -Swellow is fast, but doesn't pose much of a threat. Just shock or freeze it
     or even use ROCK SLIDE/ROCK THROW/ROCK TOMB from a Graveler or something
     and this guy is done for.
    -Pelipper is Water/Flying, meaning Ice won't do that good, but Electric hits
     even harder here. It's much easier than Swellow, especially if you've
     taught the TM from Mauville City to a pokémon of yours, but don't leave a Rock
     pokémon in front of this guy.
    -Skarmory is THE physical tank. But a Fire or Electric move will do pretty well
     and in case you don't have one, moves like SURF can do the job here too...
    -Altaria is the nightmare of those of you who were relying on electric
     pokémon to do the job here (thank god I was using my Gardevoir with
     THUNDERBOLT). It's a Dragon/Flying pokémon and has EARTHQUAKE on its moveset
     to compensate the weakness of the other pokémon of the team. And to make
     things even worse, it's got DRAGON DANCE, which will increase its Attack
     and Speed, making EARTHQUAKE a deadly weapon. But this guy is just a weakened
     Dragonite and falls easily to Ice Moves, as well as Rock moves (you probably
     don't have a Dragon move yet, but these work too...). If you don't have any of
     these, a strong physical attacker may do the job for you.
    After the battle, you will be awarded with the Feather Badge and the TM 40.
    Now that you got the Feather Badge, FLY can be used out of battle. It's not a
    necessary move to beat the game, but will prove very helpful when you need to
    go to a far away place or even to catch the legendary pokémon (more on this
    later). So I recommend you make a FLY slave for you (if you don't know, it's a
    pokémon that is on the team only to fly you around). Go to Route 120 again.
    After you cross the bridge where you first found Kecleon, it will start to
    rain, and that affects your battles (auto RAIN DANCE). If you have CUT learned
    on one of your pokémon, you can get some berries for your collection.
    Keep going south and you'll be forced to chosse from either west or east at a
    certain part. Go west to grab berries and such... Notice a strange rocky
    formation, with a big rock and six smaller ones around it, this place plays a
    very important role in the game, later on.
    Now that you've done everything here, go back and head east this time.
    :::ROUTE 121:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Shuppet, Linoone, Oddish, Gloom, Wingull, Kecleon
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: Four pokémon around level 35.
    This would be just a prolongation of Route 120 IF the Safari Zone wasn't here.
    You must have delivered a certain item to a person at Slateport to be able to
    catch pokémon here though...
    :::SAFARI ZONE:::
    If you are one of those old fans of pokémon you will remember this place from
    the good old Red/Blue/Yellow versions. At the Safari Zone, you pay $500 to
    enter a big park with all sorts of really rare pokémon that can only be caught
    here. The difference s that you cannot use your pokémon to make the hunt easy,
    you only rely on rocks (that you can throw on the pokémon to make them easier
    to catch, but also make them angry, and consequently, they may run from you),
    and berries (which make them more friendly, but well, you will be wasting some
    Everytime you enter the park, you get 30 Safari Balls, and a time limit of 20
    minutes. Each section of the park hides different pokémon, and som of them are
    hard to find. Some of them are on those lakes, so you need to fish and surf for
    them (damn, they took my dear Dragonite from this game, this park has no reason
    to exist anymore ;_;. Oh well, my Flygon will have to do for now :D).
    The pokémon that can only be found here are: Pikachu, Doduo, Dodrio, Natu,
    Xatu, Rhyhorn, Goldeen, Seaking, Heracross, Pinsir, Psyduck, Golduck...
    Anyways, head east. You will see some Team Magma/Aqua members sticking around
    near the entrance of the Safari Zone. But they will leave. You will probably
    have to heal by now, so go to...
    This city isn't really our goal for now, but you can take your time and explore
    the place a little :) . Among the attractives of this city are: the giant
    store, the move deleter, the hardest of the contest houses, and a Team
    Magma/Aqua base that you cannot enter yet (notice the many members of Team
    Magma/Aqua lying around this city). A fat boy inside the house that is closest
    to the sea will give you TM 44, and a lot of people in this city will give
    other minor items. Also, a lot of items are hidden under the rocks on the
    beach, just press A facing one of them.
    Now, you may want to go to Giant Store and face the main attraction of the
    night. Just talk to Brendan/May and answer YES to start the battle.
    Rival battle: Pokémon Trainer Brendan/May
    Pokémon: |-------------------------------------------------|
             |    Torchic    |     Mudkip     |    Treecko     |<-- Your Starter
             |Swellow   Lv.31|Swellow    Lv.31|Swellow    Lv.31|
             |Shroomish Lv.32|Grovyle    Lv.34|Shroomish  Lv.32|
             |Numel     Lv.32|Numel      Lv.32|Combusken  Lv.34|
             |Marshtomp Lv.34|Carvanha   Lv.32|Carvanha   Lv.32|
    Money: $2040
    This last battle against your rival poses no threat to you if you have been
    following my advice on the levels you should have by now, as all the training
    your rival had was concentrated on raising Swellow, his/her FLY slave.
    -Swellow is quite easy, unless it starts setting up DOUBLE TEAM, then you'll
    have some trouble... Just don't leave a Fighting, Grass or Bug pokémon in front
    of the bird and you will be through in no time.
    -Shroomish is the annoying kind of guy. Be careful of LEECH SEED and try to
    kill it fast with a Fire or Flying pokémon.
    -Numel is the attacker kind of guy, but not the defensive one. SURF from
    anything and the little camel is done for.
    -Carvanha is the same as Numel, 1-2 hits from any electric or grass move,
    as well as any fighting or bug moves, they all work fine.
    -As long as you fight the starter with a pokémon with the appropriate
    type-advantage, it will fall easily, if you don't, you may have some problems.
    Ok. Buy anything you want at the department store (there's a nice selection of
    TMs here) and when you are done with the sightseeing at Lilycove, go back to
    Route 121. This time, go south until you reach a part where you need to SURF,
    you will be at Route 122. Surf around the mountain and enter it.
    :::MT. PYRE:::
    Wild Pokémon: Graveyard area: Shuppet, Duskull
                  Halfway area: Shuppet, Meditite, Vulpix, Wingull
                  Summit: Shuppet, Duskull, Chimecho (RARE)
    Recommended Party: 4 pokémon at level 35 will do it for you
    You can do two things inside this tower: battle all the trainers and get the
    several items that are lying along this tower, including the TM 30, which is a
    powerful ghost move, and the herbs that allow you to breed for Azurill and
    Wynaut (go through stairs on the north), or go directly to your objective,
    which is hunting down the Magma/Aqua guys on the top of the mountain (take the
    west exit). There are no sectrets inside the tower, so I'll guide you directly
    to your objective (that doesn't mean you can't climb the tower first).
    Anyway, exit through the left exit of the first floor. Go to the top of the
    mountain, while grabbing the items on the floor and hidden on the tombs. You
    will soon see the Magma/Aqua grunts blocking your way to their leader. Beat
    them and you will see the leader threatening an old couple. Interrupt the
    conversation and they will leave. The old woman will then gift you with a
    item. Leave this place.
    Now you have to hunt down Team Magma/Aqua to stop them from awakening
    Groudon/Kyogre (for Ruby/Sapphire versions respectively). Now, they are trying
    to get a submarine at Kaina Port so that they can enter the submarine cave
    where Groudon/Kyogre is sleeping, which means you gotta go back to Slateport.
    There are two ways to do that: by flying, or by foot. Flying is much easier,
    but if you go by foot, you can visit a new route, which has trainers for your
    Trainer's Eye and a few interesting items.
    Also, we are coming to the last parts of the game, so if you have been
    following my advice on the team you should keep, I should state that now is a
    good time to start training a fifth or even a sixth pokémon (I was recommending
    four at the moment) so that you don't have too much trouble later on. Now that
    you are aware, head south of the Mt. Pyre to reach...
    :::ROUTE 123:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zigzagoon, Shuppet, Linoone, Oddish, Gloom, Wingull, Kecleon
                  W) Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: Five pokémon around level 35
    If you have CUT, you can get a Rare Candy on the right side of the screen.
    Always take the upper path if you want to get all the items and battle the
    trainers here. The girl beside the berry flowers will give you a TM 19. After
    getting everything, enter the house and the man will give you 2 berries. The
    other will ask you another one of those profile things... grab the berries and
    go to Slateport.
    When in Slateport, head to the port and you will see some comotion outside. Mary
    will be interviewing the scientist that you delivered an item before. Talk to
    him and the interview will end. You will hear that sound that announces Team
    Magma/Aqua and as you enter to check the matter the leader and that girl you
    fought in the Weather Research Laboratory will jump onto the submarine and
    leave. Now is the time to go back to Lilycove, invade Team Magma/Aqua's base
    and destroy their evil plan. :o
    Fly to Lilycove. The base is on the beach and it will now be open.
    Recommended Party: If your team has five pokémon at level 37 you have more than
                       enough to breeze through this place
    I recommend you battle everyone here, because you won't be able to battle these
    trainers anymore once this event is done. Follow the walkthrough and you will
    have no problem.
    Battle the guy runnning around in the first room and go up the stairs. Then,
    take the right teleporter to get a item, go back and then take the left
    teleporter. Battle the two grunts in this room, and take the teleporter at the
    bottom-left part of the room. There is a small puzzle here:
    |******|       |******|
    |******|       |******|
    |******|   S <-|******|---You start here!
    |------|       |------|
    |                     |
    |  1       S       2  |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |  2   v<< 3 <<<   1  |
    |      v       ^      |  |--------------------------------------------------|
    |      v       ^      |  | S = Start point, and teleporters that lead to it |
    |  4   >>> 3 >>^   S  |  | 1,2,3,4 = Numbers that represent the teleporters |
    |              ^      |  |           that match                             |
    |              ^      |  | E = Exit                                         |
    |  E       3 >>^   4  |  |--------------------------------------------------|
    |                     |
    This is easier than my horrible "map" makes it look. You start at the "S" on
    the top of the room and you have to take teleporters until you reach the exit.
    The teleporters with a certain number lead to other the teleporter with the
    same number. Only the teleporters with number three are confusing: the one on
    the middle of the room takes you to the one directly below it. the other
    "number 3's" take you to the one in the middle of the room.
    After you leave through the exit, you will be in a room with four item balls.
    Two of them are real items and two of them are Lv.30 Electrode (on the Sapphire
    version the items are the ones on the left, but I heard that on Ruby it's
    exactly the opposite. I can't confirm though...). By the way, one of the items
    is the MASTER BALL :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (don't miss this or any of the
    items here, because once you leave you cannot come back for the remainder of
    the game.
    Go back to that room you were before and this time, take the teleporter on the
    right side of the room. Go down the stairs. Battle the guy in this room and
    take the south teleporter. Grab item, go back and take the right teleporter. Go
    down the stairs, battle the grunt and go up through one more set of stairs.
    Battle the girl in this room and take the teleporter. A high-ranked member of
    Team Magma/Aqua will spot you, but you won't be forced to battle. GO BATTLE
    HIM AND IGNORE THE OTHER TELEPORTER FOR NOW, as it will take you to the
    entrance, and you will only want to go to the entrance AFTER you beat him (yeah
    I fell for it).
    The Executive uses a Lv.32 Carvanha, a Lv.32 Sharpedo and a Lv.32 Mightyena
    but if you are following my recommendations you should be far above that. No
    After the battle, the submarine where the leader is will depart. That guy you
    just battled will keep you from doing anything. Since you have no choice,
    leave. Now the Sea Route that was blocked is now open, and the base is now
    Noe look for Mossdeep City on the map and SURF there.
    :::ROUTE 124 and 125:::
    Wild Pokémon: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper
    Recommended Party: I think you should have five pokémon rounded at Lv.39
    There are A TON of trainers on these Sea Routes, and some of them cannot be
    reached now, because you still can't dive. Other than that, this Route doesn't
    have much to offer. Head to Mossdeep.
    First of all, you may want to go to Steven's house at the top-left part of the
    island. He will give you HM 08, which teaches DIVE to your pokémon. Then, you
    could talk to the guy near his house, and answer yes to get an item. A guy
    inside another house, will give you another item if you answer yes, and there
    is a person inside the Rocket Tower that gives you one more item.
    Now, heal and go to the gym, this city is just about it.
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MOSSDEEP GYM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 5
    Rewards: Mind Badge and TM 04
    Recommended Party: Pokémon that can beat Psychic and a good pokémon with SURF
                       at around level 40
    This Gym is a heck annoying labyrinth, with slippering floors and switches that
    you need to press to go farther. Besides, the psychic pokémon in here are quite
    strong. I'll draw a small map of the Gym to help you, or make your life even
    harder... :P
    *          v < < < < < < < < |          *
    *        t v      LL     x ^ |          *
    *          v             | ^ |          *
    *          D >           | ^ |          *
    *--v-----|     |---------| ^ |          *
    *t   4   |   v < < < < < < < < < < < <  *
    *        |   Y |---------| ^ |     | U  *
    *        --| Y |         | ^ |     | U |*
    *          | v | 3     t | ^ |     | ^ |*
    *          | v |         | ^ |     | ^ |*
    *-----     | v |-----v ^ | ^ |-----| ^ |*
    *      v ^ | v |     v ^ | ^       | ^ |*
    *  > > > > > > > C > > > > > > v   | ^ |*
    *  U | v ^ | v | Y | v ^ | ^ | Y   2 ^ |*
    *  U | v ^ | v | Y | v ^ | ^ | Y >     |*
    *| ^ | v ^ | v |   t v ^ | ^ < B >   ^ |*
    *| ^ | v ^ | v |       ^ |---------t ^ |*
    *| ^ | v ^ |   >                   | ^ |*
    *| ^ | v ^ | v >                   | ^ |*
    *| ^ | v ^ < < <   ----------------| ^ |*
    *| ^   > > > > > > > > > > > > > v | ^ |*
    *| A   < < < < < < < < < < < < | v | ^ |*
    *| ^ t     1                   | v | ^ |*
    *| ^ |                         | v | ^ |*
    *| ^ |                         < < | ^ |*
    *| ^ |---------|       |-----------| ^ |*
    *| ^ < < < < <           > > > > > > ^ |*
    *|               ?           x         |*
    ******************     ******************
    /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------\                            |
    |^,v,>,< = North, South, East, West respectively. These are slippery floors.  |
    |          When you step in one, you'll be carried until there are no more of |
    |          these.                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |U,Y = Up and down respectively. These are used to go up and down the         |
    |      elevations of the gym.                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |? = Guy that stands by the entrance and gives info on the gym.               |
    |                                                                             |
    |"|",- = Represent the walls, but not exactly the Gym's limits.               |
    |                                                                             |
    |* = These represent the Gym's limits. They are all around the gym, and may be|
    |    either alone or with a wall beside it, depending on what part of the gym |
    |    you are.                                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |A,B,C,D = Represent slippery floors whose direction can be changed, by       |
    |          pressing certain switches.                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |1,2,3,4 = These are the switches that change the directions of A,B,C,D.      |
    |                                                                             |
    |x = Represent the teleporters. You can only use them by stepping into the one|
    |    close to the leaders. You will be transported to the one close to the    |
    |    entrance.                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |L = Represent the leaders of the gym.                                        |
    Just flip all the switches and take the slippery floor close to the "?" guy.
    You'll be in front of the leader. You may want to battle all the trainers along
    the way, but to battle one of them, you cannot flip the "4" switch.
    To reach the leader, "A" must point "^", "B" must point ">", "C" must point "^"
    and "D" must point ">".
    2v2 Battle: Gym Leaders Tate & Liza
    Pokémon: Solrock and Lunatone
    SURF is _the_ move to be used here. Both pokémon are Rock-type and SURF will
    hit both at once. They have other weaknesses such as Grass and Ghost, which you
    can take advantage of. Well, if you rely on SURF, try to beat Solrock quickly, because
    it can use SUNNY DAY, which will cut the power of water-moves.
    This battle isn't hard, if one of your pokémon faints, you can replace it, so
    it's actually a 2v6 battle :P
    After the battle, you get the Mind Badge and a TM 04.
    Leave the Gym. You can now dive and explore the underwater, making it possible
    to complete more sidequests.
    You can now keep your hunt for Team Magma/Aqua's head. But I'd prefer going to
    Sootopolis City before that. The easiest way to reach Sootopolis is by diving
    onto a large stripe of water near Mossdeep, that circles a huge mountain. Dive
    underwater and when you find a place with a small "door" (still underwater),
    enter it and go back to the surface (Note: There are two large stripes of water
    near Mossdeep, but one of them has no alga and seems like a large abyss. This
    one leads you to the Seafloor Cave, and can only be taken a bit more to the
    south than the one we are looking for).
    You will only battle underwater when diving ont the areas with algae. The only
    pokémon wou find underwater in the game are Clamperl, Chinchou and Relicanth.
    Clamperl (a shell with a pink face and four pearls inside) can be found
    anywhere, Chinchou is a bit rarer, and Relicanth is extremely rare (I've heard
    it can only be found near Sootopolis City's entrance).
    You can only go back to the surface through a part of the land that is clearer
    than the others. Press B and you will be asked if you want to go back to the
    When you find a square that is a bit different from the others, that seems to
    hide something buried, check it and you will receive something. This can also
    mark the place, so that you know where you have been to, and where you still
    haven't (this is really necessary, because the Underwater is REALLY BIG and you
    may get lost easily.
    You can do practically nothing in this city for now, but you have to come back
    later, so coming here now leaves this place marked so that you can FLY here
    from now on.
    This city can divided in three parts: left side, the Gym and the right side.
    That big lake in the entrance gives access to the three of them. Oh, you can
    battle Magikarps (surfing) and Gyarados (fishing) in this lake. :x
    A girl in a house in the right side of the city will give you a Wailmer Doll
    if you answer yes to her question. Some people in another house will give you
    items if you have big Barboaches and Shroomishes (there was a similar game
    involving Magikarps in the GSC games).
    On the left side, you can find the shop, a girl that gives you two items
    (berries, i believe), a house with a guy that gives you TM 31 and the entrance
    of a cave, but that is blocked.
    Between the two sides is the Gym, but that is blocked as well...
    Now is a good time to go back to Mossdeep, heal and then head south. You will
    see a large strip of water, that is extended until far south from here. Before
    coming to this place, be sure to have STRENGTH, ROCK SMASH, SURF and DIVE.
    Dive onto that stripe of water. You will notice that this underwater area looks
    different than the previous ones. Keep going south and you will end up in front
    of the entrance of a cave. Enter, and you'll see a submarine. Press B and go
    back to the sea. You will see yourself in front of a cave. Go in.
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zubat, Golbat
                  W) Tentacool, Zubat, Golbat
    Try to get your team to above lv.40. There are several puzzles you need to
    solve in this cave in order to prevent Team Magma/Aqua from awakening
    As soon as you enter the cave, a boulder (by boulder, I mean the ones you can
    push with STRENGTH) will be blocking your way, and a rock (these can be broken
    with ROCK SMASH) and another boulder will be blocking the left part of this
    room. Break the rock, and move the boulder close to it to the north, so that
    you can proceed through that side, and then move the other boulder to the east
    (so easy and I make sound so hard..., but the next puzzles aren't that easy).
    Battle the two grunts and leave through any of the exits. If you pick the north
    one, you will be right in the second-puzzle room, if not, you will be in a room
    with two small puzzles, each one leading to an exit, both leading to the same
    place (but you can battle another trainer if you pick the south-east exit of
    ths room). In this new room there are two exits. The north one takes you to the
    second-puzzle room (just like the north exit of the first-puzzle room), and the
    south exit takes you back to the beach in the entrance (you will see that once
    you try to go back from where you came, you won't be in the same place).
    The second-puzzle room holds a puzzle (duh!) that is a bit harder than the
    first one (omg, the first was so hard! :O). I'll draw a map:
    \\\\_\\\\\\_\\\\   |----------------------------------------------------------|
    \     \\\\     \   | \ = "Walls". Any place in which your character can't walk|
    \\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\   | _ = Entrances or exits. You start in one of the two that |
    \\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\   |     are in the south of the room                         |
    \    BR   B    \   | B = Boulders (can move)                                  |
    \ \\\ \\\\ \\\ \   | R = Rocks (can break)                                    |
    \ \\\ \\\\ \\\ \   |----------------------------------------------------------|
    \ \\\ \\\\R\\\ \
    \    B    B    \   Explanation: This is not hard, but you may get lost at first
    \ \\\ \\\\ \\\B\   as this room is so big and all. Just avoid moving the
    \ \\\ \\\\ \\\ \   boulders to a place that you know it will get stuck if you
    \ \\\ \\\\ \\\ \   intend to go to that place. Leave through any of the exits.
    \    B    B    \   If you change your mind, just go back, it will be very easy
    \\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\   to reach the other exit from where you are.
    \\\\  \\\\  \\\\
    \\\\  \\\\  \\\\
    \\\\  \\\\  \\\\
    In the next room, no matter which exit you pick, there will be a strong current
    that will take you along, just like the slippery floor in Mossdeep City. If you
    take the right right exit, the next room will have only one exit. If you took
    the left exit, the room with the current will have two exits, but the one in
    the middle takes you back to the entrance of the cave. Whatever room you pick,
    you will be in your way to the third-puzzle room.
    This is the third puzzle of this cave. This is a quite easy puzzle, but here's
    a map anyway:
    \\\\\\   \\\\\    |----------------------------------------------------------|
    \\\\\\   \\\\\    | \ = "Walls". Any place in which your character can't walk|
    \\\\\\   \\\\\    | _ = Entrances or exits. You start in one of the two that |
    \\\\\\\\ X \\\    |     are in the south of the room                         |
    \\\\\\\\   \\\    | B = Boulders (can move)                                  |
    \\\\\\ \\  \\\    | R = Rocks (can break)                                    |
    \\\\   \\  \\\    | - = These are the ledges. You only need to worry about   |
    \\\\B B B  \\\    |     them if you take the west entrance                   |
    \    B B \\\\\    | X = Trainer Battle. It's a Magma/Aqua Executive girl     |
    \     B B\\\\\    |----------------------------------------------------------|
    \      B     \
    \----B       \    Explanation: Move the boulder in the first row to the left,
    \     \\\_\\\\    and then get your character between the two in the second
    \     \\\\\\\\    row. Move the left boulder to the left, and get between the
    \\\_\\\\\\\\\\    two boulders of the third row. Now move the middle boulder of
                      the fourth row to the north, and then move the third boulder
                      of the fourth row to the right. Battle the girl - which has a
                      Lv.39 Camerupt/Sharpedo and a Lv.39 Mightyena - and leave.
    Now we are in the fourth-puzzle room. This is the last and hardest puzzle of
    this cave. Here's another map:
    \\\_\\\   <The same legend from the previous maps applies here>
    \\   \\
    \BB BB\   Explanation: Wow! This was far by the easiest map I've drawn for all
    \ BBB \   my FAQs (this is the only FAQ I have, so...). But solving the puzzle
    \B   B\   isn't as easy as the map. One wrong move and you will have to
    \ BBB \   re-enter this room.
    \     \   Move the middle boulder of the first row to the north. Then move
    \     \   either the first boulder or the third boulder to where the middle one
    \ --- \   was before. Now move the middle boulder of the second row (it was in
    \     \   the first row before) to the left or right, depending on which side
    \     \   you are (you will only be able to move it to one side). Now move the
    \\\_\\\   middle boulder of the third row to the north, and then move the
              remaining boulders of the third row to the left and right, for the
              left and right boulders respectively).
              If you did it right, the fifth row will be completely blocking your
              way. Move the second and fourth boulders of this row to the north,
              and then move the middle boulder out of your way and leave this room.
    We're getting closer. There is a TM 26 in this misty room, which is used to
    teach EARTHQUAKE to a pokémon. Move down and save when you spot the legendary
    pokémon nearby. Now keep on. The leader of Team Magma/Aqua will come and talk
    to you a bit, then you will engage battle.
    Team Magma/Aqua Leader Maxie/Archie
    Pokémon: Mightyena Lv.41
             Crobat Lv.41
             Camerupt/Sharpedo Lv.43
    -Not THAT hard, but not a pushover as well. My Blaziken could take care of both
    Mightyena and Sharpedo with DOUBLE KICK (best fighting move it has learned so
    far. And I was playing Sapphire, btw). Crobat is annoying, but a good PSYCHIC
    from my Gardevoir clipped its wings. Camerupt dies to a SURF from practically
    anything, if you are playing Ruby.
    After the battle, the Magma/Aqua leader will wake Groudon/Kyogre up. The
    legendary pokémon will flee, and after that, the leader of the rival team comes
    to tell about the weather disruption caused by the legendary pokémon. You will
    be outside the cave, and the weather will be changed. If you play Ruby, the sun
    will be glittering (and the move SUNNY DAY will be automatically activated in
    every battle). If you play Sapphire, it will be raining and thunderbolts will
    flash from time to time (the move RAIN DANCE will be automatically activated in
    every battle).
    The leaders from Magma and Aqua will then leave, and Steven will arrive, tell
    you something and then leave as well.
    Just for curiosity, the weather moves will be activated along the whole eastern
    coastside of Hoenn, including Lilycove, Sootopolis, Mossdeep and Pacifidlog.
    Anyway, you gotta go to Sootopolis City now. If you followed my advice and
    visited it before, you can now just fly there. Go to the left side of the city,
    and stock up on some balls (20 or more). Then keep walking around until you
    find Steven talking to the local gym leader. He notices your arrival and takes
    you to the entrance of that cave that was previously blocked. Now, the fate of
    the world lies on your hands >:O , you must either catch or defeat
    Groudon/Kyogre in order to put an end to the weather abnormalities.
    Whatever =/ . Enter the cave. Just go through the first room. Having a pokémon
    with FLASH in the second room wouldn't hurt, but if you like to suffer, just
    go on without it (you can find the exit by walking left until you find a wall,
    then up until you bump into another wall, and then right. Just look for a
    ladder then). Notice that the ground shakes as you come closer to the pokémon,
    must mean it's quite angry about what happened before...
    The third room is also dark, but it's as easy as the last one, even without
    FLASH (go down until you bump into a wall, then left, then up and look for the
    ladder). The fourth room is dark and misty, but pretty short. The fifth room id
    dark, misty and has an important item, the HM 07. To get it, just go up and
    follow the wall, the item is in the top-left corner of the room. The stairs are
    just a bit to the right of the item.
    You will see Groudon/Kyogre as soon as you reach the sixth room. SAVE! Make the
    turn around it and it will approach. The two of you will now battle. >:O
    It's a Lv.45 Groudon/Kyogre, depending on which version you are playing. The
    first thing you will notice is that their ability activates the proper weather
    change as soon as the battle begins (Groudon activates SUNNY DAY, and Kyogre
    activates RAIN DANCE), and the change remains for the whole battle (or until
    a pokémon overrides the weather by using a move). Groudon is a ground type,
    despite the fact the SUNNY DAY is a fire move. Kyogre is water, just like the
    RAIN DANCE move.
    Groudon's moveset is: SLASH, BULK UP, EARTHQUAKE, FIRE BLAST.
    Kyogre's moveset is: BODY SLAM, CALM MIND, ICE BEAM, HYDRO PUMP.
    It's just one pokémon, but don't waste your time letting it use BULK UP or CALM
    MIND, because it may end up sweeping your entire team. Try to quickly bring it
    down to little hp, and if possible put it to sleep. Throw some balls and be
    patient, it will be yours sooner or later. If you can't catch it on the first
    time, reset and try again.
    Now go back. The weather will be normal again, and you can now challenge
    Sootopolis' gym leader for a match. Heal and head to the gym. Steven will be
    in front of the gym and will talk to you. He then flies away and you are free
    to enter the gym.
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::SOOTOPOLIS GYM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Gym Trainers: 8
    Rewards: Rain Badge and TM
    Recommended Party: All you need here is a good electric pokémon, and a good
                       grass type too, above lv.40
    This gym is a puzzle, and you need to solve it to get to the leader. Despite
    the icy floors, the gym is water type. Notice that as you step onto the icy
    floors, they crack, and if you step onto a cracked floor you will fall down
    on a room full of trainers. In order to proceed, you have to get the whole
    floor cracked, which will turn the slippery floor connecting a puzzle to the
    next one into a set of stairs. I'll draw 3 maps, one for each puzzle:
    For the maps: @ = Ice stones that are in every room.
                  Numbers = These represent the sequence of steps you need to take
                            in order to proceed to the next puzzle. "1" is
                            the first square, then you move to "2" and so on...
                  ! = Slippery floor, which you need to turn into a set of stairs.
                  # = Start point.
    First puzzle:
    6 7 @
    5 4 3   <-- You start in the "#", follow the numerical order and you will be
    @ 1 2       through
    Second puzzle:
    6 7 8 19 18 17 16
    5 @ 9 10 11 12 15
    4 3 2 1  @  13 14
    Third puzzle:
    31 32 35 36 39 40 17 16 13 12 11
    30 33 34 37 38 @  18 15 14 @  10   <--- I recommend you fall down here, and
    29 28 25 24 21 20 19 4  5  6  9         battle all the trainers downstairs
    @  27 26 23 22 1  2  3  #  7  8         (just step twice on the same place).
                   #                        You can gain some exp and have an idea
                                            of what you are facing here.Just go
                                            through the puzzles again afterwards.
    Gym leader Wallace
    Pokémon: Luvdisc Lv.40
             Whiscash Lv.42
             Sealeo Lv.40
             Seaking Lv.42
             Milotic Lv.43
    Money: $4300
    The battle is quite hard if you are not prepared. Luvdisc is your minor problem
    but beware SWEET KISS and ATTRACT. Whiscash is Water/Ground, so a shock will be
    ineffective against it, but a grass move works great. Sealeo is Water/Ice, so
    be careful when leaving a grass pokémon in front of it. Seaking is pretty easy
    to deal with. Milotic is very resistant, and can recover HP. It can use ICE
    BEAM as well, be careful with this one, as even a strong THUNDERBOLT may not
    harm it too much if you are in low levels.
    After the battle, you receive the Rain Badge and the TM 03.
    You can do two things now: go to Evergrande City and challenge the Elite, or
    visit the many side areas that have become available now that you have DIVE and
    WATERFALL. Take a look at the side areas for more info on that.
    Find Evergrande on the map and SURF there. You know you are on the right path
    when you find a waterfall, Climb it up and you will be at...
    This is not really a city. Just a beautiful garden full of flowers and a
    soothing song as its theme. Heal at the center and enter the cave.
    :::VICTORY ROAD:::
    Wild Pokémon: G) Golbat, Hariyama, Lairon, Loudred, Zubat, Makuhita, Aron
                     Whismur, Medicham, Meditite, Mawile (R)/Sableye (S)
                  W) Golbat
    Recommended party: Pokémon with all HM moves except CUT and FLY above lv.45.
    Be ready for another long journey through this cave. Having many Heal/Revival
    items may save your skin in this place, as the wild pokémon will come at lv.40
    or higher. Also, have in mind that you need a balanced team above lv.50 to beat
    the Elite, and this is the ultimate place to earn those levels.
    There is a item in the right side of this room. Battle the trainer near the
    item, and to proceed, cross the bridge that takes you to the left side of the
    room and go down the ladder.
    Light the place up. Move the boulders out of your way and keep going. You can
    break that lone rock along the way, but it's not necessary. When you find two
    rocks and two boulders, break the rocks, move the first boulder down and the
    other up. Battle the trainer and don't jump over the ledge. Get the item
    upstairs, go back and jump down the ledge near the ladder. Battle the trainer
    a bit up ahead and move the two boulders a bit more up ahead to get the item.
    Now go back down and go down the ladder.
    (If you want to leave, just go up the waterfall, then down the other waterfall
    and go up the ladder. From then on, there will be no more forks along the way.
    But if you want some more items and battle trainers, follow the guide.)
    In this third room, you have to Surf in order to proceed. Surf and go up the
    stairs in the strip of land nearby. Go right and go up the ladder to get the TM
    29 in the next room. Go back the ladder and battle the 2 trainers here. Now, go
    back to where you were. Go up the waterfall and get the item on the ground,
    near a trainer. Keep going left, and go down the waterfall. Go up the ladder
    to the right of the waterfall.
    If you fall down the ledges to the left, you can battle a trainer, but you will
    end up on the last room. Anyway, just go on, this room is pretty straight-
    forward. Break the first rock, so that you can move down the boulder on the
    left. Break the other rock and proceed (don't touch the other boulder).
    This room is also straight-forward. Just move and leave this place.
    When you are about to leave the Champion Road, Wally will come to battle you.
    He has a lv.44 Altaria, a lv.43 Delcatty, a lv.44 Roselia, a lv.41 Magneton
    and a lv.45 Gardevoir. He's just a common trainer, no need to worry.
    Ah! That beautiful song! The flowers! Everything out of a cave is beautiful :P.
    Go on, you are about to reach the Pokémon League!
    Recommended Party: A good team at lv.50 is necessary to beat this without too
                       much effort.
    Enter the building and heal. Take all useless HM moves off your team and teach
    decent moves to your pokémon. Once you think you are ready, talk to the twins
    blocking the way and go in. Oh, and by useless HMs, I mean everything but SURF
    and maybe STRENGTH (if your pokémon is happy, give it RETURN, if not, give
    I don't think it's needed to say, but save before each battle and heal after
    every one of them.
    Elite Four Sidney - Dark Type
    Pokémon: Mightyena lv.46
             Shiftry lv.48
             Cacturne lv.46
             Sharpedo lv.48
             Absol lv.49
    Money: $4900
    - A Fighting type pokémon runs the show here. After one BULK UP, my Blaziken
    lv.47 could KO all of his team with one _DOUBLE KICK_ per pokémon. I didn't
    even see the moves of his pokémon. :O
    Elite Four Phoebe - Ghost Type
    Pokémon: Dusclops lv.48
             Banette lv.49
             Sableye lv.50
             Banette lv.49
             Dusclops lv.51
    Money: $5100
    - Now, this was a hard battle. Ghost pokémon have the skill of being terribly
    annoying, and I'm terribly unlucky in battle. Dusclops has Confuse Ray, Sableye
    has Attract and Banette has a high attack stat, uncommon thing for a ghost.
    Use dark, but be careful.
    Elite Four Glacia - Ice Type
    Pokémon: Glalie lv.50
             Sealeo lv.52
             Sealeo lv.52
             Glalie lv.52
             Walrein lv.53
    Money: $5300
    - This girl's pokémon are pretty powerful and to make that worse you will
    receive constant damage from HAIL. Be careful of Walrein's SHEER COLD, that can
    One-Hit KO your pokémon. The same pokémon (a bit leveled up) that could beat
    the dark pokémon in a snap were almost completely wiped out here.
    Elite Four Drake - Dragon Type
    Pokémon: Shelgon lv.52
             Altaria lv.54
             Flygon lv.53
             Flygon lv.53
             Salamence lv.55
    Money: $5500
    - Boy, the only reason you don't get screwed here is because four of his fice
    pokémon have quadruple weakness against Ice (Shelgon is the only one that has a
    2x weakness against it). Anything with a decent sp.atk and ICE BEAM can destroy
    Drake in a snap.
    Champion Steven
    Pokémon: Skarmory lv.57
             Claydol lv.55
             Aggron lv.56
             Cradily lv.56
             Armaldo lv.56
             Metagross lv.58
    Money: $11600
    - Hey, he's the champion, this battle couldn't be easy at all. And it isn't.
    Note that he doesn't rely on only one type of pokémon, in fact, his team seems
    to be based around the Steel (Skarmory, Aggron and Metagross), Rock (Aggron,
    Cradily and Armaldo) and Psychic (Claydol and Metagross) types.
      The Skarmory he uses is going to be standard pretty soon, with Toxic and
    Spikes, use fire. Claydol is a strong Ground/Psychic, but a good water type can
    easily doom him. Aggron is Rock/Steel, and has an incredibly high defense, but
    is 4x weak against fighting and ground (both very commonly found). Cradily is
    a good Rock/Grass pokémon, but some strong ICE BEAMs or fighting moves can
    easily take care of it. Armaldo is Rock/Bug, and Water can take care of it.
    Metagross is a pain. It's at an absurd level, has very high stats, and its
    METEOR MASH could beat even some of my pokémon protected by REFLECT. Fire or
    Ground moves should be used by fast pokémon against Metagross, these are its
    only weaknesses as it's a Steel/Psychic type.
    Now your rival and Prof. Birch will appear and you'll have a fast conversation.
    Steven then takes you to the Hall of Fame, in which you register your pokémon
    as the Pokémon League Champions, and earn a Ribbon for each of them.
    Okay, watch the ending, and load your game again when it's over. You'll be in
    your house, and as you go down the stairs your father gives you the ticket to
    ride from Slateport to Lilycove. This ship can laso take you to the Battle
    Congrats, you are done with the game, and all there is left are some Side Areas
    that couldn't be accomplished before beating the game. Keep reading for info on
    some of them.
    ################################## THE END? ###################################
    6. Side Areas
    Here is the place all of the areas/events that are not necessary to beat the
    game will be listed. As I just stated, you don't need to do these to beat the
    game, but you get some rewards and some of them are really cool.
    When you can do this: As soon as you beat the Elite Four
    Wild Pokémon: Mawile (R)/Sableye (S), Golbat, Claydol, Banette, Altaria
    Recommended Party: Anything below the levels you used for the Elite Four is
                       not acceptable here.
    The Sky Pillar is east of Pacifidlog Town, but can only be seen/reached after
    you beat the Elite 4. But before doing that, be sure to have a Mach Bike before
    coming here. Also, bringing many Ultra Balls would be a nice idea.
    When you are ready, fly to Pacifidlog and surf east, but stay on the top of the
    and don't go too far away from Pacifidlog (don't change the route you are, the
    Sky Pillar is very close to Pacifidlog. you know when you are on the right way
    when you find a cave with no pokémon inside connecting you to the tower itself.
    The pokémon inside here are all beyond level 45, and the Altaria can reach even
    level 60, be prepared.
    1st floor: The first floor is just the beginning and has no secrets, just move
    2nd floor: See the cracks on the floor? You need to use the Mach Bike to cross
    them fast enough not to fall down. Take your time and you can do this, there's
    no more advice I can give. head to the third floor. BTW, you don't battle wild
    pokémon on the cracked floors.
    3rd floor: Straight-forward.
    4th floor: This is a pain. You must cross the entire floor without slowing the
    bike down for one second. I recommend saving before trying this. The only
    advice I can is: Use your first time as a recognition of the floor, so that you
    can study the path and the best way to ride your bike through. Once you get to
    cross the whole floor, fall on one of the two cracks on the middle. Falling on
    any other of them will make you do the whole thing again.
    3rd floor: You should be near a set of stairs that is normally blocked. Go up.
    4th floor: Go up again. Don't be dumb enough to go for the cracks.
    5th floor: Straight-forward with no cracks. You are almost there. :)
    6th floor: This is it. You've reached the roof of the Sky Pillar. Heal your
    pokémon and try to have a resistant sleep inducer (I froze it before catching,
    but yo may not have this luck). SAVE!, get your balls ready and talk to the
    Rayquaza lv.70 - Type: Dragon/Flying
    This is no pushover, but if you can put it to sleep it will help a lot. I was
    lucky enough to fire an ICE BEAM from my Kyogre and leave it with less than 5%
    of health and frozen (i mean, lucky enough to do this on the seventh try ;[),
    and it still took me some 15 Ultra Balls to catch it. This monster is the best
    pokémon stat-wise, but doesn't take well an ICE BEAM due to the weakness both
    of its types have against Ice. Rock and Dragon will do fine as well, but avoid
    killing it by accident. Be VERY patient and it will be yours within 20 balls or
    so (less if you are lucky).
    You can fly off the roof of this place, so there's no need to go down the whole
    dungeon again.
    When you can do this: When you get the 7th gym badge.
    Recommended Party: A fast sleep inducer (not necessary) and a few pokémon that
                       can take hits from the Regis. Lv.45 should be enough.
    Before anything, read the recipe below and get all of the ingredients ready: :P
    * You need the moves FLY, DIG and STRENGTH on your party. Doesn't matter if it
    is on the same pokémon or if you have one for each.
    * Catch a Relicanth. These can be found by diving near Sootopolis City, but are
    pretty rare.
    * Catch a Wailord. They can be found by surfing east of Pacifidlog Town (Route
    129), but be patient as their appearance rate is of 1%. Or you could fish for a
    Wailmer (almost anywhere, but I used to find them easily near the Safari Zone)
    and evolve it at lv.40.
    * Learn how to read braille, I'm not going to tell you how to solve the puzzle,
    find out by yourself (ok, ok, just kidding).
    Now that you are prepared, go to Pacifidlog Town and surf west. Try to stay
    near the bottom of the screen and let the strong current carry you along. PAY
    ATTENTION while the current is carrying you and try to find a spot where you
    can dive (deep-blue water, but I know you knew that). It's not a giant spot
    surrounded by stones, it's a very small spot that is near the bottom of the
    screen. If you can't reach it in the first try, fly back to Pacifidlog and try
    Ok, now that you reached it, dive. Keep going down until you find a submerse
    plate with inscriptions in braille. Go back to the surface.
    Go to the wall with inscriptions in the middle and check it. Now enter the menu
    and use dig with a pokémon (just like you'd use surf in front of the water, for
    example). The wall will crack open.
    Now, be sure to have Relicanth on the first slot of your party and Wailord on
    the last slot. Go to the wall with braille inscriptions in the middle and check
    it. An earthquake should begin if you did it right. Now move out of here.
    I'm sure you have noticed some rocky formations along the way. I've even
    pointed one out in the walkthrough, y'know, west of Safari Zone. Well, you
    couldn't enter these because there was no entrance, but now that you caused an
    earthquake, the story may not be the same, let's check them.
    Pick one, Regice, Registeel, Regirock *asks sister to pick a random number from
    1 to 3* *sister picks 2*. Let us go for Registeel first. :P
    You should remember this. I mentioned it on the Walkthrough. Fly to Lilycove
    and head west until there is no more west to go. Go up some stairs near a berry
    garden and enter the place. A braille inscription will be ahead of you (in all
    the three Regi Caves). Go to the middle of the room and use FLY. The wall will
    open for you and Registeel will be ahead, waiting. This and the other Regis are
    at lv.40. They are of the type of their respective names, so Registeel is pure
    steel-type. Clip its HP down to as close to 0 as possible and put it to sleep.
    I said "as close to 0 as possible" because these guys are hard to catch, and
    you don't have 3 Master Balls in stock (you have one that you probably have
    used for Rayquaza or Groudon/Kyogre, or even better, use it for Latios/Latias
    if it's not used up yet). Be patient and you'll catch it.
    *sister now picks 3*
    Fly to Lavaridge Town. Heal if needed be and head to the desert. The cave is on
    the southern end of the desert. Another braille wall is here. Stay in front of
    it, take two steps right, and then two steps down. Use STRENGTH on this spot.
    Battle Regirock and use the same strategy of Registeel to catch it.
    *sister picks 0* =/ *hits her* >]
    Fly to Dewford Town. From there, surf up until you see a small island with a
    trainer and a lot of trees. Cross to the left side of this island and surf up.
    Enter the cave. Check the braille wall and wait. Don't move for a few minutes
    and the wall will open. Regice will be waiting for you. Use the same old
    strategy and it will be yours.
    When you can do this: After beating the Elite Four.
    Recommended Party: Fast Trapper or Sleep Inducer under lv.40, a FLY slave and
                       the rest of the team could be the same used for the Elite.
    If you have played the Gold/Silver/Crystal games, you should remember what you
    had to do to catch Raikou, Entei and Suicune (Suicune was caught differently in
    Crystal). Well, it's the same for Latios and Latias, being the only difference
    the fact you can trap Latios and Latias (Mean Look, Block, Spider Web...) while
    Raikou, Entei and Suicune would Roar you away if you tried to do that.
    I first must state that Latios is exclusive for Ruby, and Latias is exclusive
    for Sapphire, so if you are playing Ruby, you pokémon is Latios and vice-versa.
    Get the pokémon I recommended ready, and stock up on balls. This is the most
    recommended pokémon to use your Master Ball, as it takes too much work to chase
    it around the world, but if you have used it up, unlucky of you... ;[
    First of all, you need to track it down. To do that, all you need is luck. Look
    for pokémon in grassy areas and sea routes (I don't think it appears in caves
    and other dungeons) until you find it. You may find it all of a sudden, or find
    it after looking around for a while, or even take an eternity to find it. It's
    just a matter of luck.
    Or you could just trade it to a friend to get its location on the dex, and then
    trade it back, making it much easier to find the pokémon.
    ***Thanks to Tinydragon123 from reminding me about trading the pokémon to
    locate it, I had used this method in GSC, but I forgot to try it out in RS***
    Once you meet it (it is at lv.40.), you can take two kinds of attitude:
    1: Attack it and let it run away (it will always run away on the first turn),
    2: Trap it or put it to sleep, forcing it to attack you (in case of trap), then
       clip its HP down and throw balls at it.
    You can also use a Master Ball at once, and it's over.
    If you caught it on the first try, congratulations. If you let it run, notice
    that it is now recorded on your pokédex. It's location IS SHOWN on the pokédex,
    but that location changes very quickly (the pokémon floats around the whole
    Hoenn). What you have to do is fly somewhere - never fly to the place that is
    currently shown on the dex, by the time you get there it'll have already left -
    and check the location. If the pokémon is there, you can look around for it.
    If not, try somewhere else.
    Oh, and if you are in the same place as the pokémon, use a repel and move a
    pokemon under lv.40 (preferentially lv.38 or 39) to the first slot of your
    party, that way every pokémon under the level of the pokémon on the top of your
    party will not battle with you, but don't use a pokémon over lv.40, because
    Latios/Latias will also be repeled that way.
    Keep trying and start throwing balls once its HP is low enough to be caught. As
    always, patience is the key, have a lot of it and you will have the little
    Dragons (they are both Dragon/Psychic) sooner or later.
    When you can do this: It's available as soon as you get the SURF HM.
    Wild Pokémon: Magnemite, Voltorb, Magneton, Electrode
    Recommended Party: Same party you used to beat Petalburg Gym
    When you have a pkmn with SURF, go to Mauville City and talk to the Gym Leader,
    that will be standing outside the gym. He will ask you to turn off somehting at
    New Mauville for him. Accept and he will give you the New Mauville Key. Now,
    head south of Mauville and SURF from a spot near the north entrance of the
    Cycle Road. SURF east from there and you will be at New Mauville, a kind of
    cave under the Cycle Road. Now, there are a few puzzles that you need to solve
    before getting to the reactor. Press those switches on the floor to open a gate
    and close another. More exactly, a gray switch opens all gray doors while
    closing all green ones, and a green switch opens all green doors while closing
    all gray ones. I'll make it easier for you and tell you exactly what to do.
    Press the only switch on the first room (there's nothing else to do, is there?)
    and go through the gate that will open. Then press the green switch to open
    another gate, but don't press the next gray switch, because the door you opened
    with the green switch will close. Go up through the thin entrance, and get the
    item. Press the switch under the ball and go up and left (to the right side
    there is a ball, but that is a disguised Voltorb, and the switch under it
    should not be pressed...). When you find two switches with item balls on them,
    the ball on the left is a Paralyz Heal and the one on the right is a Voltorb.
    Whatever you do with the balls, don't press the switches. A bit up ahead and
    you'll find another of these sets of switches, but this time you need to press
    the gray one to proceed further. The ball on the green switch contains a item,
    and the ball on the gray switch contains a... Voltorb :P. Now you should be at
    the room of the reactor. That pink switch in the middle of the room is the
    thing that will turn the reactor off. After turning it off, don't forget to
    pick the Thunderstone in this same room.
    Now, to get out of here, press the gray switch, and a green one. Now, go down
    through that thin passage and go right, get the Ultra Ball along the way and
    you will soon see those stairs. Get out of this place and head back to Mauville
    City. Talk to the Gym Leader and he will give you a TM 24, which teaches
    THUNDERBOLT to a pokémon of yours.
    When you can do this: It's available as soon as you get SURF, but you can't
                          visit the whole ship without DIVE.
    Wild Pokémon: Tentacool, Tentacruel (only on the 2 surfing spots)
    Recommended Party: The trainers here aren't above lv.30, so it's nothing to
                       worry about if you come here later on in the game.
    I bet you have seen the abandoned ship before, but if you don't remember its
    location, it is east of Dewford Town. When you arrive there, enter :P .
    There are a few trainers in the ship, I'd battle them all, but it's your choice
    to do so or not.
    Go down the first set of stairs and when you find three doors on the bottom of
    the room, enter the middle one. You should find a small spot of water with an
    even smaller spot where you can dive. Dive, go a bit to the west and then go up
    when you find a lighter blue water.
    You will see a cabin with six doors, but only two of them are open, and one of
    these are blocked by those trash cans. From now on, I'll refer to the doors
    like this:
    1 = The first door from left to right. Same for 2 and 3
    B = Doors that are in the bottom part of the room.
    T = doors that are in the top part of the room.
    So, if I say 1B, it's the first door of the bottom part of the room, and so on.
    When you first enter, the only door available is the 3B. As you enter, you will
    see something blink somewhere in the room. Go there and check it for a key.
    get the Water Stone here as well and leave.
    The key you've just gotten opens the door 1B. But now, there will be two blinks
    at the same time, and only one of them is the key. Memorize both and check the
    spots. If you can't remember the spots, just leave and re-enter the room. Also,
    there is a TM 18 in this room.
    The new key is used to open the door 1T. Now there are three blinks. Check them
    and get out of the room.
    The new key opens the door 3T. But this time, there will be no blinks, the
    blinks are in the room beside it, and you need to see the blinks by entering
    the door 2T and then coming to this room to check them. Get the key and then go
    to the door 2B (the last one) Get the Scanner inside and leave. Also, don't
    forget to get the TM 13 from one of the rooms near the place where you need to
    BTW: You can give the Scanner to the captain in Slateport in exchange for
    either a Deepsea Fang or a Deepsea Scale, items used to equip Clamperl and
    evolve it to either Huntail or Gorebyss.
    :::SHOAL CAVE:::
    When you can do this: As soon as you can reach it. Pay attention to the tide
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zubat, Spheal, Snorunt, Golbat
                  W) Tentacool, Zubat, Spheal
    Recommended Party: Whatever, the pokémon here are pretty weak. Just bring a few
                       recovery items together due to the number of battles you may
                       have to face.
    This cave is near Mossdeep, a little north of the city. This is a very peculiar
    cave which is affected by the tides, and thus, by the time of the day.
    When it's high tide, you can get four blue shards inside this place, when the
    tide is low, certain items can be found there and Spheal can also be found only
    at a particular area of the low-tide Shoal Cave.
    :::METEOR FALLS:::
    When you can do this: After beating the Sootopolis Gym, which is when you are
                          able to use WATERFALL outside of battles.
    Wild Pokémon: G) Zubat, Golbat, Solrock (R)/Lunatone (S), Bagon
                  W) Zubat, Golbat, Solrock (R)/Lunatone (S)
    Recommended party: HM Slaves with WATERFALL and SURF plus a few strong pokémon
                       above lv.42
    We've been here before as part of an in-game event, but we couldn't explore the
    entire cave due to the lack of SURF and WATERFALL at that time. Now is the time
    to do this.
    If you don't remember where this is, it's located southwest of Fallarbor Town.
    Enter this place, use SURF near the waterfall and then climb it up. Enter
    through the passage. Go down the ladder a bit ahead, and then go up another one
    a bit to the left from that one. Grab the TM 23 and go down the ladder again.
    Now go north until you find another ladder to climb up. Battle the old couple
    that uses Hariyama and Medicham. Keep going up and there will be a Dragon
    trainer with two Altarias to battle. Now go down these "ledges", but try to
    stay on the left side so that you can reach another ladder to go down. Do so,
    and then use SURF on the water area nearby and go north. You will reach a small
    stripe of land with a passage you can go through. Inside this place there is a
    small stripe of water with an item on the other side. Grab the item (TM 02) and
    take your time in this place looking for pokémon. This small area (only the one
    surrouding the TM 02, but not including the water) is the only place in the
    game where you can find Bagon, a rare Dragon pokémon.
    When you are done, leave this room and instead of going back from where you
    came, surf through the right side and enter the other room for a HP UP.
    Now you are free to leave this cave. =)
    :::MIRAGE ISLAND::: (Thanks to Armando Meziat, LinkSSJ6 and JP Nogueira for
                         info on how to get to this place and what you get here)
    When you can do this: As soon as you are able to reach Pacifidlog Town (you
                          have to meet a few other conditions as well...)
    Wild Pokémon: Wynauts from lv.5 to 50 ;x
    Recommended Party: Damn, you will only find Wynauts, why worrying about party?
    This island is on Route 130, but you can't see it normally. You have to have in
    your party a mirage pokémon, which would be a pokémon whose gender value is the
    same as the gender modifier.
    Gender Value would be a random number from 0 to 255 that is determined when you
    meet the pokémon for the first time, or when you receive its egg. This number
    determines gender, if the pokémon is a shiny or not and if it's a mirage (dunno
    if this is related to something else).
    Gender Modifier is the number that is the intersection between a male and
    female pokémon. Let's take Mudkip for an example: it's gender modifier is 31,
    thus anything between 0 and 31 is female, anything between 32 and 255 is female
    and only 31 is mirage. But if you take, let's say, Salamence as an example, its
    gender modifier is 127: 0-127 female, 128-255. 127 is mirage.
    Remember that you have no control on this number, so the chances of getting a
    mirage pokémon is 1/256. To know if your pokémon is a mirage, talk to and old
    man in Pacifidlog Town and he will tell if the island can be seen. If it can,
    head east of Pacifidlog (this place has a lot of secrets near it, huh?) up to
    Route 130, the island is there.
    Here you can find Wynauts and a special berry (n.36, i believe).
    7. Miscellaneous
    This is the section where some of the features of the game such as the Secret
    Base and Trainer's Eyes will be explained, as well as item lists and such. Of
    course I don't have the time to do ALL of this at once, so just wait for more
    updates :P .
    | Trainer's Eye |
    The Trainer's Eye is an option which you can access at your PokeNav, that shows
    the number of battles against trainers, and registers some trainers for future
    battles. When you first battle any of the trainers listed below, they will be
    registered in the Trainer's Eye. To know when they want to battle again, check
    the Trainer's Eye and look for a mark next to the name (Wally, the gym Leaders
    and the Pokémon League Trainers are exceptions: Wally can only be fought on
    certain occasions, the Gym Leaders can only be battled when you battle for the
    badge and the Pokémon League can be battled anytime after you beat the game).
    Here goes the list of trainers of the Trainer's Eye:
    | Number |          Name          |     Location    |
    |   01   | Aroma Lady Rose        | Route 118       |
    |   02   | Ruin Maniac Dusty      | Route 111       |
    |   03   | Tuber Lola             | Route 109       |
    |   04   | Tuber Ricky            | Route 109       |
    |   05   | Sis and Bro Rita & Sam | Route 124       |
    |   06   | Colltrainer Brooke     | Route 111       |
    |   07   | Cooltrainer Wilton     | Route 111       |
    |   08   | Hex Maniac Valerie     | Mt.Pyre         |
    |   09   | Lady Cindy             | Route 104       |
    |   10   | Beauty Jessica         | Route 121       |
    |   11   | Rich Boy Winston       | Route 104       |
    |   12   | Pokémaniac Steve       | Route 114       |
    |   13   | Swimmer(M) Tony        | Route 107       |
    |   14   | Black Belt Nob         | Route 115       |
    |   15   | Guitarist Dalton       | Route 118       |
    |   16   | Kindler Bernie         | Route 114       |
    |   17   | Camper Ethan           | Jagged Pass     |
    |   18   | Old Couple John & Jay  | Meteor Falls    |
    |   19   | Bug Maniac Brandon     | Route 120       |
    |   20   | Psychic Cameron        | Route 123       |
    |   21   | Psychic Jacky          | Route 123       |
    |   22   | Gentleman Walter       | Route 121       |
    |   23   | School Kid Karen       | Route 116       |
    |   24   | School Kid Jerry       | Route 116       |
    |   25   | Sr. and Jr. Anna & Meg | Route 117       |
    |   26   | Pokéfan isabel         | Route 118       |
    |   27   | Pokéfan Miguel         | Route 113       |
    |   28   | Expert Timothy         | Route 115       |
    |   29   | Expert Shelby          | Mt.Chimney      |
    |   30   | Youngster Calvin       | Route 102       |
    |   31   | Fisherman Elliot       | Route 106       |
    |   32   | Triathlete Abigail     | Route 110       |
    |   33   | Triathlete Benjamin    | Route 110       |
    |   34   | Triathlete Isaiah      | Route 128       |
    |   35   | Triathlete Katelyn     | Route 128       |
    |   36   | Triathlete Maria       | Route 117       |
    |   37   | Triathlete Dylan       | Route 117       |
    |   38   | Dragon Tamer Nicolas   | Meteor Falls    |
    |   39   | Bird Keeper Robert     | Route 120       |
    |   40   | Ninja Boy Lao          | Route 113       |
    |   41   | Battle Girl Cyndy      | Route 115       |
    |   42   | Parasol Lady Madeline  | Route 113       |
    |   43   | Swimmer(F) Jenny       | Route 124       |
    |   44   | Picknicker Diana       | Jagged Pass     |
    |   45   | Twins Amy & Liv        | Route 103       |
    |   46   | Sailor Ernest          | Route 125       |
    |   47   | Collector Edwin        | Route 110       |
    |   48   | Pkmn Breeder Lydia     | Route 117       |
    |   49   | Pkmn Breeder Isaac     | Route 117       |
    |   50   | Pkmn Ranger Catherine  | Route 119       |
    |   51   | Pkmn Ranger Jackson    | Route 119       |
    |   52   | Lass Haley             | Route 104       |
    |   53   | Bug Catcher James      | Petalburg Woods |
    |   54   | Hiker Trent            | Route 112       |
    |   55   | Young Couple Lois&Hal  | Abandoned Ship  |
    |   56   | Pkmn Trainer Wally     | Victory Road    |
    |   57   | Leader Roxanne         | Rustboro        |
    |   58   | Leader Brawly          | Dewford         |
    |   59   | Leader Wattson         | Mauville        |
    |   60   | Leader Flannery        | Lavaridge       |
    |   61   | Leader Norman          | Petalburg       |
    |   62   | Leader Winona          | Fortree         |
    |   63   | Liza & Tate            | Mosdeep         |
    |   64   | Leader Wallace         | Sootopolis      |
    |   65   | Elite Four Sidney      | Ever Grande     |
    |   66   | Elite Four Phoebe      | Ever Grande     |
    |   67   | Elite Four Glacia      | Ever Grande     |
    |   68   | Elite Four Drake       | Ever Grande     |
    |   69   | Champion Steven        | Ever Grande     |
    More to come...
    8. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    This is the section where I'll answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions of
    Ruby/Sapphire (it isn't called FAQ for nothing). If you have a question, email-
    me at vctmachado@aol.com and I'll answer you question, but try not to ask what
    can be answered by reading the FAQ.
    Q: Is Johto or Kanto in the game?
    A: No, they are not, don't believe anyone who says they are.
    Q: I've been playing for hours, and even though the clock shows [insert time
    here] and it's still sunlight. Why doesn't the game turn into night time?
    A: There is no night time in this game. For matters of pokémon evolution and
    such, the time ranges of day and night is the same as GSC, but it will never
    become "dark".
    Q: I've reached Sootopolis, but I can't enter the gym? What should I do?
    A: This is answered in the Walkthrough, but you need to beat Team Magma/Aqua on
    the Seafloor Cave, them beat or catch Kyogre/Groudon in the Cave of Origin,
    which is inside Sootopolis. The gym will be open then.
    Q: My Trainer's Eye shows only 69 trainers, but I heard there were 70, where is
    the last one?
    A: It was proved that there's no 70th trainer, you can not find him because he
    isn't there.
    Q: I can't battle the trainers in the first gym (Petalburg), why is that?
    A: This is the fifth gym, get four badges and you can battle Norman (your dad).
    Q: How do I get the Coin Case?
    A: Buy a harbour Mail at Slateport and give it to the guy in the house beside
    the Pokémon center.
    Q: Where do I get the Pokéblock Case?
    A: Talk to a girl inside the Contest House of Slateport City.
    Q: How do you get Shedinja?
    A: Have an empty slot on your party and evolve Nincada at lv.20 as usual. Even
    though the evolution shows it turning to Ninjask, when you check your party you
    will have both Ninjask AND Shedinja.
    9. Credits
    This is the section in which I will give credit to all the people that
    participated in the construction of this FAQ, no matter what kind of
    For now:
    -The Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Board. The people in
     there are very helpful when you need, with tips here and there, so it's hard
     to point out each one.
    -The Pokeland (www.pokeland.net) pokémon forum. It's probably the best pokémon
     forum of Brazil and it's responsible for a lot of what I know of Ruby/Sapphire
     as well as the previous versions of Pokémon.
    -Corpse (Gabriel), for _MANY_ info on the english names of almost of every
     pkmn, characters and so on before the official english version was released;
     correcting mistakes along the faq; for info on the pokémon locations etc (it'd
     take an eternity to list everything ._.)
    -AndrOide and Typhlosion for tips on the minigame of catching ashes.
    -Armando Meziat, JP Nogueira and LinkSSJ6 for tips on the Mirage Island.
    -TinyDragon123, for reminding me of trading Latios/Latias to your game to track
     it down.
    -Myself, for writing this FAQ.
    -CJayC (webmaster of Gamefaqs) for putting this up and keeping an excelent site.
    -Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures, for making an excellent game.
    -Sorry if I missed anyone, just tell me and I'll add you here.
    10. Conclusion
    Well, as you could see, I left a few sections blank, so this faq isn't complete
    yet. I intend to post more Side Areas and the Miscellaneous section by the next
    update and if possible the pokédex. After that, the battling guide will have to
    wait some more.
    If you want to contact me: vctmachado@aol.com or on the Mediadriven server
    in the channel #battlearena, using either the nick Seiryu, or Vitor.
    You can also find me on the Gamefaqs Ruby/Sapphire board by the nickname
    CrimsonTDRamon, and on the Pokeland.net board by the nickname CrimsonDragon.
    Again, if you want this on your site, contact me through this email. Doing so
    without asking is a violation of Copyright.
    Hpoe you have enjoyed! :)
    ############################ NOW, THIS IS THE END! ############################

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